Cloudy Day Winter Outfits

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Hello from a messy house full of unpacked boxes. I have to be honest, I forgot how hard and totally stressful moving is. You can never anticipate how many things are going to go wrong (example: spontaneously combusting new washer, rain on moving day). I’m happy to be past the worst of it. We’ve had non-stop dreary wet weather here the last two weeks, and between moving grind and the mud sludge outside, my outfits have left a lot to be desired as of late. Here are some outfits I’d prefer to be wearing right now! I really love these Helmut Lang square toe ballet flats, so 90s!

Trench Coat Turtleneck Mini skirt Ferragamo Bag Square ballet flats Celine Sunglasses Image HTML map generator

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    cool winter color

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