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I got back from Brazil on Sunday morning, I have been so excited to share it with you! We were so lucky to be given such an incredible tour from the Schutz team. Everyone I met in Brazil was so fun and easy going! Can I move to Rio?? We spent our first two days in Sao Paulo, where we met many Brazilian bloggers and enjoyed the Schutz collection launch.

I was SO EXCITED to get to Rio, because I've really never been in the ocean. We arrived late at night, so when I opened my curtains in my hotel room the next day, I screamed when I saw the ocean. It is so much more beautiful than any picture.

Above, I am wearing an irridescent shirt that Cris Barros kindly gave me after we did a photoshoot for Elle Brazil in their store. So sweet! Worn with a Zara blazer, shorts from Coii, a Madewell belt, and Schutz shoes! I am obsessed with see-through shoes now…

This is the pool at the Fasano hotel in Rio. It overlooks the ocean!

Wearing a swimsuit given to me by Skinbiquini (everything they do is amazing, I am so glad to have discovered them in Brazil!)

Look out, here comes the Bikini man!

Schutz gave us the opportunity to design three shoes when we visited their factories. I can't wait to see them in person! Here is the sketch the designer I teamed up with did for a leopard motorcycle boot.

Visiting the factories with Aimee and Shea, being shown around by Alexandre Birman!

Kelly and Shea :)

I miss Brazil, I miss the fun girls I was hanging out with, and I miss the cheese bread! I can't wait to share more about the Schutz opening in New York on September 5th.