Quick post before I fly home

Hi guys, just wanted to post a very quick note before I fly back.

The Ball last night was incredible-I'm still in a daze, but all of the girls looked so beautiful and the ball itself was a once-in-a-lifetime experience. I am so honored to have been there and so thankful to have met so many wonderful people.

But I must admit that I am very, very sad to say goodbye to my dress.

This week was non-stop-I am achey and exhausted. Wearing haute couture should be an Olympic sport. I feel like I've had more pictures of myself taken this week than I have in my entire life. Of course, part of the reason I'm so tired is because the experience was so exhilarating. 

Before I sign off and get some much needed sleep I'd like to share a few iPhone snaps of the night..I'm afraid my camera card reader has stopped working and I don't have many of my own photos.


The debutantes waiting before the first waltz…

I snuck into my sister and my moms room before they got ready for the ball..


This is me being presented-escorted by my wonderful cavalier Octavian Donnelly. I was a little nervous because I was the first debutante to be presented..doesn't having a last name that begins with 'A' suck? But Octavian was so confident and my nerves immediately disappeared when we started making our way through the rooms.


Here is a picture snapped by Naomi from Elle Girl Japan during the final walk-though with all the girls last night. Naomi came with her daughter Maya and they both looked stunning! Here is a cute polaroid Naomi sent me of Maya and me..isn't she gorgeous?

Here are some pictures I managed to save before my technical difficulties began…the view from the balcony of the Hotel de Crillon.

I will have a lot more pictures up soon. 

This week was so surreal-I am so happy I was part of the ball. 


xo Jane