More Pictures from the Crillon Ball

I can't believe that the Crillon Ball was a month ago today. I was just sent these pictures by Ophelie Renouard, thank you so much! Very fun to relive the experience.

These pictures were sent to me by Adlers-thank you so much!

Hope everyone is enjoying their holidays.

I've got a lot of celebrating ahead of me. Today is my boyfriends birthday, tomorrow is my birthday, Thursday is Christmas Eve, Friday is Christmas, and Saturday I'm going to Tulsa to visit my family. Phew!

Merry Christmas everyone!

Click below to read a translation of the article in Elle France that ran the of the ball..it's called 'A Day in The Life'

Thank you SO much to one of my favorite bloggers July Stars for translating the article for me!

Elle November 2009 Jane 300 dpi

The 17 year old blogger is an Internet star. She tells us her about
her full-on passion for fashion.

I live with my mother and my sister about 30 minutes outside of
Dallas, Texas. My father lives round the corner so that he can keep an eye on
us. He is very protective! I love my small house. It has lots of seventies
architectural details, like the weird ceiling portholes.

Although I’m not going to school full-time this year, I wake up at 7
am every day. I join mum in her room to talk about the day’s planning over a
cup of English tea. My mom and I are inseparable.

What would our ideal day be? Driving to Dallas to find Alaia or Yves
Saint Laurent pieces from our favourite vintage shop, Archive Vintage. Then we
would eat lunch at Mi Cocina, the best Mexican in town, followed by a trip Barneys
to find the latest Miu Miu or Gucci shoes. We would end the day with a photo
shoot to record our purchases.  We take
pictures of each other for both of our blogs. She also runs an online vintage
store. Most of our days are not as carefree as the one I just described…we
always have a lot of work to do.

We spend all our time discussing fashion, and a lot of time
discussing our blog-duties. My sister, Carol, who is 14 years old, finds it
tedious. She has considered starting a blog about cooking, but she is very
academically focused right now. She loves to sing and act, and she’s extremely
funny. Her style is much more classic than mine.

My classmates at school are very conservative. I’ve known them for
years and year. People there think I am a little bizarre. It was way too
conservative for me, very Texas. People always dress casual here. That’s why I
dream of studying in New York. This year, I’ve decided to finish school from
home. Four days a week I’m on the web to study for my exams. I don’t miss
school at all and my three closest friends live very near to me.

With 75,000 daily hits, my blog has become a full-time job. I
dedicate 5 to 6 hours a day to Sea of Shoes. I have to take the pictures, edit
them, write the accompanying post and reply to between many emails and answer
many interviews. I created it with mum two years ago. It started off as both of
our project s, but I ended up taking over it completely. My mom has her own
blog now.

I started having significantly higher readership numbers when Kanye
West’s blog and “Teen Vogue” talked about Sea of Shoes. The amount of
opportunities derived from this have been incredible. For the past two seasons
I have been designing my own shoe collection for Urban Outfitters. But the
biggest challenge at the moment is the Debutantes Ball in Paris! I was
recommended some of the editors at US Vogue and Teen Vogue. I couldn’t believe
it when I received the invitation! In fact, I wasn’t too sure what it was and
my dad explained that it was like a ball for princesses. My mom came with me to
Paris to be fitted for my Chanel dress. I was extremely anxious before entering
the Rue Cambon boutique but my dress is to die for. Unfortunately, I won’t be
able to bring my boyfriend. Amit and I don’t see each other very much because
he is studying in Tennessee. We met in Tokyo last June when I was travelling
with mum. It was a great trip. My mom lived there in the eighties when she was
a model. She always told me that she really fell in love with fashion in Japan.
 After Tokyo, Amit came to visit me here
and I will see him again very soon.  In
the meantime, we Skype each other very often.

In the evenings, mom, Carol and I love to watch old “Dynasty” episodes
on the computer, in my sister’s bedroom. We don’t own a TV but we download
everything! My sister often prepares dinner, she loves cooking. She’s amazing
with pasta and hamburgers. I go out with my friends during the week. I can’t
believe I still don’t have a driving license, I’m always relying on them to go
to parties and gigs. My curfew is three am. I’m always home on time.

I edited a few things that were slightly misquoted…such a nice article, thank you so much to the sweet author Lauren Bastide!

xo Jane