1000 BC

This insane shearling vest I’m wearing was a Christmas gift from my grandma. It’s 80’s Christian Dior. My grandma got it at a flea market…..thank you Grandma!! I love the whipstich detail. I can’t take it off! I’m wearing it as I type this post. It’s kind of apocalyptic isn’t it…very Planet of the Apes/Zardos/Logan’s Run.

The pants I’m wearing are Rugby. My mom and I both got a pair of these.  I am in love with them. Even though my friend Viky calls them the Grapes of Wrath Pants. Also wearing a J Crew men’s sweatshirt, necklace by the Woods, an amazing belt I got somewhere in LA, and some vintage braided silver bracelets.

Giuseppe Zannoti buckle shoes!