OBSESSION: Comme des Garcons SS08

I’m still obsessing over the spring 2008 CDG collection-Never has such a cacophony of randomness looked so good.  It looks like a magician abandoned his act and Rei Kawakubo masterminded every scrap of the leftovers into a genius collection. The petaled shirts and menswear tailoring combined with wacky hairstyle prints and structured yet frilly bloomers is a visual feast. Comme des Garcons shoes are often overshadowed by the spectacular clothes…the shoes this season did not escape my eyes however. The strappy, clunky peeptoes and sandals in a variety of colors that belong in a Crayola box could be too juvenile and cutesy, but the sheer solidity and chunkiness of them keeps the look down to earth. Not to mention the fishnet socks are absolutely the perfect compliment to them. They were  on my top 10 list of best shoes for the season-but where does a girl get her hands on these shoes? Comme des Garcons shoes are not easy to come by. I ordered mine from Barney’s on Madison and had them shipped here. I hate to play favorites but these could certainly be on the best pairs of shoes in my closet…My dinosaurs make a guest appearance again! Check out the nails along the side of the shoe…what a great detail. The wood of the heel is quite shiny-and yes, in broad daylight the shoes really do look this blue. I can’t resist the clomping noise they make either…makes me wanna dance ;POf course doing a post on them makes me want to wear them! I like to pair these shoes with Levi’s cut-offs too..particularly a pair that is cut at a slightly awkward length to get a geeky/gawky look going on.Lime green chiffon dress from Urban Outfitters, piano shawl from Emeralds to Coconuts, and a fat stack of bangles as well.I wore them last week too, with cut-offs shorts and a cut-off mexican dress!Phew….I’ve been wanting to share these shoes on the blog for a long time!
If I am slightly absent this weekeend it is because I am studying for finals…I’ll be busy with that most of next week. I’m sad to say there will be a Sea of Shoes hiatus in the near future…on the 19th I am going to Bilbao for the exchange program my school is involved in. I’m very excited but I won’t be able to bring my laptop for the TWO WEEKS that I am there. After that I’ll be posting like a maniac trying to catch up ;P Just giving a heads-up.jane

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  1. chauss wrote:

    jane, those shoes. shoes shoes……………….ahhhhhhhhhh. and the color of those shoes! fabulous. what size shoe are you? maybe we can switch shoes for a week. lol!
    p.s. i think i love your black alaias the best. (just so they dont get jealous with all the attention i am sure these new cdgs are getting…)

    5.8.08 · Reply
  2. Riley wrote:

    LOVE those shoes! amazing! And I love the mexican dress, they’re one of my obsessions this spring. that shawl/scarf is amazing as well..i have a similiar one!

    5.8.08 · Reply
  3. belle wrote:

    i give up on being surprised at your shoe collection, if i think too hard about how much it must be worth and the sheer awesomeness my brain with fry…

    5.8.08 · Reply
  4. Marina wrote:

    I love CDG!Rei is a unique artist. I love your sandals. So girly, so nice color!

    5.8.08 · Reply
  5. leslie wrote:

    they are stunning! and they look comfortable as hell which is always a bonus.

    5.8.08 · Reply
  6. a.j wrote:

    ah! your clothes such an inspiration. man…wish you went to my school, you’d be the reason why i’d go to school everyday, just so i can see your outfits. haha

    5.8.08 · Reply
  7. ann wrote:

    I just looked through your blog and your shoes are just so crazy girl!! This is a bit off random, but ,about shoes, have you happened to be able to try on those abstract heelless, shoes by Marc Jacobs?

    5.8.08 · Reply
  8. Stephanie wrote:

    Damn that’s one of my favorite collections too! If you ever get sick of those shoes (unlikely), you know where to send ’em..

    5.8.08 · Reply
  9. Isa wrote:

    I absolutely love your shoes I wish I could have all your wonderful shoes…my favorite are definitely your Marni heels with the lucite detail.

    5.8.08 · Reply
  10. nycstyle wrote:

    holy batman, youre 16 and your style is INSANE! Youre killem! what do you do that you can afford such an amazing designer closet? YOURE MY INSPIRATION!!! Keep it up kitten!

    5.8.08 · Reply
  11. oh what beautiful shoes! you are so lucky to be able to acquire those at such a young age… unless you have some kind of insanely high paying job, in which case, you’re still lucky!

    5.9.08 · Reply
  12. Pam wrote:

    I lurve them! The name of your blog is seeming very apt right now:) I keep wishing we wore the same size and I could become your mooching roommate and borrow them all the time!

    5.9.08 · Reply
  13. those shoes have an amazing color!!

    5.9.08 · Reply
  14. tindi-rindi wrote:

    Love their color :) I like them better looking dark blue then very light blue…they look more solid that way or smth :P
    By the way..I remember you writing that you live in a town where ppl dont do much fashion. How do they look/feel about you? :)

    5.9.08 · Reply
  15. Ana wrote:

    wow! That scarf is amazing, and those shoes oh and the ripped up jean shorts. I envy your perfect skin.
    trade links?

    5.9.08 · Reply
  16. enc wrote:

    Brilliant. I love the dinos, too.

    5.9.08 · Reply
  17. pinkr0ck wrote:

    The shoes are effing hot. Love em with the mexican dress, the urban/rural contrast totally works!

    5.31.08 · Reply
  18. julia wrote:

    where did you get these shoes? website, store? i have been looking for months!

    10.16.08 · Reply
  19. lis wrote:

    all these places you go shopping or visit have this crazy/creepy/old school memories to me. I’m from the big D. I lived there for 24 years….(I’m 28,married,U.T.D. Bachelor of Psych,have a 7 month old baby girl) I moved to Germany about a year ago. SO glad I did!! (but sometimes I get some nostalgia for Dallas)So reading your blog about Neimans, Victory park, Urban, Galleria….Emeralds to coconuts! You need to go to Pandemonium…..crazy little vintage store across from Emeralds. Its stacked floor to ceiling..LITTERALY…with clothes etc. You get claustrophobia…at least I would…and would have to take 5 min. air breaks outside it. YOU remind me a lot of me and my mom….sadly she’s passed away. LOVED going to Neimans with her. Enjoy your time with her… Einen Gruss von Eine Texane Fraulein! (greetings from a texas girl)

    12.21.08 · Reply
  20. lis wrote:

    Hey check out The House of Dang in Dallas! My friend Andy has some amazing vintage, independent designer threads and his own design line….you’ll LOVE it! And give him a BIG hug for me…Tchus(bye), Lis

    12.21.08 · Reply
  21. Michelle wrote:

    I’ve been looking for these shoes FOREVER.
    I can’t find them anywhere. But they are completely fantastic.

    2.20.10 · Reply
  22. Beautiful shoes and great taste! Where do you find time to mix and match, browse, choose and wear all of your clothes? Wish I could to :)

    7.16.10 · Reply
  23. Looks so cool to have so many pairs of sandals! I wish I had so many!

    8.22.10 · Reply
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