I have been sooo excited to post these boots…I got them in Austin at Big Bertha's Bargain Basement..they were so out-of-control that I had to have them. Even if they are too small for me.

But looking at these boots I can't help but think that they are directional…I can totally see this shape of boot for fall 2011. If a YSL Tribute boot dropped acid at Woodstock and got knocked up by a cowboy boot, then maybe their offspring would look something like this.

Wore these last week with Hysteric Glamour jeans and a Jelly Garcia lace tank top & jacket I got in Tokyo.


Borrowing a Pamela Love necklace from my mom and a Mr. We cross.


On to this crazy 70's poncho…I am sad to say that it is not mine. My mom let me borrow it for this picture. This poncho is so painfully beautiful-there must be at least 10 different furs on this poncho. The best thing about this poncho is that it has hand-painted flowers on the inside of it.
 It belongs in a museum. 

My mom got this poncho at Archive Vintage here in Dallas…talk about the find of a lifetime. 




*I am not in any way endorsing Spike Jonze's Where the Wild Things Are. I thought it was a pretty depressing movie. My best friend cried the whole time when we saw it together. 
 This post gets it's name because when my mom was taking these pictures, she asked me to do my best WTWTA reenactment. Pictures of my really good impersonations are not included in this post to preserve my "dignity"…"dignity" that was totally lost when an astounded passerby caught me in the middle of my "wild rumpus". Sigh…at this point though, I am pretty used to embarrassing myself in the name of beautiful clothes.

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  1. melissa says:

    looks so warm

  2. great outfit. Love the boots and the poncho.

  3. Gloria says:

    I like fashion but i do not agree using furs not even when they make this poncho that deserves to be in a museum after killing animals for making it.

  4. Emily says:

    great pictures, love the movement and how wonderfully your camera captures every moment! fab boots too!! Did you see where the wild things are?
    I did a mini review about it on my blog http://emilypanda.wordpress.com/2009/10/19/where-the-wild-things-are/

  5. you don't need to know says:

    10 different furs on it?! then you should know tht 10 different animals DIED to be worn on your shoulders. you should be ashamed of yourself!!!

  6. Teresa says:

    That is an absolutely amazing poncho! Maybe a little too warm for Texas weather though. :( I will have to stop by that vintage shop the next time I’m in Dallas.

  7. those are some kick-ass boots, for sure. and i agreed with you about the movie…way too depressing for a “kid’s” movie!

  8. those boots certainly have a lot of character.
    i like the overall styling you did.
    i only vaguely remember the book, so im skipping the movie, plus the animals are just too “weird” for me to see in a movie, though that little boy is adorable.

  9. edgynesss says:

    AMAZING….the poncho is a piece of art in itself… luuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv it !!!!

  10. Tiffany says:

    love this post! By far one of the best! Awesome boots and what an amazing poncho!

  11. Tiffany says:

    love this post! By far one of the best! Awesome boots and what an amazing poncho!

  12. this is so YSL Tribute meets cowboy… love the pics!

  13. Christina says:

    I love this post because it’s so animated. :) The shoes are definitely worth the pain of being too small. :)

  14. sanne says:

    great look en great boots, but your feet look so big in it! :p

  15. T.L says:

    I thought I would never even think of those kind of boots … But you made me want to wear them ! With your outfit – looks perfect :):) <3
    Visit my blog ;)

  16. ediot says:

    hi dear. these pictures are so adventurous. i love IT! and the boots are so much fun. theyre like an fairytaile of its own. i bet theyre worth the pain :)
    have a great tuesday take care xx ediot

  17. Phoebe Rose says:

    This is my fave post yet. I adore everything!!

  18. Now you only have to sit a the campfire =)
    The picture are so awesome! It seems to be warm and cozy!
    The boots match perfectly to your coat!

  19. Jill says:

    The whole look is outstanding. I’m so fucking jealous about those boots. I had to hide my WTWTA book when I was a little girl…many moons ago. It scared the shit out of me. Finally I threw it away.

  20. rona says:

    I love the boots! But I really hope that poncho’s made of fake fur.

  21. fashionbyhe says:

    WOW thos boots are awesome
    come check out the first ever fashion blog from a guys POV, let He know what you think

  22. those boots are madness! and i love it!
    + that poncho just may be too much of a good thing, the little hanging tails are incredible.
    your blog never fails!

  23. Aurora says:

    God Jane, I wish U’d always stay outdoors! your hair goes so well with the nature!

  24. valesca says:

    i DO NOT CONDONE killing or breeding animals for their fur…this is a circa 1970’s vintage piece and i do however believe in recycling clothes..and the poncho is a piece of art!
    check out this amazing vintage mongolian lamb fur coat i have listed in my etsy shop:

  25. Ore says:

    Aren’t you JUST the coooooolest! Love the necklace

  26. Skye says:

    Those boots are absolutely stunning? I realize they are vintage, but wonder who is the designer? Is there a name on them? I have never seen anything like them! You look great! Thanks in advance.

  27. Love the boot analogy. I love to imagine what would be inseminating what’s womb in order to give birth to some thing. In fact, I wish I got paid to do it. p.s. they aren’t boots, they’re hooves.

  28. Love the boot analogy. I love to imagine what would be inseminating what’s womb in order to give birth to some thing. In fact, I wish I got paid to do it. p.s. they aren’t boots, they’re hooves.

  29. Love the boot analogy. I love to imagine what would be inseminating what’s womb in order to give birth to some thing. In fact, I wish I got paid to do it. p.s. they aren’t boots, they’re hooves.

  30. www.mionkaa.fbl.pl says:

    i lile you i love your photos .! :)

  31. cindy says:

    too gorgeous jane.
    that poncho is so amazing, i’d cry if i found that.
    i felt the same about wtwta.
    so sad. a little boy beside me actually asked his dad if the sun really was going to burn out, heartbreaking. i think it’s kind of too scary for kids.

  32. This post and pictures made me laugh. Loved – “If a YSL Tribute boot dropped acid at Woodstock and got knocked up by a cowboy boot, then maybe their offspring would look something like this.” =)

  33. I love the poncho but I ADORE the boots. I think that you scored the “find of a lifetime” with those!

  34. ana says:

    I hate that poncho! here in Europe we have a better concience about killing animals for that purpose. Please acrilic hair, not animal.

  35. Daniela says:

    so cuuuuuuuuuute!!
    i looooove the boot!!

  36. MissAmy says:

    BA-NANAS! (As Rachel Zoe would say.) That’s what popped in my head when I saw the first pic. I am also dying over the Pamela Love claw necklace. I oggle it every time one of you wears it. Love your blog, dear!

