thanks mom

Today I was poking around my mom’s closet and was compelled to try on her beautiful vintage Oscar de la Renta bolero jacket. It’s velvet and the beaded detailing is canary yellow. Like my mom I’ve always had a thing for 40’s bolero jackets…I want to find one to wear with jeans. If I could find the right pair of high waisted jeans to wear with this I would! For trying it on today though I wore it with a bandage skirt by the Row and patent ankle strap Alaias.

Didn’t actually wear it out though. Today I’m just cleaning house with my family, watching Dynasty, and spending some quality time with my dogs. I’m wearing a piece of my mom’s old clothing line right now-her Russian wedding skirt. It was one of her best sellers. I wear it with a sweater by Velvet and…bare feet!

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  1. cindy wrote:

    i love the outfit with the russian wedding skirt! you look so carefree and cute. hahaha, and that picture with your dogs is adooorable.

    5.4.08 · Reply
  2. Ariella wrote:

    Oh, that ruffled skirt and the sweather look gorgeous on you!

    5.4.08 · Reply
  3. Danielle wrote:

    soo… who is your mom?

    5.4.08 · Reply
  4. nenuca wrote:

    That bolero is absolutely stunning, what year is it from?

    5.4.08 · Reply
  5. Saree Elias wrote:

    Oscar always with his killing designs!
    i love the boleroo. and the look is so galactic..
    The Skirt is adorable and the shirt is perfect.. this is so weird your last pic. NO SHOE. unbelieveable

    5.4.08 · Reply
  6. Saree Elias wrote:

    elegance runs in my familyy..

    5.4.08 · Reply
  7. caroline wrote:

    i need that jacket. i don’t think i can even comprehend how perfect it is.

    5.4.08 · Reply
  8. belle wrote:

    seriously one day i want to see a vlog of your closet or something–it’s unbelievable!
    i shall be dreaming about that skirt.

    5.4.08 · Reply
  9. chauss wrote:

    i ADORE those alaias! they are just perfect. i know ive told you this already. lol.

    5.5.08 · Reply
  10. your mother has amazing pieces!!

    5.5.08 · Reply
  11. Marina wrote:

    Both looks are amazing! First is very 80’s, Dynasty style)))
    Another pics-you look like girl from XIX century. Natasha Rostova from Tolstoi.
    From Moscow with love!

    5.5.08 · Reply
  12. Aurore wrote:

    Oh my god!! This bolero is amazing! I’d like to have it in my wardrobe…
    You look great with your mum’s dress ;)

    5.5.08 · Reply
  13. Sabrina wrote:

    Your mom has a clothing line? Wow! You should tell us more about it. Isn’t being swathed in ruffles the best feeling ever?

    5.5.08 · Reply
  14. enc wrote:

    You look really great.

    5.5.08 · Reply
  15. Val wrote:

    I ADORE that skirt. It’s gorgeous!

    5.6.08 · Reply
  16. jane wrote:

    thanks guys! :)
    my mom (judy aldridge :P) retired her line in ’93…she went by Atlantis Underground and specialized in cotton batiste basics. I raid her dead stock all the time! (yes, being swathed in ruffles is the best feeling EVER)
    i started wearing her old stuff when i was like 10…i look pretty ridiculous in this skirt when back then! haha…still love to wear her stuff though!
    she still makes clothes all of the time, she’s launching a website for her new stuff soon. :)
    oh and i’m not sure on the Oscar de la Renta but it’s definitely 80’s (VERY dynasty glam haha!)

    5.8.08 · Reply
  17. Jillian wrote:

    that dress! So flowy and elegant i love it!

    5.8.08 · Reply
  18. emily wrote:

    that jacket is AMAZING
    gorgeous blog

    5.15.08 · Reply
  19. sharon wrote:

    Hi! is your dog a type of corgi? I love your shoes!

    7.28.08 · Reply
  20. estutut wrote:

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    5.13.11 · Reply
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