Anyone know what show this picture is from? Found it on a forum…

Any help would be appreciated-this is such an amazing look, I really want to see the rest of the collection.

Oh and today-babysitting duty. Might as well dress up…American Apparell dress and Margiela boots…and my octo-ring by Antonio Paladino.

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  1. HANNAH wrote:


    7.11.08 · Reply
  2. vicky wrote:

    seriously, what were you thinking? ABSOLUTELY HIDEOUS.
    You look like you were in an accident :(

    7.11.08 · Reply
  3. jane wrote:

    to each her own! I’m pretty sure I have “a” sense of style tho-whether its to your liking or not is beside the point.

    7.11.08 · Reply
  4. carlos wrote:

    1) leave Jane alone, obviously she does have a sense of style other wise you would NOT be reading her blog.
    2) I think your look for today is really cool, its simple, but its Sophisticated and multifaceted. I can picture you on the streets of Paris with a look like this :)

    7.11.08 · Reply
  5. Which dress is that from American Apparel??

    7.11.08 · Reply
  6. Ashley wrote:

    I love love your blog, and I also added you on facebook. Super fantastic and I just love your unique and classy sense of style. Where I am from, small town with no sense of fashion, people would call your style ugly; I love it however. So chique and bold, I commend you for your statements!

    7.11.08 · Reply
  7. jane wrote:

    thanks so much ahsley and carlos! :)
    Style Crusader: it’s the Fine Jersey Short Sleeve Crew Neck T-Shirt Dress
    what a mouthful! wish they had it in heather grey. (my favorite color)

    7.11.08 · Reply
  8. Jane doesn’t give a fuuuuuuuuck.
    That’s right. Those boots are awesome.
    (And I love it when you tuck your baggy jeans into them.)

    7.11.08 · Reply
  9. Marina wrote:

    Jane!I think that people who said that you hadn’t a style just jealouse you. You are beautiful, very stylish young girl, who can mix clothes, styles and always look good! I love your boots and all your shoes collection. That people just love Jessica Sympson style, she made really “nice” boots especially for THAT people)))))))))))))

    7.12.08 · Reply
  10. Gaia M wrote:

    Jeeez, some people are just too much.
    The boots are amazing. Obviously some people don’t know about style or personal style.
    Dearest, the photo is from Ann Demeulemeester however I’m not sure which show. But I’m pretty sure it’s from her.

    7.12.08 · Reply
  11. B wrote:

    Jane, the Margiela boots are incredible.

    7.12.08 · Reply
  12. FayDaway wrote:

    Hello, your blog is really addictive as I’m fond of shoes too. Very nice blog Jane.
    As Gaia said, it could be ANN DEMEULEMEESTER. I’ve seen some pictures from her F/W 2008-2009 and it’s back and white with exactly the same makeup.
    Have a nice day

    7.12.08 · Reply
  13. WJ wrote:

    Wow…what’s with the first two comments. Obviously by the same person(shakes head).
    To be honest I think this is one of my favourite outfits of yours, Jane! So simple, but stylish. I didn’t really like the Margiela boots and first but paired with the AA dress they seem fantastic, gorgeous!

    7.12.08 · Reply
  14. Joel wrote:

    The first image is definately Ann Demeulemeester, look at those eyebrows!
    Your look for the days is nice, simple & pretty (and even funny when you look at the nailpolish), but where did you hide your smile? :D

    7.12.08 · Reply
  15. Gosh, comment #1 and #2 certainly have strong opinions don’t they.
    This is Jane’s blog, you are a guest here. Have your opinion, share it, that is what comments are for, but don’t malign her. You have different taste, great that makes things interesting, but be mature in your delivery. Furthermore, neither one of you, Hannah, and Vicky, are giving anyone a chance to see your personal style.
    Jane, you do in fact have great style, and you certainly don’t need me to tell you this.
    Thank you for posting your pictures, of both your outfits, and designers you are interested in : ) .

    7.12.08 · Reply
  16. Hanne wrote:

    I’d say a Belgian designer – Ann Demeulemeester is a good hint. Or Margiela.

    7.12.08 · Reply
  17. Vix wrote:

    Those boots are amazing! And you make that AA dress look designer.

    7.12.08 · Reply
  18. Kristin wrote:

    Those boots are killer! I LOVE them with that dress.

    7.12.08 · Reply
  19. stella-mayfair wrote:

    jane, please don’t let those stupid two comments get to you. you ROCK those margiela boots in your typically stylish way that’s all your own, and you look super as usual!

    7.12.08 · Reply
  20. toni wrote:

    I’m in love with your style, too. You’re such an inspiration.

    7.12.08 · Reply
  21. Annie Su wrote:

    wow… those first two people really have no sense of style huh? they obviously lack common courtesy as well…
    amazing boots and amazing oufit. absolutely adore your style!

    7.12.08 · Reply
  22. katerina emmanouil wrote:

    so cool!
    if you please take a photo of your room, or house interior,
    it seems so interesting!

    7.12.08 · Reply
  23. katerina emmanouil wrote:

    so cool!
    if you please take a photo of your room, or house interior,
    it seems so interesting!

