Over the weekend

The other day I wore my Miu Miu spectator pumps from fall 2007-they are some of my favorite shoes ever, I love the butterscotch & pink color scheme. I have to admit that they are pretty painful to walk in…they pinch your toes so bad! Totally worth the pain though. Its funny, usually my shoes are too extreme for my friends tastes but my girlfriends really like these..how could you not? They look like a pastry.


Worn with a Comme des Garcons chiffon skirt, a vintage satin blouse, and a very old Dolce and Gabanna belt of my mom's…I love this belt, I used to steal it all the time when I was 13-14…it's nice to get it out again! 

I have another shoe score to share..

Check out my amazing Alaia wedges! Tina (of Bag Snob fame) tipped off my mom and I to a great sale at Neimans Last Call…75% off Alaia is not too shabby. These guys are really comfy too.

 Worn with a vintage suede vest my mom got at Feathers in Austin. These shoes and this vest were kind of made for each other…

I went to Alzheimer's Association Dallas Rita Hayworth Gala with the Helloooooo.com crew on Saturday and it was so much fun. It was a great opportunity to dress up-I wore a vintage 50's dress from Sielan's Vintage in LA and my Chanel bow-tie booties. For now I only have iPhone pics but Jonathan took a ton of pictures during the night…I'll post them later this week!


What a fun night. Hope everyone else had a great weekend!

xo Jane

UPDATE: Got pictures of the Gala courtesy of Helloooooo.com ;) Thanks guys! Click below to see more!





What a great night for a great cause.

After party was Mickey Avalon at the Ghostbar..fun!


Again thanks to Helloooooo.com for the pics

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  1. WIkifashion says:

    Love the skirt and shoes. Divine :)

  2. WIkifashion says:

    Love the skirt and shoes. Gorgeous :)

  3. frenchghosts says:

    i’m in love with those alaia wedges! so dreamy.

  4. s h e r r y says:

    I’m in LOVE with those Miu Miu spectator pumps. Wow. <3

  5. KD says:

    Yummy! And those Alaia wedges are AWESOME.

  6. Laura says:

    Great pictures! Love all the full skirts with pretty heels.

  7. These are all awesome shoes !
    Don’t think ur shoe tastes are over the top for me !
    My mom has a similar miu miu’s to yours but they’re in a different color scheme..
    Not the butterscoth n peach ones :)
    Maybe I should raid hers :D
    Love ur ruffle front top with the flowy skirt !
    It looks gorgeous :)

  8. kat says:

    amazing outfits! i esp. love your alaia wedges and vintage dress!!!!! beautiful!

  9. Christing says:

    those alaia wedges are so incredible! love them, and love the skirt and blouse in the first outfit. you look so sweet and classic! i find all miu miu shoes pinch…but are oh so cute!

  10. Pia says:

    your alaia shoes are soooo amazing! you are beyond lucky to have your mom’s closet to shop it :)
    also, love the vintage dress you wore to the gala

  11. Marie says:

    Great pics… love the pastry shoes on the leaves.(nice close up) All of the outfits are great…first one is my favorite!!

  12. Josephine says:

    those wedges are PERFECT

  13. Marie says:

    love the wedges… sounds like a great deal!

  14. CJM says:

    You look spectacular in these photos–so many great colors. Your waist is so dainty; it’s absolutely lovely in everything you wear. And, of course, the shoes are incredible. Your blog is always a bright spot in my day.

  15. DSD says:

    I have the same shoes and I’m so glad it’s not just me that finds them painful!

  16. Becca says:

    Those are a pair of miu miu’s I’ve been hunting for on Ebay in my size for ages. So lovely!
    Also, those Alaia are BEAUTIFUL. Love Love Love.

  17. Libertad says:

    Oh my, love those wedges, they’re so cool!! And the first coordinate is just perfect, yaw!

  18. Christine says:

    Great post!
    I love the Miu Miu’s, they’re so refreshing and will always be in style.

  19. Brigadeiro says:

    LOVE your vintage dress, the CDG skirt and those Miu Miu’s! They sure do look good enough to eat ;)
    PS. Your mom’s vintage belt is so gorgeous too, you must have the tiniest waist!!!

  20. those wedges are to die forr!
    and the fall leaves look gorgeous paired with that outfit!

