Man, I carry my purse like a jerk. Who does this limpy forearm position when they carry big bags except for me and Paris Hilton? I'm exageratting but I can't help notice my refusal to shift the weight of purse at all in the following photos. It's rare that I carry bags…usually when I go out I wedge some cash and my ID in my phone case cover…can't have a purse slowing me down.

Anyway, yes the Jean Paul Gaultier jacket is from a Target collection! Explains the good deal i got on it. I love it!
Worn with Current Elliot jeans, a scarf from Tokyo, and beautiful, beautiful shoes that were sent to me by Peter Som…they were designed by Charlotte Olympia. Thank you so much for my new favorite shoes ever!

These Charlotte Olympia for Peter Som lace up boots are my new favorite things in the whole world. Beautiful perfect and unusual shoe!!

A snapshot of my favorite candy to close this post. I'm a licorice junky…I never have to share this candy because everyone else thinks its so gross. ;)