    7.12.08 · Reply
  24. Mahila wrote:

    I love the boots :)

    7.12.08 · Reply
  25. tindi-rindi wrote:

    What a coinsidence, I went shopping today and bought a very similar black dress from Topshop Boutique, mine has some kind of grey lace peeking at the back from collar to end of the skirt. It`s such a basic piece. I can`t get over those Margiela boots though, so fab. They are actually weird looking on some ppl, but you make them work I think ;)

    7.12.08 · Reply
  26. Simone wrote:

    Vicky – are you Vicky Pollard by any chance with comments/manners like that? I’m assuming the first two commenters ‘sense of style’ is somewhat similar.
    FYI non-UK/Irish – Google her, you’ll see what I mean.
    Jane – you are one super stylin’ lady and I love the fact that you are rockin’ those killer boots to go babysitting! Inspirational! x

    7.12.08 · Reply
  27. savvy mode wrote:

    love your look. i am totally in love with Martin Margiela recently. I want the shorter version but in beige as well. Couldn’t seen to find my size anywhere.

    7.12.08 · Reply
  28. Lea wrote:

    Jane = daily inspiration :)
    you and your blog are unique!
    keep at it!
    fan from germany

    7.12.08 · Reply
  29. a different hannah wrote:

    i think your outfit is beautifully chic, and i love the boots, nude leather is divine, ignore the other comments, and thankyou for the add on facebook!

    7.12.08 · Reply
  30. esther wrote:

    You look amazing, I love those boots. I’m almost tempted to invest in those thigh high ones but I live in IL and the winter is too harsh for it bleh.

    7.12.08 · Reply
  31. Helen wrote:

    I hope you don’t mind me asking – what size is your Custo Barcelona cardigan? I’m thinking about getting one :)

    7.12.08 · Reply
  32. My goodness – those boots are amazing!
    You look fabulous :)

    7.12.08 · Reply
  33. I am funny about boots with out the toes, but those boots are really cool when seen from the side.

    7.13.08 · Reply
  34. Lindz wrote:

    You have guts babysitting in that!

    7.13.08 · Reply
  35. peggy wrote:

    you always look amazing and original. i admire your sense of adventure when it comes to style. it’s sad how the first two comments reflect how jealous people can be. jane, you’re amazing and admirable.

    7.13.08 · Reply
  36. P wrote:

    I was thinking that those boots are totally amazing especially in the way you wore them when I first saw your photo, then I saw those first two comments and thought really? They must have no style..
    Not only do they have a lackluster eye for style they also went about it in the vilest way possible. Simply stating they don’t like the boots would’ve been fine.
    I know others have stated those things already but I just wanted to emphasize the point, because if I were in your shoes I would not enjoy seeing comments like that, especially when they are so off.
    Anyway I love your octopus ring, I was eyeing the silver snake coil ring from Antonio if you’ve seen that one. It’s sold out on Barney’s now unfortunately.

    7.13.08 · Reply
  37. by the looks of it id guess it was ann d.

    7.13.08 · Reply
  38. liz wrote:

    great outfit as always. Ok that dress is hot hot hot, when did you get it from AA?

    7.13.08 · Reply
  39. Dana wrote:

    I love those Margielas and I think you wear them amazingly
    also you’re so young, wow!

    7.13.08 · Reply
  40. Hannah : yeah and maybe you dont have enough gutz or you dont have the personality to wear that.. so.. be yourself thats whats it all about.. and did someone ever teach you that if you dont have anything good or positive to say SHUT YOUR FUCKING MOUTH UP!
    Jane: Dont pay attention to stupid people.. they are not worth your time!

    7.14.08 · Reply
  41. tanya wrote:

    jane ive been reading your blog for a while now but ive not yet felt the need to comment but those idiotic comments from the first two haters (probably the same person) have geared me into action and i just wanted to let you know how much i love your sense of style and your fabulous blog!
    xX from Sydney, Australia

    7.14.08 · Reply
  42. Ammu wrote:

    You look fantastic.
    And it may help some people to know that courtesy and good humor are an essential facet of style. Rudeness is SO uncool.
    You rock :)

    7.14.08 · Reply
  43. Sorry I cussed before. :X What I meant to say was, “Whatever! Those boots are awesome.” I got a little carried away, I’m afraid. *0_0*

    7.15.08 · Reply
  44. I confirm : Ann Demeulemeester… one of my favorite designer!

    7.16.08 · Reply
  45. It’s such Patty Smith style that it must be Ann Demeulmeester.

    7.16.08 · Reply
  46. manoela wrote:

    Her fashion show was inspired by Patti Smith
    Love your blog & sense of style !

    7.19.08 · Reply
  47. manoela wrote:

    Her fashion show was inspired by Patti Smith
    Love your blog & sense of style !

    7.19.08 · Reply
  48. Jane, that’s a nice photo you found there in a forum!
    The look is very Patti Smith sadly as much as I’d like to help… I don’t know what show it is from.

    7.21.08 · Reply
  49. and you rock in those Margiela boots! forget the haters!
    Margiela is something only for the discerning fashionista! Kudos to you! ;)

    7.21.08 · Reply
  50. ema wrote:

    i want these boots !
    first punky showed them on her blog and i can’t forget them
    so incredible !

    7.27.08 · Reply
  51. Frances wrote:

    Personally, I wouldn’t buy those boots. But if someone gave them to me, for free, well… I wouldn’t say no! And yeah, if you’re going to wear insane footwear, the simple black dress is the way to go. Love your style, Jane!

    8.4.08 · Reply
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