  21. lala says:

    ive wanted those ‘pastry’ shoes my whole life
    even before they existed i swear i dreamt of them
    and the tiger shoes. love. love. love

  22. Julia says:

    hey! are these the same shoes featured on the The Sartorialist?? check it out, love your blog!

  23. The Bambina says:

    LOVE the belt and wedges. Beautious.

  24. Amy says:

    I am so obsessed with the Miu Miu pumps! You’re right, so much like a delicious pastry :)

  25. Gon says:

    OH oh! I love the vest ande the new wedges and i love the way you combined it !!
    kiss from Portugal,

  26. it’s almost disturbing how jealous i am of those alaia’s.

  27. wale says:

    I’ve said it before, but I have to say it again: you have the tinniest waist I’ve ever seen!!
    You look amazing, love the 3 looks….and the shoes!!!!!!!!!!

  28. erica says:

    ahhhh! is the Neiman’s sale still on? running there right now …

  29. Amy says:

    Beautiful shoes and outfits. Love those Miu Miu pumps!

  30. Annie says:

    apart from all the obvious stuff, really like your nails

  31. the Alaia wedges are incredible. Great pick

  32. Marina says:

    Where are you in the first picture?
    Is that at your house?
    It looks like a very cool ’80’s pool-ish thing… I’m not really sure.
    :)– Love your blog, Jane!

  33. Great photos, Jane! The pics in the leaves are so cute!

  34. Lizzy says:


  35. Kelly says:

    You always have the most beautiful photos, they belong in a magazine!
    **Check out my giveaway, win a Johnny Depp tote and navy blue Hard Candy Nail polish**

  36. Bel says:

    I love it when you post more than one outfit :) Really old school sea of shoes.

  37. Michelle says:

    Such pretty pictures with the yellow ginko leaves! Fall is definitely your season.
    xo Michelle

  38. wow!
    i love all the photos, jane!
    i love this look of you and the outfit!
    if those shoes are food, i’m sure they’re yummy!
    you’re sparkling on that night party, jane!

  39. Wow, it is all so pretty!

  40. dana aharon says:

    do you know “sea of shoes” its a phrase in hebrew.. it means lots of shoes!
    I love your blog!! I ADORE you :]

  41. Connie says:

    I love those Miu Miu pumos! I especially love the perfect amount of toe cleavage it gives.
    I don’t know why, but I hate when my pumps give either too much or too little cleavage.
    Haha! Toe cleavage is a funny subject to comment on, huh?
    Also, weren’t those the same pair you had to wear for the shoe challenge you did a lonnnggg time ago?
    Or I think you might have had it in the picture of the shoes that were an option for the challenge.
    I remember the oddest things, even if it was ages ago.

  42. dy says:

    looks like a lot of fun!

  43. Sam says:

    I know everybody says nice things no matter what but I really do like the skirt.

  44. Stéph says:

    You look so nice!
    How could you go to all this event?
    Love the Miu Miu shoes :)

  45. Voycik says:

    Mickey Avalon must have been a blast!

  46. amber says:

    BEAUTIFUL first outfit. And that Gala looks like so much fun! And I am LOVING those Miu Miu shoes!!

  47. Katie says:

    love the wedges! the colors go together perfectly! the pictures are soo beautiful too! :)

  48. Paulina says:

    The Alaia wedges are sooo gorgeous!!!

  49. Paulina says:

    The Alaia wedges are sooo gorgeous!!!

  50. Paulina says:

    The Alaia wedges are sooo gorgeous!!!

  51. Andrew J says:

    Love the Alaia wedges, and could you have perhaps found an any more picturesque spot with those trees and the yellow leaves? I think not :). Looks like a fun weekend!
    -Andrew J.

  52. Ale. says:

    The Miu Miu pumps are perfection! So feminine & will probably never go out of fashion!

  53. Midge says:

    The colors of the first photo are beautiful! You’re so itty bitty! :) And that vintage dress is pure class. Love love love.

  54. 75% off Alaia is not too shabby.
    No, NOT AT ALL. =)
    Any online still??

  55. Cruz says:

    The first one is so fall and romantic and nice *___* I love those Alaias! That vest you wore with em looks cool, I wanna see a front shot too. The gala looked fun! :)

  56. Jules says:

    You are awesome! And those are lovely shoes. =D
    A Writers Den
    Brown Mestizo

  57. Meg says:

    Breathtaking spread! The shoutouts to the vintage are my favorites.

