Childhood Library

 The older I get, the more I enjoy my toys and children's books.. When I'm creatively stumped, I love to flip through colorful fairy tales. Sometimes it's nice to be reminded that life doesn't have to be so serious all of the time. 

My best toy and books finds were always from Japan. When I went to Tokyo two years ago, I picked up an amazing magazine called Pooka. The issue was an entire retrospective on illustrator Arai Ryoji's artwork. I fell in love with his style and began collecting his books. It was a little tricky ordering them from Japanese Amazon because you can't look them up in English characters. This definitely isn't my whole collection! I have them scattered all over because I refer to them constantly! Of course, I can't read them at all….

So, in case you want to order Arai Ryoji's books too, just click this link for his listing on Amazon.jp :) 

He has a blog too!

Arai Ryoji's retelling of Snow White might be my favorite.

I'm also a big fan of 'guided' coloring books, such as Taro Gomi's.

I love all of these! Above left is a Japanese coloring book kit, top right is a French Taro Gomi, La Fabrica di Immagini is an amazing Italian sticker and coloring book, Rosie Flo's has the most fantastical fashion illustrations, and 642 Things to Draw is great when you need to be told what to do.

These are pages from La Fabrica Di Immagini.

Aww….what a classic. I love Margaret Wise Brown's illustrations so much.  

One last thing….

I fell so hard for these zebra calf hair wedges at Barney's sale! They are unbelievably beautiful on the foot. Isn't it so cute how Jean Michael Cazabat stuffs the toes of his shoes with little plush hearts?

Happy holidays everyone! Coming up next…the Art Contest results. For real this time.