  37. ava says:

    Jane!! Beautiful and exciting.I thought the movie was upsetting. <3 xoxo ava

  38. Dominika says:

    omg, those boots are to die for! i’m not suprised that you love them ^^!
    i also LOVE your poncho, it’s simply amazing!

  39. Cj says:

    tehahaha! Dignity. You look like you are having fun, and that’s the only thing that matters right?
    Those boots reminded me of hooves. They are a killer.

  40. English Rose says:

    loveee the poncho – total find of a lifetime

  41. Hanene says:

    Oh Gosh !
    This Boots are just AMAZING
    love , love , love them !

  42. Jesse says:

    Amazing poncho!!!
    Can’t believe anyone is up in arms about vintage fur. A useful, amazing piece of craftmanship, made of real, sustainable materials should rot in a closet because it comes from death? If you eat food grown in a field, live in a house made from lumber, or god forbid eat meat or wear leather, your hands are just as bloody as any fur wearer.

  43. Jaime says:

    Love all the lace!

  44. Emily says:

    those boots are soo 70s!!! i love them!! and the toe area definitely has a YSL tribtoo vibe!

  45. Mel says:

    I think you look very natural and at ease with those candid “Where the Wild Things Are” pictures! I love that poncho and the boots! They’re so outrageously cool!

  46. walkthesand says:

    Great outfit, I especially LOVE that necklace!

  47. alysse says:

    whoa, i am surprised you didn’t like the movie…
    it has an awkward demographic, i don’t think it’s intended to be a “kids’ movie”, nor do i think it was meant to be a drama
    i think jonze did a miraculous job of presenting the emotions of loneliness and hurt through the eyes of childhood (a lot of people remember the sentiments of being a kid, but forget how different pain felt back then, and how hard it was to cope with it when you didn’t know how to express it, or felt that no one understood)
    cinematography was excellent, costumes and effects were excellent, and the story is classic, and well adapted. not to mention a great music score.
    everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but i think a lot of people missed the point, and just didn’t “get it”

  48. howhappyisblogger says:

    You were spot on with the YSL tribs and a cowboy boot’s love child! Haha, immediately what I thought!!!!

  49. Eva says:

    Um, exactly how small are they ;)

  50. elizabeth says:

    ohh, i looooove fur.
    if the poncho is vintage (which it is if it’s from archive) then who cares that it’s real? those little critters have been dead for a while, might as well wear ’em!
    you’re not supporting the fur industry by buying a piece of vintage fur.
    also, i applaud you for having the balls to wear those boots. bravo.
    xxx cake and lipstick

  51. oliverio says:

    Dang, your mom dropped 2k for that jacket as I noticed a while back on the archive site

  52. Kym says:

    It’s not that I condone fur really, but I can’t understand why posters get so upset about fur, and they don’t get upset in the least about leather shoes??? I don’t know a thing about fabrication or production, but I do doubt that cows that are killed for meat are then skinned and sent to tanneries for shoes. But hey, that’s just me…meanwhile, Jane, what’s with the hair — is that another color? I do like it, but you kinda were rockin’Isabella Rossellini with the dark hair when it was pulled up!

  53. Daphne says:

    It is vintage fur, people! Not the same as new. It is beautiful, Jane. I wear vintage fur, too. There is nothing wrong with that.

  54. germangirl says:

    After I once visit the homepage of PETA, I would never wear fur again! Watch the videos..it´s so cruel!

  55. I really love the fall colours! The boots and the jacket complete the whole picture! XOXO

  56. corrine says:

    the jacket, the tank top and the necklace and cross look great together. What i really dislike are the boots…sorry, but they are kitsch and resemble clown footwear. And even if the poncho is a vintage find, it still was made by killing animals and most of all, do you really want to be a teenage girl that likes wearing fur? you should think about dressing somehow according to your age but still having a personal style. Now i realize that you’re just a lucky girl who can mix styles and different garments because you have resources and imagination.but there are hundred of girls or even more that are probably more creative and can create an original look; the only problem is that they don’t have your possibilities. I wish you luck with your projects and hope that your next posts will reflect your good taste in matters of fashion :)

  57. FRENCHICK says:

    These shoes are INSANE! I looove this look, so… YOU!

  58. newt says:

    Hanene said “If you eat food grown in a field, live in a house made from lumber, or god forbid eat meat or wear leather, your hands are just as bloody as any fur wearer.”
    Just to clarify, there are many ways that animals are killed for the commercial fur trade and none are very quick and painless. It is easy to research the most common methods of killing by google-ing the particular animal and adding the word fur or skin. In our lives, our field grown vegetables and our lumber are not tortured and if we eat meat we have resources now to be more and more discerning about it’s treatment in life and at death if we concern ourselves to know exactly where it comes from. Fur and animal skin are not just a byproduct of the meat trade and it is not usually a humane end for these animals. Let’s do what we need to do for ourselves and let everyone else live their lives, just please try to speak in facts, if some people are concerned about the way animals are treated let them be, no need to disparage. On the flip side if some people are not, let them be, don’t disparage. To paraphrase Ghandi, live the change you wish to see in the world.
    On another note, Jane I love these photos! I loved WTWTA, the book and the movie, and your rumpus through the woods looks excellent!

  59. newt says:

    I’m sorry, I was referring a comment by Jesse, not Hanene, in the above response!

  60. Alison says:

    post the inside of the poncho???

  61. Wow. Those boots are too amazingly perfect!

  62. Cruz says:

    <333333333333333 everything about this outfit!!! Love your theory of how the boot came to be – pretty spot on.

  63. That poncho is the most beautiful/amazing thing I’ve ever seen. It looks so warm and comfy. I’d wear it everyday until winter is over…and maybe risk looking like a sweaty-fool in the summertime, too. hehe
    And the boots are great too! It makes me want to go boot crazy.
    Breakfast at CC’s

  64. Bisou-joue says:

    Wow !! Once again you look amazing ! The whole outfit is magnificient bur your boots are just so awesome !

  65. These boots and coat are FUCKING INSANE!! If I were Rachel Zoe, I would be dying right now!! So freaking cool. This is one of my fav series of photos so far. You get more beautiful everyday.

  66. jamie says:

    Those shoes are really something different! Details are great!
    And I’m really stunned by those comments on the fur coat. Who said those animals only died for their skin? All the rabbits and other animals that go into slaughter, why not also use their skin if they’re dead anyways? And it’s vintage so more or less recycling. I wonder how much of those commenters also eat meat etc.
    I just dislike it when people force their opinion onto someone else. There are a lot of fur haters and also a lot of fur lovers. No one is perfect.
    Oh and I LOVE your blog!