  58. tayler says:

    I have to same pumps and i totally agree about the pinching of the toes. arg. and shoes are usually way too big for me. so so so pretty :)

  59. Katie says:

    gorgeous shoes! you look amazing in the first couple of shots – your makeup looks like you did something different and i love it!

  60. i love the pumps and the wedge. very nice. the skirt is not bad too… seems like you had a lot of fun. Good for you.

  61. Jyun says:

    You’ve got an unbelievable tiny waist and the vintage D&G belt says it all.

  62. Moa says:

    Like always your pictures are adorable :)

  63. obviously your shoes are to die for.
    you have insy winsy waist girl!

  64. Kdottie says:

    Gorgeous photos and outfits ;)

  65. Brooke says:

    Beautiful photos. I love your gala outfit. My grandmother has Alzheimer’s, so I agree, it is a great cause ;)

  66. Nina says:

    Since the fall began all of your photos are in wormer colors, I love it…
    And ofcourse the outfits are beautiful…

  67. you look so tall in the first photo! love the alaia and your outfits :)
    perfection jane!

  68. mar says:

    I really love your chanel boots, so sweet (L) and the prada pumps are amazing too!

  69. Alannah says:

    You look so skinny jane! :(

  70. clareassiral says:

    those miumiu’s are lovely and definitely a pair of classics

  71. congrats on the fab wedges! last call is sometimes a great place to find shoes!
    looks like you had tons of fun @ the gala!! those kinds of events are always so nice because everyone is dressed very well.

  72. Mel says:

    Love your outfits! That skirt and blouse in the first picture are lovely, and I love how you complimented them with that belt and those shoes! Also love your 50s dress!

  73. Caroline says:

    I adore the photos of you with all the yellow leaves. FRAME THESE ONES! Beautiful outfit from head to toe. And your hair color is fab.

  74. Love the shoes. Neiman’s Last Call is always so great. I always score at the ones in San Marcos and in NJ.
    Those Miu Miu shoes are also beautiful! I wish they were comfortable….enough for a city gal that has to walk :)
    Did you use a bag to go to the gala?

  75. Emilie says:

    The first outfit is great, you seems so pretty!!!
    And love your brown shoes.
    Totally in love of Chanel shoes!!!
    Conclusion: you and your shoes are wonderful!

  76. Ilovemelovemememe says:

    Please Jane eat something !
    You are skud !
    And yours foots must be file (cause there is deads skins on the heel ! Horrible !).
    If you come to Paris, you must be totally clean. Parisians see everything in détails.
    You’ll be the most beautifulll if you do that darling ! Don’t forget, your are splendid.

  77. kirsten says:

    LOVE MICKEY & your wedges!!
    {uninhibited fashion}

  78. EMILIE says:

    You look fabulous! Love the silk blouse, the skirt and the MIU MIU pumps in the first picture! And this make up…Jane you’re beautiful!!!!

  79. denise says:

    love the miu miu pumps. perfect color.
    ur looking soooo skinny now :(
    eat some more…xx

  80. Pauline/CHLOE says:

    Love your Miu Miu shoes, perfectly fantastic. You look beautiful in this dress and CHANEL BOOTIES (you’re absolutely LUCKY, I’d really, really like to try them this autumn)!

  81. FRENCHICK says:

    I LOVE THE MIU MIU SHOES ! and your skirt as well…
    your waist is so thin! lucky girl.

  82. Emma Hå says:

    That skirt is wonderful, but I’m love with your Chanel bow shoes….

  83. What a great post! Love the first outfit with the pink flashes, the second outfit you is perfection, I love shades of brown and the shoes go perfectly with the waistcoat! How much I love your Chanel boots I cannot express, I am keeping my eye out for the black satin ones, they sold out over here instantly!
    Have a great week,
    Pearl xx

  84. simona says:

    you look very nice!
    love chiffon skirt, a vintage satin blouse, and a very old Dolce and Gabanna belt)

  85. Wow>>>>You look fantastic and look like you had a great time! Loving those wedges!

  86. Podszewka says:

    Are u so slim!?? like on the first pictr?? OMG

  87. Anni says:

    you look so great!!!

