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On Shopping Consignment…

Lately I am really obsessed with shopping consignment for clothes and shoes. It’s a really good time to snap up some of those late 00’s pieces you wanted but couldn’t splurge on when they were in season. I often like to shop out of season for the reason that if I have been thinking about buying something for literally years, I am much more likely to wear it and love it forever. These Isabel Marant boots are a good example. Isabel Marant used these boots in both her spring 2009 and fall 2009 collections and I really loved them then. I am someone who won’t buy something if I see everyone else wearing it though, and I saw those boots all over the internet that year and it killed my desire to buy a pair of my own. As years have gone by, I look back on those 2009 collections very fondly. Isn’t it crazy that it will be 10 years ago since that collection soon? After all of this time I still love those boots. I think Net-a-Porter got a reissue of them maybe two years ago and at that time I considered again if I wanted them but I suppose the right amount of time had not passed. I finally got to thinking about them again and broke down a few weeks ago and tracked down a size 39 on the RealReal. I am so glad that I did! These boots are very glam rock, I have fun when I wear them. I see these with lots of leather pants when the weather cools down but for now I am happy to wear them with mini skirts.

Wearing a silk button down, Zara kilt mini skirt, Isabel Marant 2009 chain boots, Lotuff Tripp bag, and Keiselstein Cord necklace.

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  1. Fatou Diaw wrote:

    I love this Fall Look!

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  3. Reece wrote:
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  4. Briana wrote:

    Such a great outfit! I love how edgy it is!


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  5. Mireia wrote:

    Absolutely love it!

    Mireia from TGL

    7.13.17 · Reply
  6. Enn Franco wrote:

    I love this skirt! It is so cool!


    7.13.17 · Reply
  7. Dee wrote:

    So worth the wait!

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  8. I love the look your style its super cute nad the blog is fantastic
    The Pink Pineapple
    New post:

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  9. Rose Demoret wrote:


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  10. Magda wrote:
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  11. lin wrote:

    Such a chic and edgy look <3

    xoxo, All about Best Wallets 2017

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  12. Olivia wrote:
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  13. sara wrote:
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  14. Maru Conti wrote:
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  15. Such a cool outfit! I love the boots. Sometimes I can wait ages before buying an item too, but you’re right that you end up wearing it more after the wait.

    7.14.17 · Reply
  16. Nicola wrote:

    Amazing look!
    xx Nicki

    7.15.17 · Reply
  17. Yesss I am addicted to The Real Real haha! These Marant boots are killer on you, loving how you styled them.

    X X

    7.15.17 · Reply
  18. Wendy wrote:

    I Love The real real , Oakgem.com and Portero Luxury. I buy old Marc Jabobs bags and fine jewelry at really good prices!

    7.15.17 · Reply
  19. Antonia wrote:

    I understand you if you says, you don´t buy something because it seems like everybody got it.
    I like your amazing boots a lot, and also your complete outfit.



    7.19.17 · Reply