Photoshoot with Shannon Sewell

More photos by the talented Shannon Sewell-it was so fun doing this photoshoot and I love these pictures! 






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  1. Connie says:

    Simply stunning! –all three of you!
    & Your mom can totally pass as your older sister.

  2. Eileen says:

    They are all lovely. Love your mom’s black coat! Mix of black and white with color is a nice touch.

  3. Erin says:

    you guys all look so adorable!

  4. The first photo is absolutely stunning! I love it!

  5. Michelle says:

    first comment spot !
    i love your sisters blue biker jacket very much .
    and the gold XL cross necklace is superb . matches well with your platforms and pants :)

  6. Becca says:

    wow, you are all so stunning!! who makes your sisters jacket? I LOVE it and must know.

  7. Michelle says:

    I love Carol’s leopard flats, too cute!
    xo chelle

  8. Rachel says:

    wow last outfit is killer

  9. FASHION SNAG says:

    I love these photos! You are all so beautiful!
    check out all my designer shoes at

  10. you are as cute as a seagull and i mean that in a very good way! :)

  11. Sarell says:


  12. Nahal says:

    I love your sisters jacket!
    You guys all look awesome!

  13. Dora says:

    Love your blog Jane, and you all look adorable.. love it :))

  14. YES the python print jeans are back!!!!!! Welcome to the fun, little sister. :)
    thanks for the inspiration,
    Make sure you pop over to and check out my Favorite Fashion Bloggers feature! :)

  15. YES the python print jeans are back!!!!!! Welcome to the fun, little sister. :)
    thanks for the inspiration,
    Make sure you pop over to and check out my Favorite Fashion Bloggers feature! :)

  16. YES the python print jeans are back!!!!!! Welcome to the fun, little sister. :)
    thanks for the inspiration,
    Make sure you pop over to and check out my Favorite Fashion Bloggers feature! :)

  17. Christine says:

    i love your sisters blue leather jacket..ahmazing
    and the one of you on the bench :)

  18. where were these photos taken? lovely, all of you. check out my blog –

  19. Jasmine says:

    those pants in the last photo are soo awesome!

  20. These are so great, Jane! Thanks for sharing!
    – le 21ème

  21. ava says:

    Beautiful Jane. The last pic is my favorite,I love the pants and shoes. <3 ava

  22. Cruz says:

    Beautiful photos – you guys look great! The outfit in the picture with the LGB pants is phenomenal!

  23. The Voguette says:

    omg jane your family is absolutelyyyy gorgeouss!!! i am dying for your jackettt!!

  24. the aldridges girls rock!
    the three of you are very beautiful!

  25. Kelly says:

    You all look stunning! Love the pants in the last pic!!!
    The toy store in the last post looks like a blast, I want to go!

  26. Gorgeous photos! Love your outfit in the last picture.

  27. xAZD says:

    wonderful photography, and what fierce pants those are, jane!!

  28. Brooke says:

    You all look great. Your relationships remind me of my mom, sister, and myself :)

  29. kari says:

    such a pretty family!!!

  30. You all look so cute! That pants and shoes combination in the last photo is genius!

  31. dy says:

    great shots! you guys are gorgeous! was the photoshoot for something specific or just for fun?

  32. Michelle says:

    I saw you in a preview for the city. cant wait!

  33. Isabel says:

    Your family is insanely fashionable! Carol looks really awesome – I love the jeans/dress/leopard flats look.

  34. Jyun says:

    Your mom looks gorgeous.

  35. kelly says:

    you three are so alike! nice smiles!

  36. Tayler says:

    love love love this!

  37. Alia says:

    eh? in the first picture your sister’s smile makes her look somewhat like kate hudson! and your family is absolutely darling. yall have the cutest little dimples :)

  38. Brigadeiro says:

    Such gorgeous photos! Especially the candid of Carol…just beautiful…

  39. awww these are so sweet. i think beautiful moms and sisters and daughters are one of lifes best gifts! so precious

  40. fashionisfor says:

    love the last picture! adorable and fashionable family.

  41. olaitan says:

    i love the b/w photo of you in the plaid beret and military jacket.
    its cute!
    -signed a citizen for the advancement of dialogue between strangers;)

  42. thalialouise says:

    these are really pretty photos ! so photogenic…

  43. Emily says:

    great pictures! is that your sister?