  67. I ADORE the lace jacket you have on in the first few photos – so gorgeous and works wonderfully in contract with the ripped jeans and kri-zay-zee boots. Hilarious analogy, btw!

  68. anastassia says:

    That poncho is the most amazing thing I have seen. The boots are interesting, but the poncho, well it speaks for itself.

  69. Mini says:

    love the shoes! but do NOt wear fur pleease!

  70. Brigadeiro says:

    Those boots are unreal! LOVE the jacket and outfit and pics! Reminds me of a different movie, can’t quite put my finger on it…

  71. MusingAround says:

    What an adorable post! You are the cutest thing!

  72. FASHION SNAG says:

    love those boots! Great find!
    check out all my designer shoes and more at http://www.fashionsnag.com

  73. fur..? really? says:

    really not into the fur thing :( so sad.

  74. Kati says:

    hi jane, it’s so much fun following your bloggins. PLEASE give us the embarrassing pics ;-) I’m still waiting for you in that Chanel ballroom dress… your mom looks so great – she’s probably about my age. cu from Germany, Kati

  75. lala says:

    i’m really sorry but those boots are beyond heinous-its hard to imagine uglier shoes

  76. meghan says:

    Oh my… this is your best look yet by far! I’d be crazy happy if I scored any one of those pieces…..
    And to weigh in on the fur issue: I think people have a problem with fur (as opposed to leather or even sheepskin with attached fur (i.e. Uggs!)) because it so OBVIOUSLY looks like it came from an animal. Other forms of animal products become transformed into new objects and we see them only as what the maker has intended (boots, purse, sofa, soap, rubber, LUNCH, etc). Fur cannot do that. You cannot transform fur into anything that lends itself towards forgetting what the material actually is.
    That said, I would be very happy with even purchasing NEW fur (yes! new!) if I knew that the animal was being used entirely or was raised/killed humanely. Fur is a much more sustainable material for this planet than petroleum-based synthetic furs and fabrics.
    Off my soapbox… Anyway, great look Jane… you and your mom inspire me constantly!

  77. Tanya says:

    Fur? Shame on you girl, shame on you ;) Thought you were a rolmodel =)

  78. Stephanie says:


  79. Roxanne says:

    I love your comic installments Jane, those shoes are completely awesome you’ve got such an eye for beautiful things. I must say i love that Poncho as well infact i love it all!!!

  80. Elizabeth Ilia says:

    The boots remind me of Woody in Toy Story. I’m not sure why exactly, but they remind me of the colors he wore and the shapes in the movie. Maybe I’m just excited for Toy Story 3.

  81. Alexandra says:

    I love those boots. They’re so amazing. As is the poncho, obviously. What a great eye you and your mother have!
    I also completely agree with you on WTWTA. Max was perfect, it was visually perfect… and then we were treated to a twee little hour-long group therapy session. I just didn’t care about their neuroses.

  82. Kat says:

    Yet another person weighing in on the fur debate here…
    I don’t condone wearing fur, I think the way in which a lot of the animals die is horrendous. I don’t wear leather either. But in the case of vintage items I think it’s ok, I’d rather recycle them than see them thrown away.

  83. what a beautiful shoot! I think you have your dignity and more! Just lovely! You and your mom are the best mother and daughter team ever! Is your sister going to get into the business of clothing also?

  84. I cant decide if the boots are fabulous or hideous LOL! Looks like you had fun anyway!
    Pearl x

  85. Jen says:

    Haha your comparison is great! I totally thought of tribs when I saw the first picture. Those are so cool.
    As for the fur, it’s absolutley breathtaking. And it’s vintage, people. So unless you’re going to go back in time 30 years and reprimand whoever made it then, just let it go.

  86. Synch says:

    There is no doubt you have amazing style. But can you please make do without the fur?

  87. beautiful, amazing, gorgeous, perfect, so you, love it(:

  88. Kay says:

    your outfits are so creative.
    shoes+jacket = brilliant

  89. Stella Mayfair says:

    LOVE this, jane!
    and yeah, political super correct anti-vintage-fur campaigners: i hope you are 100% vegan, never eat anything animal derived, don’t love burgers, live in a 100% cruelty free home environment, & that your shoes are all plastic and sweaty, bohoo.
    sorry, but i had to go there.
    PS: i eat about 90% vegan. do you people too? i always have. but i DO wear vintage fur, and i’m pro leather, too.

  90. Brooke says:

    Awesome poses :) Great outfit for fall. I love the colors together.

  91. ashley says:

    love the necklaces and the poncho!
    – Ashley

  92. Johanna says:

    hahaha, love some embarrassment for fashions sake! You make the perfect woodland sprite!

  93. luxirare says:

    The poncho and boots are stunning!

  94. Synch says:

    See this:

    and lots more on YouTube
    One cannot compare fur farming to eating meat and wearing leather shoes. The amount of cruelty involved in the production of fur clothing is just enormous and completely pointless.
    Fine, it is vintage fur that Jane is wearing. But she is virtually a celebrity now and this post albeit indirect and not deliberate, looks like an endorsement.

  95. Anna says:

    Sweet Jane, how could a depressing movie inspire such a happy and spirited photo shoot! “Where The Wild Things Are” is a place where we are meant to escape the harsh realities of life, or childhood, unfortunately, sometimes these cold, hard truths find us even when we are there. We just have to remember how to let go and once again “let the wild rumpus start”.

  96. Alexa says:

    Hey guys, Jane, as usual nice pic’ ^^
    i got a new blog, check on it.. hope you’re gonna like it..
    Fashion blog from Paris.

  97. Alexa says:

    AmAaazing shooting as usual Jane.
    Guys, just have a look on my blog..and please let some comment.!
    xoxo from Paris

  98. Jennifer says:

    Wow those boots are crazy! Crazy wonderful!!!
    I really need to make a trip to Big Bertha’s soon!

  99. Daniella says:

    haha… i love your wild rumpus-ing in the second to last shot.
    and that poncho is amazing. but i’m sure you don’t need convincing.

  100. Shan says:

    By far my most favorite post yet! FANTASTIC everything! I do not condone buying fur new, but vintage I’ll do. By the by, i completely agree with Alysse concerning Where the Wild Things are. Perfectly put, lady.

  101. Julia says:

    The pictures are so beautiful…the colours…the paysage!!!
    This boots are crazy but i like them! on you they are perfect!:)

  102. Simone Renee says:

    The most beautiful thing about this post is your youthful radiance. Great post!

