It has been a long time dream of mine to visit Marfa. Never heard of it? It's a little town about 500 miles southwest of Dallas and is something like a gritty west Texas cowboy art colony.

I went for a day trip with my dad this week between the NX35 and SXSW music festivals and had an amazing time-I cannot WAIT to get back to Marfa.

We stayed at the Thunderbird Hotel, owned by the same owners of the San Jose hotel in Austin.

Of course I brought six pairs of a shoes for a day trip. (and at the same time managed to forget to pack ANY shirts)

I was only there for a day and a half but I managed to take 2000 photos. I can't wait to share more!

For now, I've gotta get ready for South by Southwest. See you in a few, Austin.


  1. Klarisse wrote:

    Those printed boots are amazing! <3

    3.18.10 ·
  2. totally lovely photos Jane! I love desolate places, especially when they are in the ol’ wild wild west. And no shirts! oh well. sometimes i wonder if i’m the only one still occasionally writing with a type writer, but looks like I’m not!

    3.18.10 ·
  3. noa wrote:

    LOL 6 pairs for a day trip… Beautiful ones though
    great photos!

    3.18.10 ·
  4. What are those amazing paint-floral boots? Not seen those before!

    3.18.10 ·
  5. Caroline wrote:

    Gorgeous phtos! What camera do you use? I’m agreeing with everyone else, I adore those printed floral boots. Where are they from? I’ve never been to Texas, maybe someday though…

    3.18.10 ·
  6. Jane-
    Beautiful photos Jane! and that Maison Martin Margiela boots are 2d4.
    Are you coming to the Simon Doonan event this Monday? Hope to see you and your mom.
    xoxo Nini

    3.18.10 ·
  7. Talia wrote:

    did you go to Prada Marfa?

    3.18.10 ·
  8. Kakia wrote:

    Your style!! Urgh.so spoilt an materialistic

    3.18.10 ·
  9. Kakia wrote:

    Your style!! Urgh.so spoilt an materialistic

    3.18.10 ·
  10. ibada wrote:

    No you’re not vanessa. I also use my typewriter quite often. @ibadona on twitter.

    3.18.10 ·
  11. sia.in.love wrote:

    Your dad took your dad on a day trip?

    3.18.10 ·
  12. Caroline wrote:

    Beautiful photos! I need to get a better camera…

    3.18.10 ·
  13. Kazuko wrote:

    totally in love with your margiela boots!

    3.18.10 ·
  14. Love the font you used on the 1st pic. Bold and clean.
    Oh ya and your shoes are pretty good. ;)

    3.18.10 ·
  15. Talia wrote:

    Any idea who did that horse drawing? Like it a lot. I’d love to see more of their art.

    3.18.10 ·
  16. PYT IN PTY wrote:

    I have those gold and black Chanel wedges! I love them even more now, knowing that you have them Jane!

    3.18.10 ·
  17. Tiffany wrote:

    Gorgeous! Absolutely Gorgeous! Can’t wait to see more pictures!
    PS. Who are those stunning boots by? Love the print!

    3.18.10 ·
  18. L wrote:

    this is related to the post underneath but felt the need to say that i received a taro gomi coloring books for my bday and debated if i would actually draw in it (the pictures and instructions in it are pretty funny on their own!) but after seeing yours i’m definitely gonna whip it out and draw some pics!

    3.18.10 ·
  19. Woah comments enabled again ??
    So happy I get to comment again now :)
    Anyhow, loved these cactus and sharp obejct macro shots !
    And gorgeous shoe selections as always..
    Loving those miu miu brown wedges (if I’m nt mistaken of the brand..) ..
    Can’t wait for more of the shots uve taken !
    Michelle @ glisters and blisters

    3.18.10 ·
  20. I love the shoes!

    3.18.10 ·
  21. Zoe wrote:

    Comments back enabled? Lovely pictures, love all your shoes choices for the trip!

    3.18.10 ·
  22. stylefyles wrote:

    those boots are incredible!
    I you have the chance and interest, check out Pelada. It’s a soccer doc, but even if you’re not into sports you should watch it for the cinematography…..it’s BEAUTIFUL, with amazing photography from around the world.

    3.18.10 ·
  23. Sophiemei wrote:

    Jane, im so happy to see u open comments again!! i always wanna tell u what wonderful things u have and u did good job girl!! Buy six pairs of shoes in a day, all items i love especial the amazing boots. i wanna see more photos about this trip, cant wait to see ur new pictures!! And one thing i have to tell is Jan/05/2010 that u talk about Gryphon, i just wanna say a shop named “Kiito” is from Taiwan not Japan, that’s really important thing(haahah)!! Wish one day u come to visit Taiwan( hope to see u)

    3.18.10 ·
  24. Katie wrote:

    The painted knee highs are beautiful, such dreamy tones. Awesome taking six pairs…choices are wonderful things. The chairs are stunning, especially the circular ones. ( I have a strange fondness of empty seats- even wrote a post on them! ) marfa sounds excellent- await more photos…
    I have a striking fish brooch in my latest post I’m sure you would enjoy?
    Would be such an honor if you called by.x
    Katie. Xx

    3.18.10 ·
  25. kate wrote:

    Those boots are stunning! Planning a trip to Austin, and can’t wait to stay at San Jose Hotel. Now have to had Marfa to my list!

    3.18.10 ·
  26. kimzie wrote:

    gosh i envy your shoe collection! have fun in sxsw! my friends will all be there!
    -kimzie from houston

    3.18.10 ·
  27. Jill wrote:

    I’m glad you enjoyed it…I love Marfa. Did ya’ll find the Food Shark?

    3.18.10 ·
  28. OOH who are those pretty floral print boots by???

    3.18.10 ·
  29. jesophi wrote:

    I love Marfa too, I LOVE IT you don’t have an idea what I felt me in my heart when I read the title of the post :)

    3.18.10 ·

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