  44. Chelsea says:

    Beautiful photos, Jane! The black and white ones are especially striking.

  45. The sixth photo, beautiful Jane, beautiful..

  46. Christine says:

    You & your family are so beautiful. These are really great photos & it looks like you all had a blast!

  47. Catherine says:

    You ladies look so great! I love Carol’s blue jacket.

  48. anastassia says:

    great family photos. They really capture happieness and ease.

  49. kirsten says:

    your outfit is SO cute!
    {uninhibited fashion}

  50. Sammi says:

    Tell Carol that she’s stunning!
    Cutest family everrrrr.

  51. Kristin says:

    it always makes me sad to see people wearing amazing heels like those. i feel like 6ft tall is just too tall for me to wear anything that will make me more of an amazon.

  52. Mel says:

    You three look absolutely stunning!

  53. Stephanie G says:

    Carol looks gorgeous! her whole outfit is so cute, i want to see more of her!
    The picture of you with the hat is really beautiful!

  54. Prettiest family. You look all look so much alike! Love your blog!
    xxx Emma

  55. You and your daughters seem as though you really enjoy each other. That’s what I love most about these pics.
    P.S. Carol’s entire outfit is stunning. I love her jacket and that filmy dress/top she is wearing . . . and the leopard flats really complete the look.

  56. Jane — sorry about the previous post — thought for a moment that I was on Atlantis Home!

  57. spardha says:

    omg, your sister looks so great!! she’s such a natural in front of the camera :)

  58. fit flop says:

    She is simply Gorgeous. And her face is really photogenic. I am just fallen in love with her I think. Lovely looks I have ever seen..

  59. Kim says:

    The black & white photo of you in the beret looks like an ad campaign for Ralph Lauren.
    You’re adorable <3

  60. Alison says:

    ahhh. the python pants. i’ve been waiting for them to make a re-appearance. i think they’re one of my favorite things that you own (shoes aside.) the ann ds make me envious beyond belief. i really need to revisit tokyo so that i can go to that store to drool.

  61. Liset says:

    Lovely pictures, the one with you, your sister and your mom is adorable

  62. victoire says:

    wow, how beautiful are these pictures? she’s a great photographer, definitely. i love that last picture best :) you look so lovely

  63. tonje johansen says:

    hey :-)
    I coming from a little place in Norway and I just have to say, I love your blog and pictures. and I realy like the way you look! :-)

  64. Fuksjanna says:

    Your blog is lovely!!! I am very glad tahat i foudn virtual place like that:)
    Photo Sesion is very warm & calssy :) I love your picks!

  65. Carola says:

    Hey Jane, you all look absolutely stunning yet very natural! I especially love Carol’s outfit! The biker jacket perfectly sets off this fairy-like dress and THOSE ballerinas…WOW! I would love to know what each of u is wearing. And I wanna see more of that military blazer;-)!

  66. Such beautiful photos, Shannon really knows how to work with the light! I can’t belive how alike you and Carole look both being brunette!
    Pearl x

  67. Emily says:

    wow! so gorgeous!!
    question: is your sister as interested in fashion as you and your mom are? just wondering… haha :)

  68. cottonsocks says:

    lovely photos.
    very cool to something different for family photos.

  69. The shot of you on the bench looks like a magazine editorial, lovely.

  70. amber says:

    beautiful!!! So nice to see your sister too. :)

  71. all three of you look amazing. Most fashionable family I’ve ever seen!

  72. in the first picture Carol looks like Kate Hudson. Beautiful pictures I must say

  73. Great pictures. There is something so magical about photographs and a little moment captured forever.

  74. Tayler Layne says:

    Lovely Lovely Lovely!
    The Bronze shoes are to die for!

  75. Marina says:

    Your mother it`s the most beautiful mother ever!
    Only loses to my mother! hahaha =]
    Love your blog, and your style!

  76. Michelle says:

    What a beautiful family! :)

  77. Gabriela Fuschini says:

    adoráveel, ameei!
    you look so great!!
    i just loved your last shoes, they r very nice!

  78. Gorgeous! You all look absolutely amazing!

  79. FRENCHICK says:

    The whole family looks beautiful ! :)
    Love your shoes and your sister’s jacket!

  80. jack bespoke says:

    last picture is amazing, those pants are awesome!