  103. B says:

    I like the boots except for the pointy toe, it reminds me of Ronald McDonald´s and I really don´t like people wearing real fur, altough I think it´s a little contradictory that you are vegetarian but you wear real fur.it is your choice to wear it but I hope you are concious that animals died for you to play around in the park.

  104. Meg says:

    Those boots are offensively wild, but I love them!

  105. k604bc says:

    Yup, those boots and coat are really wild!! Love the rich fall color!

  106. Confused says:

    i don’t get it – you’re vegetarian, but you wear fur? Nice outfit, though ;)

  107. Cad says:

    This is by far the most kickass poncho I’ve ever seen.

  108. The boots are ridiculously amazing, they’re perfect for you. Don’t like the fur piece because I’m very against fur.
    Fun photoshoot, though!

  109. Gabriela Fuschini says:

    beautifuul, pics r amaziiings!!!

  110. No, I did not love this but I think I finally get the point of this blog: it’s like a fantasy where the mystical creatures are your shoes first and then you’re clothes, and the far off land is Texas, where you seemingly never grow old and every day is a fashion adventure.

  111. r.m. says:

    PLEASE post the other funny pictures! Trust me when I say that we would all love to see them!

  112. Josephine says:

    haha love the boots and love your little disclaimer at the end (nothing wrong with a depressing movie, though. I liked it, personally)

  113. Christina says:

    Hi! I was writing an article about fashion blogging in my town’s newspaper and I included your blog because it is basically fabulous :)
    If you want to read it, you can go to hauteandfauxie.blogspot.com

  114. Dev says:

    That poncho is so unfortunate. :(

  115. LOVE the boots, and totally agree with the shape- it belongs in couture. its so well done! and that poncho is also stunning, whoa.
    and by the way, we all know the embarassment is totally worth all the crazy looks and glances of passerby; i mean what isnt worth it when its in the name of fashion?

  116. Isabel says:

    You look marvelous, those boots are insane and our mutual dislike for that movie makes me love you even more.

  117. Kiev says:

    Are the boots vintage? Didn’t you say you were against vintage shoes for their conservativeness? Hoped you’d come around on that one. “Directional” current shoes are usually blatant copies of truly original recent vintage, but we all know there was a time when shoe designing didn’t mean combining your favorite three shapes from last season or knocking off a forgotten 60s style. Sure, Ferragamo was referencing the Renaissance with his original platforms, but when that much time has passed, something can be truly new, as it isn’t merely retro and requires more knowledge of history to understand.
    Anyway, you work those boots and the poncho. What’s good about fashion if it isn’t a little embarrassing? “Embarrass” comes from the root word for complicate, and the complication and awkwardness of fashion is the essence of its art.

  118. Love the poncho – went on the vintage site and they have gorgeous pieces! Love those boots too- so unique!
    x ws x

  119. Nik says:

    I agree with Kym and Newt…Funny how people’s attention spans/focus are so limited. So many cry “Fur!” and completely ignore the leather boots. Very interesting oversight.
    Anyway, gorgeous photos, gorgeous clothes.

  120. flybynight says:

    .. so you’re a vegetarian and all, yet you wear skins and furs?
    beautiful poncho though

  121. Zhen Zhu says:

    dayyummm the poncho is sickkk

  122. Cecylia says:

    At one stage I thought you were going to fall over. You better be careful in those awesome boots!

  123. Mary says:

    whoa just saw you on the city?? crazy stuff, you looked darling! is olivia really so bitchy? either way I adore her style.

  124. ambiquitous says:

    genius! these boots are fantastic, as well as the fur! definitely ooc. haha

  125. amber says:

    this such a great outfit! I love the textures and colors. And, i HATED Where the Wild Things Are. Man, Spike really RUINED that. Ugh. Waaay too emo.

  126. dy says:

    hmmm ten different furs is ten too many for me.

  127. Talitha Love says:

    I have a long history of embarassing myself to beautiful clothes.
    Hasn’t stopped me yet!!
    Loving your exuberance and energy in these photos!

  128. Emma says:

    wow can people stop with the holier than thou animal rights stuff? if you don’t want to wear fur, then don’t wear it, but don’t preach to others, if anything you’re just being annoying.

  129. dannie says:

    adoring your lacy top from japan!!! and that fur jacket is ammaaaazing, pleae tell me its faux! p.s- loooving ypour hair color, sooo vbrant with your skintone!

  130. nora says:

    i adore this post very much :)

  131. Ann D. says:

    You’re a really good writer…you’ve got style (obviously)…you should write more…I would like to read it…don’t be shy :-)

  132. Razor Blonde says:

    These are awesome, I love your blog. http://RazorBlonde.com

  133. marissaofthesea says:

    I must say ms. jane, you have such good color choices! I so want to be in that outfit right now frolicking through where ever you are at that moment. It looks so beautiful.. maybe L.A isn’t meant for me? Where did you find those boots? Im booking my next flight to that towns airport no matter where… xoxo mv

  134. Mette Sofia says:

    Your photos are such an inspiration to me, thank you Jane!

  135. Le 21ème says:

    OMG, Jane! Those boots are UNREAL!

  136. Aleksandra says:

    i love tour boots! they’re looking similar to MyScene’s boots ;D

  137. Elisasojo@live.com says:

    I love fur, don’t listen to everyone who’s against it… they should keep their thoughts to themselves, you look very cool!

  138. jetblackdye says:

    not so sure abt th boots bt love ur top n necklaces !!!!

  139. EMILIE says:

    Beautiful pictures!
    Emilie from http://whatshappeninginmyfashionworld.blogspot.com/

  140. Disgusted says:

    The movie was depressing? Wearing fur in 2009 is depressing. And for those that say “it’s recycling” the poncho, try “recycling” it back to the dead animals that needed it for protection. Came here via “The Hills”. Won’t be coming back.

  141. Soa says:

    So beautiful pics ! i love them !

  142. love the poncho, so amazing!!!

  143. morgan says:

    Catch up latest designer shoes only at

  144. Emily says:

    Looooove the boots but I think the poncho is foul…but not because it’s fur, more because it’s going towards crazy cat lady territory (seriously, first photo of it I thought you had cats on your shoulders).
    You still look adorable though, and I’d say you and your mum are in the minority of people who could actually pull it off!
    Also…have these people who are getting all antsy about fur not seen previous posts? There have been several fur coats/fur products posted on this blog so you should all know better…if you’ve got an issue with it either skim over the post or go find a totally vegan blogger to follow.
    Don’t get on your high horse about how terrible a person is for wearing a vintage fur when you’re perfectly happy reading posts about their brand new leather shoes.
    Having to sift through your repetitive copy&pasted comments is a pain, please stop.

