The upstairs studio had a revamp recently. It had become so crowded with junk. Now it's such a bright and cheerful place to work! My mom masterminded the new seating area. It's wonderful for reading and sketching. We've even started having our meals upstairs! 


On this tray is an assortment of Monet knick-knacks given to me by my friend Natalie. I love them!

The newest addition to my Hanna Bernhard collection is this adorable mouse. He is living on the table for all to see!

A collection of my favorite scents (mostly Serge Lutens and Six Scents) along with my favorite Elizabeth & James sunglasses.

Funny how my zebra Alaia boots look against the cowhide rug! 

I know last week I didn't post much–I apologize, I was very busy and then had a brief trip to NYC. It feels so good to be home, especially in the cozy new studio. I think once things wrap up today I'm just going to play some Glass Candy and draw all night.