  81. Alex says:

    Gorgeous shots. Really well composed and beautifully lit. You all look so alike! And so beautiful.

  82. Libby says:

    Wow you and your sister look very much alike, tres tres adorable!

  83. Giselle says:

    I love your blog and style all three of you look great and are very inspirational.

  84. MaryJane says:

    I love that blouse you and carol have on. Who’s it by?

  85. You are very beautifull !!
    I love your blog Jane … You are pretty

  86. Heini says:

    Oh, they´re lovely Jane! :)
    Check out my new blog –> OUI OUI

  87. Dithy Rambe says:

    Lovely photos. Those gold heels are taunting me!

  88. Roz says:

    What a photogenic family!
    I think you all look great, especially in the black and white shots. There’s an amazing clarity to these photos- with an immaculate finish.
    That one of your mum by the corrugated metal is amazing..
    What a talented photographer. I’d be incredibly happy of these shots if they were of my family!

  89. Anne says:

    the photo’s are so beautifull . The first one is really cute.

  90. ediot says:

    you guys look AMAZING and the photos are so beautiful. i adore the last snap of you

  91. Emilie says:

    Whoua Jane the picture with your hat his fabulous, you’re so pretty!!!

  92. Meadow says:

    you guys are the cutest! i know there are tons of teenagers around the world who wish their moms had as much swag as yours.

  93. Melissa says:

    A trio of truly lovely and stunning women!

  94. Melissa says:

    BTW, can you tell who designed your Mama’s coat? I love it!

  95. Katie says:

    wow your sister looks so tall in the pics. You are all very pretty and look a lot alike.

  96. Brianna says:

    i have the same exact necklace in the first picture that your wearing. i got mines at a vintage shop near my house though. where did you get yours?

  97. Madlenne says:

    how old is ur sister?

  98. Marine says:

    I love Carol’s look and the fifth picture

  99. Slegna says:

    beautiful family :) lovely ladies. I love your blog!

  100. Anki says:

    I love these pictures!

  101. Laura says:

    Wow, gorgeous!
    I already knew that your mom and you were stunning,
    but your sister is verry pretty , too!
    love how you three look so natural togeether. beautifull shots!

  102. K.B. says:

    Love the jacket your sister’s wearing in the first pic…where’s it from? Also love the lace tunic thing…

  103. The Tart says:

    Great to see smiles all around!!
    Also luv the cute as a seagull comment … Sweet.
    BTW … Fun to see Carol.
    The Tart
    ; *

  104. amie says:

    Beautiful! Your entire family has very covetable hair :)

  105. michelle says:

    great photos!

  106. Niki says:

    lovely photos, simply stunning!

  107. Amy says:

    Amazing, what can I say?

  108. Sophie says:

    Beautiful photographs!!!
    Please tell me where Carol got her blue jacket.. I am in LOVE. Thank you!

  109. Mads says:

    Carol is so pretty!! love these series of pics..=)

  110. Shannon says:

    You, your mom, and your sister are adorable. :) What a beautiful family you have!

  111. Nicha says:

    You guys are such a lovely bunch. Great photography!

  112. Etta Jo says:

    The colors of your mother’s sweater in composition with the rusted steel is beautiful.

  113. Hi,I totally love the style and the colors, very avant-garde.

  114. Cecylia says:

    Who’s Shannon Sewell? I love your blue biker jacket- is it leather?

  115. snf says:

    now that your hair is darker, you and your sister really look more alike now!
    all so beautiful (:

  116. Great pics!
    Be sure to check out my fashion giveaway: :)

  117. emy says:

    looks like you’re at the grapevine train station! that’s right by my house!
    and you’re family is absolutely beautiful, so many people are jealous right now!

  118. colleen says:

    such a beautiful family portrait

  119. Eyespy says:

    hello from Hong Kong!
    I really emjoy reading your blog and even wrote about you in mine! keep the gorgeous photos coming

  120. Beautiful photos, powerful shape/fabrics of clothes for winter.

  121. Krimly says:

    amazing photos! as every photo in your blog! I lov them!

  122. Lia says:

    one simple word for you Jane : AMAZING! I <3 three of you, and I heart your eyes and hair and of course your amazing shoes! :) very nice that I can drop my comment here. Have a great moments everyday dear

  123. kat says:

    beautiful photos! seriously amazing! love the outfits!

