The Best No-Heat Curls Ever

I am hair-obsessed and love to play around with new styles. The downside to this is that it often times involves using some form of direct heat on your hair. In light of this viral Youtube video, I feel like its an appropriate time to post about the miraculous no-heat styling solution one of my sweet readers reccomended to me a while back. The solution is a little old-school: Caruso Professional Steam Hairsetter.

These are just like hot rollers except instead of using dry heat to set
the curl, it is set with steam. They barely get hot at all. My hair does not usually hold curl well, but that is not the case with these. I have tried so many methods of styling my hair without heat and I have not found one that is as practical and fool-proof as this. The best part is that unlike other no-heat curling methods, this only takes about 30 minutes from start to finish!

You use them just as you would regular rollers, it is not one bit different. Doesn't take any skill or know-how. If you want Victoria's Secret supermodel hair, it is easy with these! But if you like a retro look, you can do Veronica Lake style just as easily. It all depends on how you set the rollers. I actually got so into roller sets that I ordered sixties and seventies hairstyling books that tell you exactly how to put in the rollers for a variety of looks. Like this. So retro and fun! Tweet me a picture if you try or have tried styles with these!