  88. Zoe says:

    In love with the Comme des Garcons skirt & your new Alaia’s! Gorgeouss pictures too! :)

  89. 75% off Alaïa??? Dear god I wish we had a Neimans Last Call here!

  90. Patty says:

    I love your Alaia wedges! And those Miu Miu pumps. Safe to say you’ve got an enviable shoe collection.

  91. Carola says:

    Amazingly beautiful pictures! The first outfit is so very YOU! I love these Miu Mius! They look pretty girly at a first glance but then there’s the killer-heel;-). Great scenery, too! And I am soo jealous that u got those Alaias at such a bargain price. I wish we had Neiman Marcus last call over here…

  92. Anika says:

    Holy hell! Those wedges. I’m in love!
    Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous…and look at your tiny waist..jealous much? ;)
    Have a great one

  93. Blogarella says:

    I saw a skirt in a vintage shop on Sunday and thought ‘Jane from Sea of Shoes would love this’ – it was A-line, just below the knee, block colours and had the letetr ‘H’ all over it. Bx

  94. trestippy says:

    these outfits are all so pretty! what a fun weekend!

  95. melissa says:

    I love your Comme des Garconne skirt! You’re so nice!

  96. Michelle says:

    I am in love with the first shoes you posted :)

  97. Leia says:

    It looks like you had such a fun weekend, Jane! :)
    I love the first outfit. It may be one of my favorite outfits of yours! I think the girly/ruffly/feminine look really suits you. Those pumps are also so cute, but I have very low shoe-pain tolerance, lol!
    Also, I know you have always been tiny, but you look like you’ve lost weight! I hope everything is okay and you haven’t been too stressed out or sick or anything :)

  98. Elizabete says:

    Those wedges are HOT.

  99. love the shoes and all the pics are great.

  100. Beeatrice says:

    Hi! I’m a girl from sweden who really LOVES your blog! But I’m a little bit worried, are you eating enough? take care!

  101. The pink and blue in the first photo is STUNNING. Mad jealous of your suede vest. It makes me want to play spoons on my knee. – Carey

  102. The pink and blue in the first photo is STUNNING. Mad jealous of your suede vest. It makes me want to play spoons on my knee. – Carey

  103. The pink and blue in the first photo is STUNNING. Mad jealous of your suede vest. It makes me want to play spoons on my knee. – Carey

  104. carina says:

    i love the vintage satin blouse and chiffon skirt!

  105. anca says:

    i visited austin this past weekend and stopped by feathers and uncommon objects. they were both wonderful. thank you so much for posting about them!

  106. koiblush says:

    interesting entry. love shoes.

  107. Courtney says:

    The wedges are amazing! But extra love for the vintage gala dress!

  108. maeko says:

    Oh jeez, I love how the first outfit gives your legs and your body the wonderful length so many girls of my petite stature would kill to have! You look fantastic.
    And what a fun night.

  109. Kaylyn says:

    I love all of these looks! And what a score on your new shoes! They are so amazingly awesome. Looks like you had a lot of fun :)

  110. Maria says:

    The first ensemble was amazing! You and your chanel booties rock!

  111. boysinstripes says:

    Love the sparkly pink belt and the shiny pink shoes. Perfect accents– I want to wear them and eat them at the same time!

  112. Amrutha says:

    I love the skirt and top in the first picture. That belt is simply fabulous and completes the look. However, darling, you’re far too skinny. Please take care of yourself.

  113. venus says:


  114. Catherine says:

    I would love to see more photos of that vintage cocktail dress— detail shots, maybe?— it looks amazing! What is the fabric?

  115. Lily says:

    Aren’t you a little too young to drink. I don’t care how famous you are for being another privledged adolescent, in America, who uses their parents’ money to buy excessively expensive clothing items. Keep drinking young girl…keep drinking. Perhaps you should stay in school…get a college degree and then I dunno get a job that can help you maintain your current wardrobe.

  116. alexia says:

    you look so great :) but how could you not really with your incredibly cute face (and i’m a girl, real compliment! ;) in french we say “un joli minois”
    and the skirt, shoes ahhhh great!

