I picked up this cool wolverine mask in Target's toy aisle this weekend. My mom and I were supposed to be shopping for some excersise equipment but got sidetracked by the toys. They have a whole aisle dedicated to bubble blowing paraphanelia. Who knew? We spent an hour looking at all of the toys–I'll have to post some of the cool toys we got later this week.

I haven't posted this vintage tiger dress–I love the tigers on them. They're carrying flowers. Worn with patent leather knee high spats (!!) by Posso the Spat for an extra superhero touch, and a vintage Judith Lieber doorknocker belt.




I could be Space Ghost's sidekick…I feel like more of a Zorak though.


The lipstick I'm wearing is Guerlain's Gala 21.


I like how serious the tiger looks while he's holding a flower.


Hope you enjoyed the silly post :) Maybe I'll have to start looking for more masks, they're fun to wear!



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