  124. Your last picture on the bench is just amazing ! the location, the light, the colors, everything is just perfect !!! And I looooove this oversized cross that reminds the color of the shoes ;)

  125. joce says:

    ooh i love your pants in the last shot!

  126. Sarah says:

    I had a tiny heart attack when i googled the blog this morning and ended up on this:
    Also, oil tycoon?!

  127. Carlos says:

    CANT WAIT TO SEE YOU ON THE CITY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  128. GlamDistrict says:

    nice pictures, well it is easy with those beautiful models ;)

  129. Marieke says:

    Your sister looks a lot like Kate Hudson in the first picture!
    Beautiful pictures!

  130. Proper Beauties.
    Best wishes,
    fashion abuse

  131. jetblackdye says:

    u n ur sis look alike!!! i love th photo of u at th bench :)

  132. Petulia says:

    I love the toys! They really remind of these awesome object d’art Swallow based in Brooklyn. To see some items, visit!

  133. Natacha says:

    I love your sister’s outfit!

  134. Kat says:

    i really like the last pic, your outfit (the shoes!) is so pretty, and your whole attitude on this one is gorgeous!

  135. Yo says:

    Oh wow I absolutely love your sister’s sky blue leather jacket!! WANT! <3

  136. Rylie says:

    Do post more photos from the photoshoot! :)

  137. eleanor says:
    please check my blog out.. i love yours!
    your sisters stunning!!

  138. Nata says:

    Adorable family photoshoot!
    Those pants in the last picture are amazing.
    They’re wonderful!

  139. Wait…is your sister wearing the Balenciaga gray motorcycle jacket ?

  140. angie says:

    love the native american wrap! just found your blog through Garace Doré. Love it! *a

  141. Riikka says:

    A girl from Finland simply loves your style! Your my style icon! :D

  142. Adriana says:

    All three of you girls are equally beautiful.
    For some odd reason, I could not stop looking at your hair in these pics! It looks amazing. Could you please share the secret in how you got those amazing unique waves?

  143. Tamia says:

    Aw, I love the first picture! Sometimes it’s striking how much you look like your mom.

  144. Laura says:

    Where are your pants from??

  145. Bacon says:

    Who are the gold platform slingbacks by? I love them!! I ordered the suede buckle boots online at UO and can’t wait to get them. However, the description doesn’t say what the sole is made of. I have this thing about synthetic soles on my shoes so I’m hoping they are leather too. Your styles are great and extremely affordable…Keep them coming. If I may, can you pls keep in mind 2 things when you are designing your shoes.. Be sure the inside sole has enough padding and Be sure the heel height and the vamp is “wearable”…I have a LOVE of shoes since as early as I can remember myself but as an adult (42) the worst thing is to love a shoe that you can’t wear because it’s so daggone uncomfortable and everytime you look at them you cringe because the last time you wore them your feet hurt for the next 5 days. The shoes always look absolutely appetizing with the subject standing still in pictures, but no one’s foot was meant to be bent in half with any realistic expectation of walking for any length of time…

  146. Bacon says:

    Oh. Sorry. One more thing…..When designing knee boots try clever but cute ways to accomodate a full (not all out big) calf…The average person’s calves are not the same size as their ankles……….Sam Edelman did an over the knee boot this season with a buckle and foldover and word is Nordstrom sold out in less than a week

  147. Aire says:

    wonderful pictures!!
    which camera do you use?
    love your blog

  148. kadang says:

    love love everything in this damn blog! My younger sister hipped me to the site! she has exquisite taste… another site I will be obsessing over like everyday…thanks for sharing… ;0)

  149. Becca says:

    These photos are lovely! All three of you look stunning.

  150. Brianne says:

    Amazing pants in the last shot.. where did you find those??

  151. Mi Braga FROM BRASIL says:

    Oh my GOSH.
    Your Mother is incredibly beautiful.!
    You are very interesting, talented and creative.
    Congratulations dear.

  152. Kudos to you. Nice shoot from a great photographer. The colors are bright and clear. It emphasizes the beauty of the subject. You have nice camera as well. Hope to see more magnificent previews from your site.

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  154. Badell says:

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  155. Rachelle says:

    gorgeous pictures and I love your blog.