  117. STUNNING miu mius! they make your legs look fantastic! kathxo

  118. Your fan I think xd. says:

    Love your skirt and especially shoes!
    I read you for a long time but today I fall in love with your post!
    XOXO ;)

  119. I love, love, love thos Miu Mius. They’re divine!

  120. Gina Wolfschoon says:


  121. Daniella says:

    lovely as usual :)
    i particularly like your nature-y shots, like the one with you in the leaf-covered pathway.

  122. Meadow says:

    All the looks are SUPER cute, but every time you wear the Chanel booties….I. DIE. Love!

  123. Hi Jane,
    What is that green nail color you’re wearing?
    Thanks xx

  124. Melissa~ says:

    I understand you!
    <my friends don't understand why in the world I wear high heels. They don't speak my lenguage sometimes.
    Love that Miu Miu shoes, and your dress is gorgeous.

  125. Alaia has done it again. Those wedges are quite gorgeous. There’s nothing like a good sale though, I must agree. Hey Ting (Bag Snob), let’s try and share that information with the rest of the free world next time, eh?

  126. Yolanda says:

    You are quite lovely and I truly enjoy your decadent style. But the first few shots with the CdG skirt while beautifully styled make you look way too thin- like those awful Ralph Lauren ads that were overly photo shopped. It was clearly the lighting so I am not being critical of you. You are, I reiterate, quite lovely and beautiful.

  127. Alaia wedges are soooo sick! I need those in my life ASAP!

  128. Your Miu Miu pumps remind me of ice cream. I would wear them….They may pinch (as you say), but I bet they are so worth it.
    – Vanessa

  129. Emily Rose says:

    the colors in the first photo are so bizarro

  130. Cecylia says:

    Wow! Where do I start? I love those 3 tone Miu miu pumps, they are like macaroons. The Alaia wedges are hot especially with your techni-coloured toe nail polish.
    The dinner looked like a lot of fun. I still find it difficult to grapple with the fact that such a young lady like you have such sophisticated style.

  131. Wendy says:

    the skirt is pretty.. :)
    and also that pair of Alaias..
    love the beautiful autumn leaves..
    the pictures are all, brightly coloured :)

  132. Vilde BR says:

    Very nice shoes, “matches” the fall.

  133. Love that first ensemble from head to toe! Never was a fan of those Miu Mius, but you’ve convinced me.

  134. Candy says:

    I hope that waist isn’t photoshopped!

  135. sheens says:

    you look like a barbie!

  136. M. says:

    Do a post on your favorite beauty products!

  137. Gorgeous Miu Miu’s! They are delicious. Lucky lady.

  138. Jessica says:

    LOVE your first posted outfit…those shoes are divine! I would totally suffer pinched toes to rock those!!

  139. Hélène says:

    I can’t say enough how much i love it when you do outdoor shoots! And those Alaïa wedges are nothing short of AMAZINGNESS!!!!!!!!! As a crazy shoe person myself (i gotta say, i don’t see the craze for bags, i’m truly a shoe kind of gal), you make me green with envy :)

  140. style mews says:

    ooooooo me liki the alaia wedges, hmmm my spelling is a wee bit interesting there me thinks! x

  141. indiana says:

    I love helloooooo! I was able to meet Dagny a few weeks back at a shoot for Buy Definition. I’m so glad you got to go to the gala with them.
    That top look is stunning, by the way. I love that silhouette of that skirt.

  142. Cate says:

    Those Miu Miu shoes are amazing!
    How do you afford all your designer clothes? Even on sale they must cost a fortune!
    Also, you looked amazing at the Gala! x

  143. Love the Alaia’s. They always make my heart flutter but they are a 1/3 more expensive than almost any other designer shoe.
    As always love your site – your posts cheer me up no end x. I love seeing real world chic, it always inspires me to think I could do fabulousness too – if only I could walk in my heels. I have tons but never wear them. How do you do it? Is there a secret?

  144. Katie says:

    ahh those wedges are delicious. i can’t stop looking at them, they’re so pretty!

  145. Think Pink says:

    I love the colors in the first pictures:)

  146. Petulia says:

    Love the furry poncho! Reminds me of the great 3.1 Phillip Lim mongolian fur vest featured here: http://petuliasfolly.blogspot.com/2009/07/looking-forward-to.html
    …and also available at http://www.petuliasfolly.com!

  147. love the shoes! and outfits. the event looks like so much fun!

