I'm feeling a little guilty for ignoring my other shoes. I've only been wearing two pairs of shoes for the last few months. One is a pair of punky 90's Alexander McQueen slingbacks I picked up in the middle of nowhere and the other is a pair of extremely skinny Roberto Cavalli sandals from the early 00's I stole from my mom. Kind of random choices, but their simplicity makes them so freaking easy!

Sexy skinny strappy sandals are what I'm all about right now…they look good with everything and after years and years of out-of-control platforms, they're a breath of fresh air! When I saw these Jean-Michel Cazabat shoes marked down at Barney's I knew they'd be a good buy. So far I've worn them every day since I got them.

Here is an equally fluorescent purse that Meredith Wendell gave me…went well with the shoes!

Here is my new phone case I designed using Zazzle…so cool!