One of our L.A. finds

You may have noticed that I am a bit of a ‘collector’…I figure when you find something that works for you, why change? Hence my stacks of vintage Levi’s, many pairs of Dries, and the collection of turqoise I share with my mom. Vintage sweatshirts are another linchpin item in my wardrobe. My mom got me started on collecting them: she always found the best ones at thrift stores. Unlike newer sweatshirts, they are one hundred percent cotton and get soft and thin with age. They are cut short and wide and look adorably sloppy with jeans and a kicky pair of shoes. (they’re also nice in the summer for the chronically cold! not too heavy, just right)

Unfortunately, vintage sweatshirts are becoming an increasingly expensive item to collect. You wouldn’t think that a short sleeve mascot sweatshirt someone would wear in highschool circa ’68 would go for $200+ on eBay, but they do and the prices are getting higher all of the time. Short sleeve sweatshirts seem to be in highest demand. I think a lot of the demand comes from the Japanese, they have piles of them (for a hefty price) in their vintage stores.

I was very very very happy to find the mecca of affordable vintage sweatshirts in this little hole-in-the-wall vintage store on Melrose. Check out the Pepsi Cola one, mega collectable!!! I’ve already been wearing them like crazy, they’re very cozy and perfect to protect against the breeze here in Maui.

Isn’t the fit nice on this red one? Mom taught me to always wear them inside out so that the fleecey side shows. They look better that way and feel nicer! Some have some v-shaped stitching on the neck, this one doesn’t though. Cool all the same!

That was one of my favorite finds in Los Angeles. What a great addition to the collection! I’ve got more to show you, will take pictures and blog later! jane

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  1. calista wrote:

    You’ve made a simple outfit looks amazing! Lovely shoes too, I wonder who they are by

    3.18.08 · Reply
  2. N wrote:

    Jane, this is such a great oufit.
    Btw I just saw you on Teen Vouge’s website, I really liked your answers.

    3.19.08 · Reply
  3. jane wrote:

    thanks guys! :)
    OMG, i didn’t even KNOW i was on Teen Vogue until I saw this, thanks so much for alerting me! hahaha that’s crazy! :)

    3.19.08 · Reply
  4. N wrote:

    haha.. you’re welcome.
    I also thought it was kind of weird that you hadn’t mentioned it on your blog, I know I would ;)

    3.20.08 · Reply
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