Upcycled Leather by Olga Road

I feel so lucky to have a piece of Olga Road. The upcycling process that goes into each one of these jackets is fascinating, and makes every jacket one-of-a-kind.  My mom and I were so excited when they offered us each a jacket, and we're so glad the weather is finally cooling down so we can actually wear them! I'd like to thank Olga Road for the wonderful gift, I'm very happy to be able to share such a cool product on my blog. All of Olga Road's leather jackets are $168 and are available on their website.

I am wearing the Waldron in a size 36. It's the perfect classic bomber jacket. My mom got the Blakely jacket. I think we're going to end up sharing them! 

Worn with Stella McCartney jeans, a Brooks Brothers polo, J. Crew belt, and Givenchy pumps.

Here is my mom's Blakely jacket!