The Beetle

My aunt Karen made this beetle belt buckle-it's part of the new jewelry and belt line we are launching soon. You may have seen it over at my mom's blog. I've been really excited to show you Karen's work! (You may also know her as the brains behind Plastic Animal a Day) Karen has a background in entomology…and as you can see, she likes her bugs super-sized. Mister Beetle is nine inches long. He was cast in solid bronze, hand finished, and weighs about a pound. The beetle will retail for about $600. If you're interested in ordering a beetle belt, please contact us .

I wore my beetle with a Dries van Noten pleated skirt my mother purchased in the mid eighties from Stanley Korshak. The skirt was from one of Dries van Noten's first collections. Stanley Korshak had just picked him up here in Dallas. This skirt is very special to me. Worn with lucite bracelets purchased from Neiman Marcus a long time ago and a silk shirt I got somewhere in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The wedges are Givenchy.