s.o.s. approved; and some other things

(stop laughing, my scanner is broken!) Clippings from catalogues and magazines that arrived while I was away. Magazine junk-out sessions are my favorite guilty pleasure.

ah, to be home again. so nice and relaxing. yeah right! Unfortunately for me (and for this blog) I have a school project of epic proportions due by the end of this week. Yikes. If the updates are sporadic this week, you’ll know why.

Not that it was a horrible, grueling project or anything…I’ve been working on it since the beginning of the school year and it’s been very fun. Even the most die-hard fashion addicts like to explore their crafty side once in a while. I’ve been making stuffed toys out of recycled materials! This isn’t the whole collection of them, but quite a few:

I may not be the most talented crafter but this was a very enjoyable project for me…not so enjoyable is finishing the required gigantic essay and workbook to go with it. Oh well. I can’t wait until the whole thing is over and done with!

Sorry if I’m a bit off topic today, but I hope this explains my semi-absence this week. Gotta get cracking if I want to finish it!

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  1. Cindy wrote:

    !!! THEY’RE SO CUTE! hahahah, i lllove them. they’re unique!
    good luck finishing your project. <3

    3.25.08 · Reply
  2. Cindy wrote:

    … [comments again]
    my sister wants to know if you plan on selling them when you’re done with your school project, hahahahaha.

    3.25.08 · Reply
  3. Ainsley wrote:


    3.26.08 · Reply
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