  145. Rena says:

    The boot look mighty HUGE, they would do nicely in a shoemuseum ( with the poncho)- http://www.myfavouriteshoes.nl

  146. Hannah says:

    Those boots are the ugliest you´ve ever worn.
    The poncho shows that your taste in fashion is not very glamourous. shame on you.
    I wish you´d suffer the animals´pain just for a day!

  147. sioux says:

    this post is masterpiece of masterpieces! Academy Award Oscar for the costumes, Oscar for Best Screenplay, Oscar for the photography, Oscar for the styling …

  148. Samm Jordan says:

    hey jane
    love the blog
    check out igor and andre they have done a sketch of you
    Samm J

  149. alexa says:

    What the hell? The poncho is a monstrosity. It’s beautiful in a way but it’s more ugly than pretty. And the boots? he actually look like hooves.

  150. That poncho is amazing, I’d love to have it here in NYC, it’s already freezing!
    ps checkout my new shopbop.com goveaway on http://brooklynfluff.com/

  151. Marisa says:

    WOW, those boots are amazing! That necklace is bananas, and these photos are just all around great! I love the whole ensemble

  152. WHAOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUH !!! You’re the most fashionable / classy cow boy girl I’ve eeeeeeeeeever seen !!! Seriously, I don’t have enough vocabulary to say everything I like, and how much I like it. So I’m just gonna say, You’re style is amaaaaaaaaazing !!!

  153. Anonym says:


  154. Nic says:

    The tails hanging off the poncho are incredibly disturbing. Don’t know how anyone, ever, could think that beautiful.

  155. heartofcocoa says:

    who cares about killing animals? their beautiful fur is obviously meant to go on our backs to make us feel better about ourselves.
    i love your blog, but fur? seriously? i thought you were much better than that

  156. Monika says:

    Jane, you are amazing, Poland adores you, do you know? :)

  157. Karlina says:

    I adored the shoot and know why you absolutely love the poncho! I am a feign for detail, so I would have loved to see the hand painted flowers. Details are usually what sell a piece for me. It tells me that the designer took thought, time, and creativity to add a little extra umph and distinction to their creation. Like a lace-up boot that zips on the side…what’s that?!…it’s supposed to LACE-UP!…excuse my rant, but I believe there should be no half stepping when it comes to designing.

  158. wow congrats on being on the city!! thats so amazing! great shoes!

  159. Jenny says:

    WOW! those boots are out of control! love both of the jackets, too!

  160. Miss Carmo says:

    Great photos!You look so happy ;)

  161. lynn says:

    You do appear to be a shoe expert; I’m not sure about those boots though.
    Don’t try to preserve your dignity overly much. Save that for when you’re an adult and it’s expected.
    Besides who cares what others think. It’s what you think of yourself that really matters.

  162. Brooke says:

    You’ve re-ignited my AW10 fire. Those boots? Totally. Utterly. Smokin’!

  163. Milja says:

    I love the jewelry! So pretty! And the photos are very inspiring :)

  164. Rosanna says:

    The poncho is beautiful but I am against killing animals for their fur.

  165. kati says:

    kudos for not taking yourself too seriously. can’t wait to see the upcoming photos of le bal.

  166. ieke says:


  167. lauren&whitney says:

    Hi Jane! we’re two girls of the Netherlands and we really like your style.. but ehmm after seen this pictures, we’re a little bit in shock.. Ehm what size of shoes do you have? XOXO

  168. lauren&whitney says:

    Hi Jane! we’re two girls of the Netherlands and we really like your style.. but ehmm after seen this pictures, we’re a little bit in shock.. Ehm what size of shoes do you have? XOXO

  169. lauren&whitney says:

    Hi Jane! we’re two girls of the Netherlands and we really like your style.. but ehmm after seen this pictures, we’re a little bit in shock.. Ehm what size of shoes do you have? XOXO

  170. Kate says:

    Animals dying strictly for fashion is not fashionable to me. Jane, you look gorgeous and I love your blog, but 10 different animals dying for one coat? Even if it is vintage, it’s sad these beautiful animals had to die when someone could easily get a faux fur coat. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but remember that you have a large influence over others with this blog. Do you want to inspire others to be cruelty free or do you think anything goes in the name of fashion?

  171. Those shoes are are so groovy. I love how you described them.

  172. Saw you on The City!!! How fun!! You looked fabulous!

  173. Giancarlo says:


  174. Dithy Rambe says:

    Loved the movie, loved the book, love the photoshoot- but for three entirely different reasons! Those boots are heinous, in the best possible way.

  175. Detroit says:

    That cape is BANANAS! I love it! And I’m a veg, and fur / leather avoider – but I wear vintage happily! Better reusing something vintage, than making a new faux fur of petrochemicals.
    Anyhow – sorry to be demanding, but we / I would love it if you could give us a ‘behind the scenes’ post about ‘The City’. You know, if you feel like it. I’m sure you’re sick of answering the question ‘Is Olivia really like that?’ LOL. But we’re dying to know.
    Joe Zee seems nice. Wonder if he feels compromised being on that show at all? Well, in this environment for the publishing / fashion mag industry – you gotta do what you gotta do – lol.
    Thanks, as always, for your great posts!

  176. Chicago Loop says:

    OK, don’t ask me why at almost 49 years old (next week) I’m watching The City, but I wasn’t really “watching” it so much as it was on in the background, and I happened to look away from my computer just long enough to see the photo shoot scene. Out of curiosity I did a search on the ‘net and found this blog. My reaction can be best summed up with a gasp. I feel completely inspired. I love that you are open to chunky heels and long skirts/dresses, and I love your uncanny ability to find the greatest cheap stuff to mix in with your high-end pieces, like the forever21 footless tights and your funky smelling shaggy jacket. :-) How fun! And yet it’s all incredibly sophisticated. I’m an instant fan of this blog and look forward to your new entries as I march backwards through the existing ones in awe. I can’t believe that at my age my fashion icon is a 17 year old :-), but art prodigies do usually have a age-wise universal appeal. (Evgeny Kissin comes immediately to mind.)

  177. Lauren says:


  178. juliet says:

    Those boots are WILD!
    juliet xxx

  179. Daisy says:

    Fab boots and fur !

  180. Margrethe FL says:

    You are adorable. Saw you on the new episode of The City.

