My mom and I have been working all week on an exciting upcoming collaboration with Monster High! When I first blogged about the dolls I never dreamed I’d get the chance to work with them. I love the design of the dolls, from their fangs to their fluttery eyelashes all the way down to their clunky boots. Every doll has an imperfection of it’s own–Frankie Stein says her limbs come unstitched at cheerleading sometimes. Aww.  I think we’ve all been there. It’s fun to have a toy that lets you get in touch with the monster inside you ;) We were so excited to get a big box of Monster High dolls from Mattel last week! It was like Christmas.

Here are a few behind the scenes iPhone snaps from this week!


Hope your Friday the thirteenth isn’t too spooky ;) I’m going to go pick a scary movie!

P.S. Monster High has a fun Monsterfy Yourself app on Facebook–you can make a Monster High avatar of yourself! Here is mine.