I'm officially starting a tuxedo shirt collection. It all started when my mom picked up a red and white one on our roadtrip to Austin a few weeks back. It has an uncanny ability to look cute with just about anything you wear it with. We got inspired to buy more since they seemed to make styling outfits so easy. This one came in the mail yesterday. I like it with my turqoise brooch, even though it makes me look like an extra from the TV show Dallas.

I wish I'd gotten a close up picture of my belt, because it has skunks on it. Red and white skunks…how whimsical and bizarre.

Worn with my new Rich & Skinny Legacy jeans in black…my mom has the same pair and I got jealous of hers because they are so cute, so I got a pair for myself.

Worn with Givenchy lace-up heels from spring 2007? I can't remember. Loved the shoes from this colletion!