Victor Costa & Givenchy Wedges

Here is what I wore yesterday…I wasn't planning on taking pictures, but I found this 80's turquoise Nora Noh skirt and got inspired to dress up. It was a thrift find. I've been looking for a skirt of this exact length and shape to wear with my new Givenchy wedges from this season. I have to admit I had not envisioned my first outfit with these gothimatrix shoes as being so colorful.

I'm wearing a vintage Victor Costa bolero my mom found on eBay-for such a great price! It has got to be my favorite Victor Costa piece I've ever seen. The sleeves are full of tulle. 

The scarf was given to be my grandma a few years ago. She gets lots of vintages scarves on her many trips to antique malls.

My awful dogs always jump right into my pictures when I'm photographing myself! I tried to lure them away with their favorite squirrel toy….

But to no avail…Townsend, the corgi, loves to have his picture taken.


These shoes are surprisingly steady for their height. They're about six and half inches tall. The patent cap toe is my favorite part.

I think you have to be careful about showing too much leg with this shoe. They're pretty stripperella to begin with…anything hemline above the knees might make you look like a bimbo. I like an ankle length flared skirt with the shape of this shoe.

I recieved this bracelet as a gift from Natalie Bernhard (co-designer of the fabulous Hanna Bernhard animal jewelry I featured on my blog in January) Thank you so much Natalie!

Wearing a vintage Nettie Rosenstein cameo necklace and a Christopher Ross dove belt buckle.