  181. Anne says:

    oeeh this pictures are so great. I really love the colours of the pictures ! I can’t believe it’s almost winter again.
    By the way , i saw you on The City . It’s really funny to see you not on pictures but on the television! Nicee

  182. Love the poncho! And I actually saw some similar boots in a store here in Stockholm!

  183. Rosalba says:

    Ok, so I was wondering where can i find these fab boots and a dress like the 1950’s prom, see my niece is about to turn 15 and her big quinceanera a mexican tradition is just around the corner was thinking a dress like that would be unique, u remind me of her so much. I dont know if these items will be on sale by you or if you can give me info on where in the world to find these??? please thanks for your help…ps the boots would be for me!!! lol im green with envy on those!!!!

  184. Wow that poncho is insane. Crazy boots too. I thought the movie was mildly depressing, but overall I liked it. Love that lace top its insanely beautiful!

  185. I love the boots. What a find. Great YSL tribs / Woodstock analogy.

  186. Sax says:

    That poncho has to be about one of the most revolting things I’ve seen in a long, long while…
    The sight of it makes me wanna puke!

  187. Rebecca says:

    you were on the city, right :O

  188. Michelle says:

    Saw you on The City last night. Very cool! :)

  189. veronicahhh says:

    jane… sigh.. these photos are great and you are right about that poncho.
    feel like i love you.

  190. Susan says:

    I have just come across this blog, and I am so happy! What beautiful pictures… the colours are incredible. Autumn is my favourite time of year. I think I am your new biggest fan.

  191. Ann says:

    “This poncho is so painfully beautiful-there must be at least 10 different furs on this poncho.”
    Painful would be correct- for the animals killed for you to wear their skin.
    I am very disappointed.

  192. Ann says:

    See this:

    and many more on YouTube
    One cannot compare fur farming to eating meat and wearing leather shoes. The amount of cruelty involved in the production of fur clothing is just enormous and completely pointless.
    Fine, it is vintage fur that Jane is wearing. But she is virtually a celebrity now and this post albeit indirect and not deliberate, looks like an endorsement.

  193. J-Mec says:

    OMG! I LOVE the outfit! You have such an eye for fashion!
    I must say that I was blown away to see you on the show “The City” today, which originally aired last night! When I first saw you at the photo shoot before the young ladies interviewed you, I felt like a school girl who had just seen her BFF on TV!! LOL You’re definitely a friend in my head (a la Wendy Williams’ “Wendyisms”)!! I was bursting with pride to see you! I had no idea you were going to be on the show (I’m new to your blog…). And I was excited to actually hear you speak! LOL I wish you continued success, Jane! You’re a courageous young lady who is living her life according to her own rules! You rock! :)

  194. Jane says:

    the lace top looks beautiful
    and the fur poncho looks AMAZING
    so so amazing

  195. Sus says:

    I love this post, the outfit & photos are so fun – it made me smile :)
    The poncho is amazing, does it weigh much?
    (Apologies if this is double posted, silly fingers hit the wrong keys on the keyboard).

  196. alysse says:

    I am not making a statement on whether fur is appropriate or not. but the whole “it’s vintage argument” isn’t sufficient. although i don’t believe it should be thrown away, when people wear fur (vintage fur, FAKE fur, new fur, real fur) it stimulates interest and therefore sustains the present-day fur industry. vintage fur (and even fake fur) is not benign….
    again, this is a descriptive statement, i am not telling you whether one should or shouldn’t wear fur.

  197. Stevy says:

    Um…I do believe I just saw your gorgeous face on the city….

  198. krystal says:

    i want them! you look amazing! ohhh, and saw you on the city last night with some of my friends! fashion is such a small world xx

  199. I don't wear fur myself says:

    Not trying to denigrate any of the vegans or anti-fur people, but I just wonder how many of them have had, would have, or support someone else’s right to have an abortion.
    As long as the manufacturers aren’t inspired to make vintage-look fur ponchos now that this one has hit the ‘net, I think it will be OK.

  200. Nicola says:

    It was sooo great to see you on “The City”. You were the best part of that episode. I wish they gave you more airtime to show off your fashion. That outfit makes autumn seem like the best season ever. Also if you don’t like ‘Where the Wild Things Are’ watch ‘Into the Wild’ instead if you haven’t seen it already. Similar name, completely different movie, but maybe an even more depressing ending. Cheers from Sydney Australia.

  201. Florie says:

    lovely post! love the boots! so weird in a such interesting way for sure!
    no post for Halloween thaught??

  202. jess says:

    great description of those boots!! they and the poncho rule
    jess s//

  203. joanne says:

    i love what you wrote about the boots, it made my day

  204. em2 says:

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE those boots! I also like your hair – I know it’s darker than you thought it would be, but it’s great for fall :)

  205. Amazing….you are such a wild thing! Love those boots, so funky!

  206. g says:

    idk man, these shoes look huge!

  207. mary says:

    nice find at big berthas! ive been there a couple of times but havent found anything worth buying in my price range. glad you found some wicked boots though!

  208. C says:

    Can you please post a picture of the painted flowers on the inside of the poncho?

  209. Angel says:

    i just saw u on the episode of THE CITY!!!! omgad!!!

  210. DW says:

    OMG epic post the action shots are certainly action-packed! The clothes, your movements and your crazy energy all come through to the viewer in this symbiotic explosion!

  211. Vanessa says:

    Love those boots! I die! (haha)
    How did you do your hair like that? I really like it

  212. I Love those boots it’s exactly like in the Chanel show S/S 2010!!

  213. Megan says:

    This is one of my faves, what with the candid nature of the photos. This post is also put together well, but I’m not sure how to explain that observation. Keep on doing what you love!

  214. sarah says:

    did I see you on The City at about 2:53 minutes on episode 6?? doing a photo shoot?

  215. The Fancier says:

    Oh my god, those boots are worth killing for! And the furry poncho is divine! The whole look is seriously astounding. Great shoot!

  216. Hallie says:

    Jane, the boots are incredible! I love the camel leather. The poncho is also very beautiful, and great accessories! Awesome post.

  217. Hallie says:

    And for all the haters about the fur … leather shoes are the same thing. So unless you want to wear cheap-ass faux leather boots that fall apart in 2 months and are hideous to boot, deal with it. Not to mention acrylic fur for the most part is ugly as sin.

  218. Nic says:

    So ridiculous to state you have to be a vegan etc to be against fur. Everyone draws their line somewhere. My line is drawn at animals killed purely for aesthetic purposes.

  219. eleanor says:

    hey.. loving this!! check out my blog… you were my inspiration!! xxx

  220. Dom says:

    dude, um, no.

  221. Hallae says:

    I saw these boots and immediately thought of your blog. Figured I’d link it and maybe you like them!

