My mom and I both loved the fox stoles shown at Prada's spring 2011 show. Every picture I saw of them in editorials and fashion week photos (and there were a lot) made me want one more.
Last week my mom announced her mission to DIY a faux-fur version for us…a week and a delivery of crazy muppet fur later and I love her finished product! Totally whimsical.

I chose a two tone combination of checkered cheshire-cat faux fur and neon pink shag for my stole, with turqoise lining. 

My mom matched hers to a pair of her new Miu Miu shoes. I love it!!!




If you want a how-to, go to my mom's blog! She is the mastermind behind it, and she knocked it out in under two hours. Thanks for the stole Mom, we're going to have fun with these :)