Dries, please!

Pictured above is an aerial view of our collection of Dries Van Noten footwear. Because you can’t have just one. Dries has a look that can’t be beat!

An in depth analysis…

The sillouhette of a Dries is unmistakable. You can spot it a mile away. The very sexy, very chunky heel looks great in any outfit, jeans, dress, or flirty skirt. We went nuts with Dries last year and we’re anxiousley awaiting spring shipments. The floral print heels are irresistable! Yesterday’s shoe featured some great rainbow strapped sandals, which is extremely cool and unexpected for winter.

We’ve found that our Dries have lasted and lasted thanks to the protective treading on the back, which looks tough but nothing too Timberland-ish.

The sillouhette is at once Lolita-ish but tough. A girl who wears Dries means business.

Here is a picture of mom and I wearing our Dries Van Notens…Toulouse made an impromptu cameo in the photo while the timer was going off, mom and I are having a difficult time keeping a straight face!

Mom wears vintage 501’s, vintage YSL jacket, morrocan scarf, maroon Dries pumps.
Jane wears a Junya Watanabe cardigan, vintage shirt, (unknown) scarf, black wax finish Levi’s, Dries Van Noten lace up booties.

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  1. Skyla wrote:

    you have lovely style, i love the Dries shoes. I’m going to have a look…

    3.1.08 · Reply
  2. Caroulemapoule wrote:

    Hi Jane,
    I adore that scarf sooooo much ;)
    I am caroulemapoule from TFS ;)
    Kind Regards,

    3.1.08 · Reply
  3. calista wrote:

    Great collection of Dries!! You and your mother have amazing style, love the outfits

    3.1.08 · Reply
  4. julia wrote:

    hey jane, it’s cutxpaste from thefashionspot.
    both you and your mother have beautiful shoes and amazing clothes!
    i agree with you about dries shoes…they are just irresistible. i managed to snag a pair of ankle boots from his last collection at 70% off!

    3.1.08 · Reply
  5. jane wrote:

    thanks guys, it’s great to have your input! :)
    julia, what a snag!! Dries always seem to have the best markdowns, don’t they?

    3.3.08 · Reply
  6. 1248761481 wrote:

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    7.28.09 · Reply
  7. looking at yoyr history. Is your mom sitting on a Moooi chair???

    1.20.11 · Reply
  8. I love the vintage apparel that your mom wore, your scarf and of course the shoes, eh. They are so cool!

    6.22.11 · Reply
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    4.26.12 · Reply