Grange Hall

Last week my mom and I met up with fellow blogger and shopping buddy Tina, one half of the Bag Snob. We had a delicious Columbian lunch at La Duni and finished with chocolate bread pudding…we were celebrating my mom's birthday. :)

 After lunch we dropped into Grange Hall. Well, 'dropped in' makes it sound like we were window shopping but in reality Tina, my mom and I spent two hours obsessing over the Natalia Brilli selection.

I think Grange Hall is the coolest shopping experience you can have in Dallas. It's like a Victorian apothecary with a heavy dose of voodoo magic. I was so excited to photograph the store…unfortunately my pictures don't do the store justice. If you ever have the chance to check it out..you definitely should.

Yikes! Careful with this chair.

I fell HARD for this pearl necklace…

I love all of the animals in Grange Hall.


Look at all of that Natalia Brilli! Grange Hall has the largest selection of Natalia Brilli in the US.

For more information about Grange Hall check out the website.