I haven't been thrifting in a while…I used to go all the time but it can be so hit or miss. Ysterday I went with my aunt and my mom. We went to three…Haltom City Thriftstore, a Goodwill next door to that, and Thrift Town. Got some good stuff!

Judging from the label this blouse is from the 70s…its so tiny! It has a little staining…but too sweet to pass up. The pleated dance skirt is also really old…its nice and heavy and swingy.

I wasn't going to buy this sweater but when I showed my mom she convinced me I should.

Really enjoy the circular bead patterns on you, sweater dress, but you are large and ill-fitting. Had to pose kinda weird to make this not look like a sack on me.

The barfy pastel colors of this skirt won my heart. For $2.99 I couldn't not take it home.

Today my mom made this muffler out of some old faux fur in our garage. Cool scarf mom!!

Sweet puffy sleeved granny sweater with little roses and pretty buttons. Aww…its label looked like it was in German…

Have a great weekend!