Dinner with my family tonight-and some new shoes

Shirt from J. Crew, vintage Levi’s 501s, Banana Republic belt, Prada shoes

This pair of Pradas are ‘new’…mom and I got them to share because they were a ridiculously good price on eBay, but I don’t know what season they are from?? Am I just totally out of the loop…maybe they’re a few years old, I’m just not remembering seeing anything like them. In any case, they’re very now…I’ve seriously been feeling open toe booties (see Givenchy F/W 08!!) and these are such a nice buttery color. Maybe I’ll do a seperate post about them later.

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  1. Julianna wrote:

    How many pair of shoes do you have ?
    P.S: I LOVE your blog!

    6.29.08 · Reply
  2. Raquel wrote:

    This is so incredible. I always karma you on TFS. Love it!

    6.29.08 · Reply
  3. Katherine wrote:

    I love your style. It’s so unique and never boring. You make a white button-down and jeans look stunning!

    6.29.08 · Reply
  4. I love the way you’re wearing your jeans. Perfect mix of rumpled elegance.

    6.29.08 · Reply
  5. punky b wrote:

    Great outfit! You are so talented and inspiring Jane!
    PS: I wrote about you and your blog on my french fashion blog, check it out if you like! :) See ya! :)

    6.29.08 · Reply
  6. Those are S/S 06 Prada. They also came in pink which I lovedddd.

    6.29.08 · Reply
  7. Love the jeans and the boots are amazing!

    6.29.08 · Reply
  8. chauss wrote:

    fab boots and lovvvvve the 501s. haven’t heard for you in a while…let me know what’s up.

    6.29.08 · Reply
  9. That shirt looks so comfortable…

    6.29.08 · Reply
  10. Pamcasso wrote:

    LOVE this ensemble. can I save this for my next round of white shirts and jeans??

    6.29.08 · Reply
  11. Pamcasso wrote:

    Love this, can I use it for my next white shirt and jeans collection??

    6.29.08 · Reply
  12. Barish wrote:

    i’m always afraid of buying things on ebay. how do you make sure they’re authentic?

    6.29.08 · Reply
  13. carlos wrote:

    S/S 06 Prada’s :)
    i love how you arent one of those stupid people that will only wear this season and how you personalize all your looks i LOVE THIS BLOG

    6.29.08 · Reply
  14. Jane wrote:

    Thanks so much for all the sweet comments you guys! :)
    Barish-when buying shoes on eBay, hopefully they’ll show the pictures on the runway besides the pictures of the shoes and you’ll be able to see right away if it’s the real deal…haha that’s the only advice I can provide! :X
    Pamcasso-oh sure! I love square old soul! :)
    Chauss-hey! yeah i haven’t been logging on that much since I’ve been abroad for basically a month! (between spain and mexico I was only home like 5 days!) been keeping up with ur fabulous Burberrys…i am soooo sooo jealous!!!
    Jen and Carlos-TY FOR ID’ING! :D :D :D definitely going to check on this collecction, ommmmg the pink sounds adorable!
    PUNKY B thanks sooooo much for the sweet feature! I saw when I checked your blog and it won’t let me comment you :( but I really appreciate the shout out! :) Yesssssss those Margielas are heart breakers….I wish I could have every variation! The thigh high version and the lavender suede ones are so hot too!
    I’ve loved your blog so much! You’re so stylish and gorgeous (you look a lot like Charlotte Gainsbourg! :P)

    6.29.08 · Reply
  15. Jane haha i love your freaking looks.. everything suits you PERFECTLY! hhahaha and never stop having to many shoes:) hahah im always excited when reading to your blog!.. talk to you soon..
    ps. i want to steal from you that custo top and scarf. haha:P
    kissessssss !

    6.29.08 · Reply
  16. Frickys wrote:

    Your outfits are great! You are such a beautiful girl. All your shoes are to die for!!!

    6.29.08 · Reply
  17. you would be THE ultimate shoe shopping buddy. HANDS DOWN! and your mom, too! these are sooo fab. omg have you seen the zippered booties by manolo? i tried them on today and felt like i was in heaven!

    6.30.08 · Reply
  18. they look like your margiela’s, don’t they ?
    I guess I prefer the margiela.
    I don’t really like having outfits that are similar. it gets me confused to dress !

    6.30.08 · Reply
  19. Miss Nahn wrote:

    Hi Jane,
    I’ve discovered your blog thanks to adorable & very stylish Punky B, and I love it.
    This outfit is fantastic, getting so much out of white shirt + jeans combination, waoh!

    6.30.08 · Reply
  20. great shoes!!! lucky u & your mom wear the same size. but i like the shirt best of all

    6.30.08 · Reply
  21. Riley wrote:

    amazing shoes-just excellent-they can be worn with so much. and i like the simplicity of the outfit, and those are the exact wash and fit of jeans ive been looking for…

    6.30.08 · Reply
  22. aar wrote:

    those shoes are siiiiick.
    i love how you make dressing up look so fun. i think alot of people need to start discovering the joy of dressing up again.
    you’re an inspiration, to me at least.
    p.s. i’ve put you up on my little fashion blog, if you don’t mind.

    6.30.08 · Reply
  23. Eva wrote:

    Yeah,those are S/S06
    heres a link: http://www.style.com/fashionshows/collections/S2006RTW/complete/thumb/PRADA?trend=&page=3
    Anyway those are gorgeous,you’re lucky!

    6.30.08 · Reply
  24. a french girl who's addicted to high heels wrote:

    I adore your style and your shoes ! How many do you have ? It’s amazing and moreover, all your shoes are so great ! I enjoy your style !

    7.2.08 · Reply
  25. liz wrote:

    this right here is PERFECTION!

    7.6.08 · Reply
  26. wow. even if you were wearing distressed jeans, you still looked sophisticated!
    love your style!!!!

    7.21.08 · Reply
  27. hi from Paris stylish lady
    as every saturday, i visit the web to discovered the best fashion blog
    and unfortunately, yours belong to them ! lol
    you are so gorgeaous in that outfit, believe me
    as i am sa street style photographer in Paris, you wan your invitation in our beautiful city ! lol
    it’s 2 pm here in Paris and i plan a great day of street style shooting in the streets of Paris.
    Summer is beautiful in Paris.
    Have you seen the amazing styles i shooted this week ?
    I am sure you’ll find lots of inspiration.
    i’ll be glad to keep in touch, drink wine, switch links ! lol
    i wish you a great day and hop ethat my mail wasn’t intrusive.
    cheers from Paris

    7.26.08 · Reply
  28. justine wrote:

    Hello, I am French, me in had the address of your blog in the Glamour magazine to which I am subscribed since some year. I liked the article on you and I like your style, you are magnificent, kept silent reinvent the fashion and I admire it. Continuous so your blog is spendide. I am sorry for the faults^^.
    Good continuation
    Justine **

    11.6.08 · Reply
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