Last day of my trip-

Today marks the last day of my stay in Bilbao-it´s been amazing but I´m so excited to get home. I miss my clothes and my shoes and my mom and my sister and my dogs…not to mention my own bed. I´ve been calling mom every day to talk about shoes and what she´s been wearing!! Can´t wait to get home to my own closet…there are a pretty new pair of Dries waiting for me too that I´ve been dying for!! I´ve seen the most stylish women during my stay here  too-the women in France were exquisite!

Sea of Shoes has been inundated by new viewers and all this new traffic caused my Photobucket account to stop working, but it´s been fixed! Expect new blog entries this weekend-I get in at 8:30 our time tomorrow.

Till then,


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  1. edrick wrote:

    yay welcome back. i stumbbled upon your blog on the week you left..hehe i’m excited to see what will come next :-D you’ve got a nice blog too ;-)

    5.30.08 · Reply
  2. enc wrote:

    Have fun and we’ll see you when you get back.

    5.30.08 · Reply
  3. JJ wrote:

    hey Jane!!
    can’t wait to see your posts again… you have been sorely missed! (as well as your fab shoe collection :P)
    anyway, I have “tagged” you!

    5.30.08 · Reply
  4. Stevie wrote:

    i’ve just come across your blog and i lovelove the amount of superhigh shoes i’m seeing.
    it’s like gwyneth’s press tour all over again!
    guess thats what you get from a blog called seaofshoes..

    5.30.08 · Reply
  5. Amelia wrote:

    i came here from a link from icing > galadarling.com
    i wish i was as fabulous as you are! :D

    5.30.08 · Reply
  6. Sophie wrote:

    I love your blog – can’t wait till you get back!

    5.30.08 · Reply
  7. S wrote:

    I discovered your blog through galadarling.com and I must say your style is AWESOME. It’s so hard to believe your 16, your sense of style is so….developed (sorry that’s the only word that seemed suitable atm!)
    Anyway can’t wait for you to return and post more. I really wanna read more posts of yours!
    xx – S

    5.30.08 · Reply
  8. Hi Jane
    I too discovered you through Gala Darling, and wow am I glad I did. She was not exaggerating about you. When I had a look at your blog previously your Photobucket account had stopped, and I’m so happy it’s back up again!
    Your photos (and shoes) are amazing and you are a very pretty young lady!
    Looking forward to seeing more.
    Ms Constantine.

    5.31.08 · Reply
  9. Jess wrote:

    We all love Gala Darling!
    I found you through iCiNG too, you are amazing! I can’t wait to see what else you’ll be posting!

    5.31.08 · Reply
  10. b wrote:

    Hi Jane!
    Your blog was probably inundated with a flux of viewers because us voguette girls at http://www.vogue.com.au started a fashion blog thread and you got rave reviews!
    heres the link http://forums.vogue.com.au/showthread.php?t=294516
    You have such a unique personal style and gorgeous blog, truly a rare gem! keep it up!

    5.31.08 · Reply
  11. Vix wrote:

    Can’t believe its been 2 weeks already. Hope you had a wonderful time!

    5.31.08 · Reply
  12. chauss wrote:

    hi j, miss your posts! i got new black python platform pin up ankle straps. pix in my blog. cant wait to see your new dries…c.

    5.31.08 · Reply
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