  148. Niki says:

    beautiful photos, i love the outfit with the miu miu spectators. and great find with those alaias!
    xo Niki

  149. Beautiful pictures, especially with the yellow leafs and the one with the vest and the massive high heels going up the stairs. Lovely.
    dames kleding

  150. Beautiful pictures, especially with the yellow leafs and the one with the vest and the massive high heels going up the stairs. Lovely.

  151. Paula says:

    i just fell in love with your shoes!
    you look very pretty in the skirt and the blouse…
    great pictures!

  152. martina says:

    you are so beautiful~!

  153. Jane says:

    Those Miu Miu pumps are divine!

  154. Nata says:

    Wow, you look adorable.
    And my!
    You have such a tiny little waist, are you eating enough?
    Lovely post!

  155. JOSEPH says:


  156. Beatrix says:

    Love the skirt and bouse! absolutely stunning and unique! <3
    Miu Miu shoes also so scrumptious!

  157. Kym says:

    That suede vest actually makes me want to cry. It is perfection — and I like how you paired it up with a blouse instead of a t-shirt (although a turtle neck would probably rock as well).

  158. Tori says:

    oh dear.
    you have multi colored toe nail polish
    (wedges are also to die for)
    ehx oh,

  159. Larisa says:

    yay Alzheimer’s!

  160. heather says:

    when I saw the first few pics I thought they were magazine editorials! I love the rich colours in the shots and you octopus and seahorse friends and adorable :D

  161. Linds says:

    I think it’s a little inappropriate for people to be commenting about Jane’s weight. She’s not some starving Holocaust victim, so give her a break. I’m also petite (and from the South to boot) & I promise it gets more than a little tedious hearing a bunch of people natter on about how you must never eat.

  162. ely says:

    omg jane, if it’s even at all possible, your waist seems to have gotten even tinier! i looove. these outfits look SO great on your body type.

  163. Jordan says:

    I don’t know how i came across your blog, but beautiful shoes & dresses. And you’re gorgeous yourself!

  164. Amy says:

    These photos are gorgeous.
    And I love your wedges!

  165. Laura says:

    looks like you had so much fun! the dress is lovely :D
    love the outfits above also !!

  166. Great photos Darling!
    Amazing shoes of course!
    Check out this pair that Ms. Daphne Guinnes wore last weekend:
    Great work!
    We love it all!
    Your friends at
    Norisol Ferrari NY

  167. Sofie says:

    First i just want to say that I really like your blog it really inspires! Then that I love the pumps from miumiu, feels like yesterday that I saw them in the shop window.
    xxx /Sofie

  168. sarah says:

    those initial shots are amazing!! the colors are incredible.

  169. Ashanta says:

    The love the Alaia wedges. :D
    Check out my new blog at

  170. what great shoes! love them

  171. Jane, I love your blog. You are always so lovely… All your pieces are always so luxurioius.. I can only dream to own those things!! I love those Miu Miu shoes.. They are fabulous!
    Take care, stay sweet, Love & Aloha from Maui!!

  172. Becca Dudley says:

    in loveee with the skirt, belt and pumps combo, you look incredible. x

  173. Tarrin Miller says:

    Your pastery shoes are on The Satorialist!!!
    Check out to November 11th post, There is a pretty lady in mid walk crossing the street in your shoes!! :)

  174. Linda says:

    O my god, those miu miu pumps are gorgeous! =) and just as you wrote, they are not that much over the edge.. bt where can I find similar shoes online??

  175. Amalie says:

    So cool. Your blog is amazing!

  176. linda says:

    How beatiful these pumps!! i’d kill for them! ;)
    where can I find that kind of pumps online??
    thanx =)

  177. kate says:

    you look like a creepy man. how did this blog get famous your mom probably paid her way to get you publicity bc clearly you are riding on your familys money thank god for being born into it bc you would be nothing but a quiet creepy girl with no future… and glad your deleting comment section please delete your lame blog now. you have downsyndrome.

  178. Zoe says:

    Gorgeous shots Jane! Actually in love with the Chanel booties, i need themm!
    And i don’t agree with people commenting on your weight and how you can afford things or not, it’s totally nothing to do with them. I think it was a good idea deleting your comment section, seen as these people obviously have nothing better to do then be jealous, it really does say alot that pretty much all these people haven’t left their blog addresses.
    Keep it up Jane, you look great!! :)

  179. Sephira says:

    Looks like a lot of fun!

