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Tina Turner is one of my style icons. In every picture of her you can feel her energy. She is not especially ‘pretty’ (it doesn’t suit her beauty, which far exceeds ‘pretty), or dainty, or girly. Her look is strong in an unappologetically fierce way. 
I love the photo of her with Mick Jagger at a Live AID concert, she looks so sexy with her leather dress and crazy hair. Tina’s style is all down to the way she carries herself and her self-confidence-it’s emboldening and feminine. There are a couple of women I’ve always looked up to because they are an embodiment of female beauty and power…she has always been one of them.
Tina knew how to make basics work for her in a way that let her style shine through. In a crisp white men’s shirt and a pair of 501’s, she looks so incredible! Every look of hers is timeless.

Her musical talent is immense too…I love the Thunderdome song. What an incredible style icon!


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  1. Matt wrote:

    Prisoner of your love…. entangled in your web….

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