I’ve been collecting vintage Adolfo for over ten years now and my collection takes up a large amount of space in my wardrobe. I am so happy when I am dressed in Adolfo. I just love wearing boucle, the texture and weight feels so luxurious to me. This skirt is part of a suit, but I tend to wear the jacket and skirt separately. Worn together the suit can look a little too Nancy Reagan. With a cropped sweater, however, the skirt feels very modern and gets a new spin on life. Spending all those years building up my Adolfo collection and finding new ways to wear it is a very rewarding challenge!

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I know many of you can relate when I say I am so ready for summer to be over. This week we’ve had a lot of rain, and the cooler mornings and cloudy skies have me craving sweater weather. I miss the ease of wearing the perfect camel pullover. It never fails to make any look chic. I also miss boots and I’m loving the return to the simple suede pointed boots of the late 90s. How perfect to pair with a cropped pant and a cozy wrap coat!

If you follow me on Instagram, and particularly on my Instagram stories, you know I watch a lot of old movies and I’m always posting clips of  great fashion moments from them. Movies are undoubtedly my favorite way to find styling inspiration and vintage shopping ideas. One of the most frequently requested posts here on Sea of Shoes is a list of my favorite films for fashion inspiration. That sounds extremely hard to narrow down for me and a bulletpoint list doesn’t seem to do it any justice. I figured a better way to address this was with a new series on the blog where I highlight movies with incredible wardrobes and set design, screen grabbing the best shots to slow down and savor all of the best moments from them. I’m no serious film buff, just an enthusiastic watcher, and I’m really excited to embark on this series. I hope you will watch along with me!

I thought a timely film to start with, and really an all-timer of great fashion films, would the Barbra Streisand remake of a Star is Born. In preparation for the new one with Lady Gaga, I have rewatched all of the Star is Born movies and this version is my favorite purely for the clothes and sets. This movie is on Netflix right now, by the way. My mom watched it around the same time as me, and we had an extremely long storm of texts freaking out about the outfits and sets.

I highly recommend listening to the You Must Remember This podcast episode about the making of this to better appreciate how completely insane a concept it was. It’s full blown and over the top cheese, which isn’t for everyone’s taste, but it is extremely mine. I watched it twice back to back to get this post together and it only made me love this movie more.

Let’s go over the best looks from the movie. There will be no plot spoilers if you haven’t seen this, so jump on in with me.

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