  180. Ashley says:


  181. lisa says:

    oh, you make me sick. how big can your inflated ego get?

  182. tina says:

    you look great. marvellous collection of clothes and shoes. :))

  183. maria jesus says:

    amazing blogggg ! i checked thousand of posts!
    btw, you’re gorgeous (:
    following you

  184. Paula says:

    I don´t usually write you coments because I don´t speak English very well … But after reading the text you’ve written, I have to say you that Sea of Shoes is the best blog I’ve seen in my life. I dont know if it help but… how do you say that¿?… you know you have millions of readers who admire you and see you as an fashion icon !(I’m one of them):D
    And I will stop writing that I have made many typos for today … haha
    Many kisses

  185. C_Dee says:

    Where did you buy the necklace from? Thank you! Love it. x

  186. I love your necklace and it really looks great with your LBD and hair! The party pics look really fun! XOXOXOXO

  187. mari says:

    First outfit is gorgeous! I love that shirt!

  188. rika says:

    i really cant stop staring at those shoes ! ;p
    have a nice day !

  189. roanne adams says:

    the crillon ball is such a scam!!! its just celeb kids and princess’. i would think you have more taste than to attend such a thing!
    think of all the money your family has to spend just to participate. scam! the woman who runs it is a tragedy.
    sorry jane.

  190. bowntie says:

    whaaoooou how can you walk with thoses shoes soooooo high ?

  191. Christina says:

    god all the clothing you have is so pretty! I was wondering, though, are you a model? I’ve just started reading your blog and you seem to travel quite a lot, I’m assuming for modelling? If not, where do you get/afford all these beautiful clothes??

  192. Sounds like a rad night!

  193. atelier says:

    Do you own any pair of Manolos?? I am doing a research project for my MA and I need to interview people who have bought Manolo Blahniks’ shoes. I was trying to email you but it failed. Hope you don’t mind, it’s only 5 questions! let me know please and thanks! you do a great work in your blog

  194. Wuzzle says:

    Whilst I applaud your style and clear talent with fashion – I am curious – how does a 16 year old girl afford such expensive shoes? When half the population are starving is it not somewhat obscene to spend such vast quantities of money on such a vacuous sport? Most 16 year olds save for months for an item of clothing – yet you manage to have a wonderful designer shoe collection worth thousands upon thousands of dollars?

  195. Elizabeth says:

    Hello there, you absolute darling.
    I am a 24 year old girl frm Norway who has just finished reading your entire blog. I adore your style! It is such a refreshing contrast to all the genereic styleblogs I have seen of late, with the same trends all over the place. Your style is so eclectic and beautiful and unique, and totally inspiring. I am sorry to leave a comment as I understand you do not wish to continue your commenting function on this blog, but I wasn’t able to decipher how to get through the weird evolution emailing thing that pops up when I clicked the link on the right to email you. I just wanted to let you know I am now your faithful addict, and I hope you continue to be exctly the constantly evolving style-icon you are.
    Love, Elizabeth Anne

  196. Claire Horridge says:

    I love the pastry shoes, they look so cute on your feet, and you have great toe cleavage!

  197. Wendy says:


  198. lp says:

    The Alaia wedges are awesome!! i really liked them, and i totally like the way you were dressed too, xoxo lp.

  199. Jane says:

    Hey Jane,
    I love your blog, and I was trying to leave a comment when I saw that you deleted your comment section. Haha anyway I just spent like ten minutes scrolling down to try and find somewhere I could post one. After reading yours and your moms blogs my friend and I decided to start our own, I know your really busy but if you have any time here’s the link to ours, I think it’s pretty good but were failing at getting readers.

  200. that poncha is the most amazing thing i have ever seen in my wildest days!

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  202. Johannah says:

    Love the Miu Miu spectator pumps and the rest of that outfit.

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  209. In love with the Comme des Garcons skirt & your new Alaia’s! Gorgeouss pictures too! :)

  210. jacqueline says:

    Love that belt you stole from your Momma! lol.

  211. corina says:

    So beautiful. Look great!

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    Beautiful shoes and gorgeous belt!

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