  222. Julia says:

    the PHOTODIARIST said:”hate that poncho! here in Europe we have a better concience about killing animals for that purpose. Please acrilic hair, not animal.” he he how weird…most European designers use animal fur…anyways, love the pics and your hair is awesome.

  223. clémence says:

    These boots are completely mad! but that s another thing you can wear without looking totally crazy…!

  224. Ann says:

    um, everyone, the fact that the poncho is vintage doesn’t change the fact that multiple animals suffered painful deaths.

  225. I really love your style, do you marry me? Lol ;)
    @ MaisonChaplin.blogspot.com

  226. brittanyh says:

    I wish you weren’t on the city you looked completely different. your camera must be amazing. and you sounded like a retard.

  227. Cat's Meow says:

    All your finger-pointing and complaining isn’t going to put the fur back on the animal, and really you should be directing your criticism at the person who owned it originally, if at all. Indigenous tribes have been using animal skins to clothe themselves for centuries and re-using fur clothing is a great way to ensure the animal didn’t die for nothing. And I doubt any of you would have the balls to say it to Jane’s face.

  228. Jaime says:

    Those boots and the poncho are pretty rad.
    Directional though? Maybe, but that kind of implies that they’re a fresh, nouveau piece but clearly they come from an iconic time and place and never lost that so they’re more classic than directional.
    I agree with the above poster who says that they don’t condone the killing of animals in order to wear them. However, do agree with recycling clothing.
    Lastly, while WTWTA was emotionally intense, I think you do it an injustice by simply labeling it as ‘depressing’ and discarding it as such.
    Again, I agree with a poster above who said that it seems that most people didn’t get it.
    The movie was beautiful and the way emotions and the complexity of relationships were conveyed was accurate and moving. I have an 8 year old who loved it because he understands the place and importance of these topics and has been raised to appreciate the reality of life.
    Talk about directional!

  229. Natasha says:

    I love how playful the pictures are! You bring the fashion to life!
    And to those who comment on her fur and vegetarian choices… people are vegetarians for other reasons besides feeling that it is cruel to eat animals. Check out In Defense of Food, “Eat food, not too much, mostly plants” is freakin emblazoned on the cover.

  230. i think i would DYE for that poncho/fur/animal.

  231. Robyn. says:

    I thought it was a depressing, but very..layered movie.
    haha Embassasing photo-shoot moments usually end up being the best of all!

  232. Nic says:

    Cat’s Meow: Why exactly would someone not have the “balls” to say what they believe to a teenage girl?
    The fact is, Jane’s blog is an inspiration to a lot of people. While her coat may be vintage, that doesn’t stop it encouraging others to purchase more furs, which may not be.

  233. anda says:


  234. Ekaterina says:

    Like from a fairy tale!

  235. anN says:

    Awesome boots and fur !!! –everything just perfect together — great jeans, color and texture!! my favorite so far :)

  236. Leti says:

    I LOVE your style! Are you seventeen for real?! Just WOW.

  237. ysa says:

    your mum’s fur are really very nice~ love it =)

  238. Libby says:

    I found the movie super depressing, I was crying thw=e whole time. However, I love your boots and your mums fur!

  239. I really love the boots!!the look gorgeous!

  240. Aki Quang says:

    I just wrote an article to introduce about u and promoting ur blog. I hope this my entry will make u be happy all the time.
    See it at http://akiquang.wordpress.com/2009/11/06/ng%E1%BA%A9n-ng%C6%A1-cung-co-nang-blogger-sea-of-shoes/
    Aki Quang from VietNam

  241. Courtney says:

    The pictures–you, the outfit, the lovely leafy backgroud–are great, but your words are what is most impressive. The family tree you have bestowed on your boots is so succinctly descriptive and right-on, and using terms like ‘directional’ lend you solid editorial credibility. Nice work!
    Hunting Fishing Nature Tradition

  242. Lexy says:

    that poncho is amazing

  243. Crystal says:

    I loved your comparison of the shape of the boot to a drugged of version of the YSL tribute series + cowboy boots because it’s so true. I’m rather in love with the shape. I hope some designer picks up on something similar and mass produces it. Love love.
    Speaking of love…that poncho! Ugh. Vintage shops are a gift from above.
    Agreed about Where the Wild Things Are. I can’t say I didn’t like it entirely but it wasn’t much of a kids movie at all. Rather sad indeed.

  244. Cara C. says:

    I agree…unless you are living in a house without leather furniture, have a wardrobe completely free of leather shoes, belts, accessories and clothes and don’t eat any animal products whatsoever, you really shouldn’t be pointing fingers. Besides, Jane’s coat is vintage, lighten up!

  245. Jolene says:

    here’s the trick for shoes that are too small. take some newspaper and stuff in in the toe (or whole shoe, if the whole shoe is too tight), and poor alcohol in it. let it sit overnight or until the newspaper is dry. and that’s the key to stretching shoes.

  246. Elizabeth says:

    Oh I love your Jelly Garcia lace tank top & jacket, you look fabulous :)

  247. Maria says:

    These pictures make me want to finally wear the fur coat my grandma just gave me! :]

  248. oh WOW Jane! this outfit is one of my fave outfit of yours EVER! i can’t stop staring at your so soooo beautiful poncho. your mom really has an eye for perfect one of a kind pieces. truly an amazing piece of art! and as usual, you wore this piece so well! plus those boots -interesting shape! and yes i agree, i can see it stepping on 2011 fall.
    i almost forgot, the shots are very very NICE! i can see your animalistic adventure thing going on here -fun inspiring photos Jane!!
    come check my blog, you might like my latest post. i see you love architectural structures and you might want to take a look at the beautiful Burj Al Arab photos (equals the most amazing structure -ever) in my blog!

  249. Brandy says:

    I don’t like the poncho. I’m not a fan of fur and this is just an overkill. The boots are great

  250. caroline says:

    fancyyy ; ))
    you look great in darker hair!

  251. natalie says:

    Lady, i just stumbled here /////// i don’t know who u are /// but those boots are fantastic . !!!!!!!!!!!! the whole look is great ! kudos to you .

  252. Guinevere says:

    This is the first time I’ve ever left a comment on a blog but I was moved to do so by several reasons. This post is so gloriously joyous, I cannot say how much I enjoy it. There are many reasons for creating and for reading blogs and I enjoy seeing not just the creative costuming you and your mother come up with, but way you put yourselves in there too. Also, I love the boots! Certainly, they are out there, but isn’t the point to explore and have fun and be creative? If you are not already familiar with it, check out the Margiela 2008 (Autumn/Hiver, I think) collection and look for the one-legged suede leggings. They will definitely connect with these boots as they are suede-on-suede reverse applique’.
    And don’t pay any attention to those who have only unkind things to say (different than those who may have different opinions from your, respectfully delivered). I am your mom’s age and I’ve had decades to come into my own fashion confidence. There are many highly intelligent, creative people who love fashion (as you well know). And I would definitely wear not just the boots but the whole outfit!

