I've been dying to show off this coat for a long time, but I wanted to wait until Christmas…for obvious reasons. I got this beauty at Vintage Martini this summer. It's a 60's sheared rabbit fur from Neiman Marcus, and it still has its tags. Unfortunately, no explanation on the crab. Santa coats never struck me as a crab's natural habitat. I can only extrapolate that this coat was part of a zodiac collection of furs. Nothing says Christmas like a crustacean I guess!

It has star shaped buttons too!

One more thing to share–an amazing 80's Lilie Rubin blouse I'm borrowing from my mom. Aren't the sleeves insane!

I love my new Jean Michael Cazabat shoes.

This vintage Judith Lieber Lion belt is nuts. We call it the door-knocker belt. 

In the background is our sad little Christmas tree. This is our first year without a big tree. I made the gold bird ornaments for it out of paper plates. 

Gotta run–just got into New York last night for a photoshoot and I'm up early for it this morning. I'm chomping at the bit to get home to enjoy Christmas with my family. Happy holidays to yours too!