Over the last few months I’ve been totally immersed in movies. Jeff and I got a subscription to Filmstruck and have been gorging ourselves on classic film and pre-code movies. I was raised on Turner Classic Movies thanks to my dad, and I think that’s where I started to really fall in love with fashion and it certainly helped shape my appreciation of vintage. I’m a sucker for every kind of period film, but I particularly like to see the wardrobes of movies made in the 70’s and 80’s portraying the 20’s and 30’s (example: Chinatown, Great Gatsby, Bonnie and Clyde or a particular favorite of mine, the Moderns.). It’s really fun to see the interplay of the two eras for me. It’s definitely an influence that has seeped into my wardrobe as of late and has inspired me to style a lot of old favorites in my closet!

I’m wearing a japanese dress from Re-Edited vintage here with a vintage fox fur stole (get a fabulous faux fur stole here for a cheap thrill), vintage beads and cloisonne bangles, a red beret, a Black Fleece x Thom Browne handbag, and embroidered Prada mary-janes from 2006.

…and yes, that is an engagement ring you see on my hand. I’ve been so excited to share this news with you, Jeff and I are so incredibly thrilled! It’s been a really magical month, I am so excited for everything that is ahead. We have to get started on planning a wedding, oh my gosh! I want to say thank you to some of the really sweet readers who’ve reached out to congratulate us, it means so much to me that some of you have been following for so long and that now I get to share this development with you. You guys are the best! Sending you so much love in 2017 xx

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  1. Magda wrote:
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  2. Mireia wrote:

    Stunning outfit!

    Mireia from TGL

    12.29.16 · Reply
  3. sara wrote:

    the perfect bonton girl


    12.29.16 · Reply
  4. Love this outfit! So Gatsby!

    http://www.kristenskouture.com | luxury. fashion. lifestyle.


    12.29.16 · Reply
  5. Kat wrote:

    Congratulations Jane! I’ve been reading every so often since the time you had blonde hair and am so happy for you! Of course, the fab outfits are always wonderful :-)

    12.29.16 · Reply
  6. Sydney wrote:

    Hi Jane! I’ve just recently discovered your feed and it’s beautiful. And The Moderns is one of my all-time favourites too – Linda Fiorentino’s clothes and languid style; John Lone’s sinister sharpness; Keith Carradine’s louche slouchiness… so good! You must have a look at http://www.comrags.com sometime: my favourite Toronto designers who channel a vintage vibe into their crisp modern clothes. Congratulations on the engagement! Sydney

    12.29.16 · Reply
  7. I love the retro vibe of your look. The dress print is really unique and you’ve accessorized your look perfectly to fit that 30’s film vibe.

    Congratulations on your engagement too – I hope you will share some of the planning if not the actual event with us as I expect/suspect it will be beyond fabulous! All the best for 2017…

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  8. Love this look! Congrats on your engagement :)

    ❤️ xoxo,

    Lily // pslilyboutique.com

    PSLily Boutique

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  9. Eliana wrote:

    Congrats gorgeous girl! I’ve been following your blog since 2009. You have always been a stunning creative muse for me and my work. Seriously though, congratulations. What an amazing time for you <3

    12.30.16 · Reply
  10. Nicole wrote:

    Totally TCM inspired, I absolutely love this look! Wishing you a happy new year!


    12.30.16 · Reply
  11. s. wrote:

    Congratulations, Jane, I’m so happy for you! Love how your ring stands out from what one normally expects to see in engagement rings nowadays. I’m intrigued and would love to know the story behind the ring & how the proposal went down–though it’s understandable if you want to keep that private. Happy new year! xx

    12.30.16 · Reply
  12. vivien_noir wrote:

    wow, congrats!
    also congrats on this Outfit, i love how you Chose the fur stole which accomplishes your hair so well, and how you worked the really busy parttern – this is a great Outfit I’m immediately pinning to take as guide for my own vintage inspired Dresses matching as a Guideline. thanks!

    12.31.16 · Reply
  13. Liz wrote:

    Also want to say, congrats! I found your blog (somehow) 5 or 6 years ago and your outfits have always inspired me! :)

    12.31.16 · Reply
  14. Malisa wrote:

    Congratulations for your engagement! You look incredibly vintage look here! Happy new year!


    1.1.17 · Reply
  15. Justyna wrote:

    Congratulations Jane :)!!! I’m so happy for you :)!!!

    You look beautiful :)!!!

    1.1.17 · Reply
  16. luna wrote:

    I bought them in black and they are officially my favorite shoes for the weekend. Thank you for sharing them!!

    1.2.17 · Reply
  17. Flora wrote:

    Congratulations Jane!
    Your look is amazing! I love it!

    1.2.17 · Reply
  18. Huge congrats on your engagement, Jane! The ring looks gorgeous and this is absolutely a stunning look to debut it with. I love your blog and appreciate your excellent style as a fellow Texan. I’m an illustrator and have always looked to Sea of Shoes for fashion inspiration. Congrats again, and can’t wait to see how you will style your wedding!

    1.2.17 · Reply
  19. Crystal wrote:

    Congratulations, Jane! I’ve been reading your blog since early 2006, which even I find impossible to believe. So happy for you!

    1.2.17 · Reply
  20. JaneEllen wrote:

    Altho am a bit late certainly want to congratulate you both on your engagement. Incredible outfit, you look quite fetching in it. You have the style to carry off the gorgeous clothing and accessories.
    Wishing you a wonderful year and exquisite wedding for 2017.

    1.3.17 · Reply
    • seaofshoes wrote:

      Thank you so much! <3

      1.15.17 · Reply
  21. luna wrote:

    the perfect bonton girl

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