  253. Sarah says:

    I completely die for that poncho! I love a good fur. Love your blog! It is of course included in my favorite blogs post on my own blog, Styled in the City. Go to http://www.styledinthecity.wordpress.com to check it out, plus street chic, fashion book reviews, pics from around NYC, and more.

  254. tenstyle says:

    LOVE LOVE the boots…love your hair color even more.

  255. Holly says:

    slightly confused..i thought you were a vegetarian? i’d love to see a post on how you justify wearing leather/fur yet refuse to eat it..

  256. Tati says:

    i gave you awards
    check my blog!

  257. Mari says:

    Love this look! Amazing! Love the blog!

  258. Sanne says:

    Maybe you should watch this..

    You’re cruel!!!!!!

  259. mel says:

    fantatic pictures.the colours,the trees,the poses.

  260. Lily says:

    wats with the whole thing abt having that poncho in a musuem!!! so wat kill a whole bunch of poor animals take their fur and then hang that ridiculous crap in a musuem are u serious!! how insanely idiotic…

  261. Dana Baginski says:

    jane i love your blog, i check for your updates daily! you always have such a fresh take on fashion. loved this post! and that fur is Ah-mazing!!! I was just wondering what kind of camera you use to take your photos?

  262. r5bales says:

    So, let’s see, killing something for your shoe leather is OK, but killing something for the fur is not? That is part and parcel of fashion. Animals will die if we wear leather, fur or nothing. I guarantee a furry animal not used in that poncho from 1970 would not be alive today. You want Jane to wear petrolium based products that are more harmful to the environment? You can’t have it both ways.

  263. lili says:

    I love ur blog, HATE it when you where fur. hope someone will make a poncho out of your skin. have a great day.

  264. Laura says:

    Love the whole look… the boots are win!
    Really do not like the fur though… I just think its not needed now…. although it is an old piece s not as bad…
    You look like your having fun :)

  265. Ally says:

    I loooooooooooove the poncho. even if idon’t believe in killing animals. but i looked at the website you got it at and it said it was $2,000!!!!

  266. Matt says:

    janes blog
    janes choice
    complain about the fur somewhere else people.

  267. Ann says:

    EXACTLY what I wanted to say Jesse, kudos.

  268. FUR! I LOVE IT! I really want to find a full fur coat for this winter…. ASAP. I love the patch work style of yours.
    P.S. Love the boots.

  269. FUR! I LOVE IT! I really want to find a full fur coat for this winter…. ASAP. I love the patch work style of yours.
    P.S. Love the boots.

  270. Nathalie says:

    Late comment since I haven;t logged on to bloglovin for days, but I feel a need to respond to some of the comments on the use of fur.
    I’m a vegetarian. and I am against any kind of use of fur, but I understand that not everyone will feel the same way. I know why animal rights advocates seem like lunatics sometimes, and I feel for the animals in the same way they do. But I would not tell people they should be ashamed for themselves either. That is not an effective approach in defending the animals, and getting people to consider not using fur. I think PETA and other animal rights groups have done amazing things for animals’ rights, but I don’t see how mud-slinging (or red-paint throwing) can get them anywhere except make them look ridiculous.
    Someone else posted that it is just as bad to eat meat. I agree and it hurts the animals, but the treatment of the animals bred for fur is evidently worse and much more inhumane than the treatment of those that die for food (which is also very horrible). Most people who are against fur, but eat meat are aware that they are supporting the killing of animals, but that’s better than nothing. People are complex and contradict themselves in countless ways. Just because someone eats meat doesn’t mean they have no say in campaigning against fur.

  271. My children enjoyed the movie and I enjoyed your post just as much!

  272. My children enjoyed the movie and I enjoyed your post just as much!

  273. My children enjoyed the movie and I enjoyed your post just as much!

  274. Gegenstück says:

    everything xxl, love it

  275. Tanya says:

    Matt, and some of the other pro-furs here:
    If you parade around in real fur yet don’t expect to get any sort of criticism, your living in fantasyland. Even 17-year-old Jane knows this. Do you see anywhere on this post her asking the anti-fur brigade not to leave comments? No. So who are you to tell us otherwise, Matt? Like you said it’s JANE’S blog not yours.
    I absoulutely HATE the idea of fur, but I would never tell a fur-lover not express their opinion.
    So for all the people in here gushing about that coat, that is their view.
    Just as the people have a problem with real fur also have a right to say so.
    It’s called a free country as you pro-furs keep telling us.

  276. Ashley says:

    Usually I like your outfit, but I think that poncho you are wearing is disgusting. I can’t believe you would even wear that…c’mon, dead animal tails hanging off of a piece of clothing is not fashionable or moral. I like your blog, but I think that ponch is a disgrace.

  277. Ashley says:

    *poncho, i meant to say, lol.

  278. Ana Aguilar says:

    Oh yes! 10 furs! perhaps you could think it was the beautiful skin of your killed puppies after suffering a long time to be peel so you can hang this “beautiful” poncho in you wardrobe.
    I like your blog most of the times, except when I see things like this. IT IS NOT NECESSARY TO KILK ANY LIFE TO BE CHIC
    Greetings from Spain

  279. this whole look is otherworldly, but in a very earthy way :)

  280. Tiffany says:

    I was so excited to see you on The City tonight!!! Wish your interview was longer!!!

  281. Carina says:

    Agreed, this poncho is beautiful! i love it! the boots are pretty lush too! i wouldn’t have thought lace would go well with the boots and poncho, but it totally does!!!!

  282. kaia bremnes says:

    oh, my! Truly amazing, AMAZING photo’s! Love the fur ^^

  283. Lian says:

    killing animals for fashion?
    how can you even wear it?

  284. jill says:

    Yeah, they are seriously rad boots. I was just going to ask the same thing: how small is too small? ; )

  285. wenny3kiwi says:

    555555 that amazing!!!!!! with the title “where the wild things are” i think that is it

  286. Clarity says:

    Wow I love the necklace, shoes and your photography. Your blog is a real treat.

  287. Becca says:

    Those boots are fantastic! And you look like you’re having a ton of fun in these pics – so great!

  288. Olwyn says:

    I love the action shots of you in the boots, looks groovy…
    Lola Re

  289. ANIMALIA says:


  290. R says:

    I wonder how many innocent animals died to make that…

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