Today’s travels

Today I hung out with my mom and my little sister-AKA the best shopping partners I know. We had some errands to run but of course wanted to pick up a few things. Today we showed an amazing level of endurance-we left in the morning and came back around six!  Here are some pictures we snapped today!

We were in Mango-WIERD STORY: at lunch, we had all agreed that we really needed to put ‘gold sequined tube top’ on our shopping find list. We head into Mango a few minutes later only to find a glittering spread of metallic tube tops! That’s pretty random, I mean a gold tube top?? Anyway it was a pleasant surprise-I believe you should have as many glittery pieces of clothing in your closet as possible.

Shopping is hard. We needed to sit. So we all took turns sitting in furry orange cup chairs at Barney’s Co-Op while we tried things on. My mom is fanning out her Carolina Herrera skirt in a fairly ridiculous way-she wears it with a Banana Republic cardigan, thrifted jewelry, her Omega Seamaster watch, and ombre Prada peeptoes. I’ll have to ask Carol what she was wearing, but I can tell you that her adorable sequined sneakers are from Juicy Couture. And me-besides the mongoloid expression on my face-a Dries van Noten dress I just got at a sale the other day and my Margiela sandal boots.

Better view of my outfit and a view of the back-my favorite part of the dress. I just realized I am surrounded by bras in this picture-was not shopping for bras, how futile would that be for Flatsy Patsy like me. Also, at some point I added a belt I got at Mango.


After our very long day I’m totally exhausted but we did dress up in some of our new things when we got home-and took pictures too. Results of dress up experimentation to come soon.

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  1. i see it runs in the family because um…your mom is fabulous!

    7.17.08 · Reply
  2. kristin Sheehy wrote:

    looks like you had fun! nothing beats a day at northpark!! :D

    7.17.08 · Reply
  3. Is that Northpark I spy?
    Your sister is adorable – how is it possible that your family is so cool?

    7.17.08 · Reply
  4. Marina wrote:

    Everyone looks great!But your DVN dress abs amazing!Yesterday I went to Le Form boutique (Margiela, DVN, CDG and etc.) and I saw wonderful DVN dress. Looking at you I understand how DVN dresses works. That dress in tender violet colour with yellow flowers and silver sequins adoration.
    Thank you!

    7.18.08 · Reply
  5. jane wrote:

    Yep-I love people watching at North Park, even though its sort of a haul from where I live (Trophy Club!)…it is the true Dallas experience! :D I love the Mermaid Bar! (even though I am vegetarian and no longer eat their (whisper it) delicious chicken and tuna salads)

    7.18.08 · Reply
  6. I like to go on record and say that I adore the sheer genius of putting Dries van Noten and Margiela together. Sweet, savy and smart.
    I don’t know where you’re based but will you be heading to the Margiela 20th Anniversary event at the MoMu in Antwerp? It will have Margiela archives and exclusive pieces made just for the event.

    7.18.08 · Reply
  7. stephanie wrote:

    Your dries dress is gorgeous! I love it with the margiela boots too. I ended up getting the short version and I love them! Your mom looks adorable too :)

    7.18.08 · Reply
  8. Tam wrote:

    Weird. I was in Barneys today, and I thought it might have been you that I saw in the shoe department!!! Well, after catching up on your blog, I see that I was correct! Where did you get the Dries dress? FortyFiveTen?

    7.18.08 · Reply
  9. Ammu wrote:

    You are the best looking family I have seen! Sounds like the most fun day!

    7.18.08 · Reply
  10. farren wrote:

    you guys all look alike! =) you’re so lucky to have a sister and mom that like to shop. i am not so lucky in that case.

    7.18.08 · Reply
  11. sarah wrote:

    you all look so similar in a way! pretty!

    7.18.08 · Reply
  12. Hanna wrote:

    you have such a fabulously fashionable family!!

    7.18.08 · Reply
  13. punky wrote:

    looks like a lovely day.

    7.18.08 · Reply
  14. youu girls are amazing and i love love love your moms outfit your sister and yours :) haha GORGEOUS dress love the BACK of it :)

    7.18.08 · Reply
  15. Alline wrote:

    What a good looking family you guys are!!! Your mom is gorgeous, your sister is CUTE and you are just a wonderful mix of them both!!! Lovely pics and outfits!

    7.18.08 · Reply
  16. Sara wrote:

    I just love love love that dress. It’s such an fantastic pattern, and I think the belt makes it look even more interesting. Great buy (and on sale, too!).
    And I have to say that when I first saw those boots (and the shorter version you have) I didn’t really like them. You wear them well, though, and have completely changed my mind on them.
    Great blog (and style)!

    7.18.08 · Reply
  17. selina wrote:

    what a chic family! i bet shopping with you guys would be delightful!

    7.18.08 · Reply
  18. Noisy wrote:

    Your family looks amazing !
    And I think your sister is the same age than me (is she 14 ?)
    Your outfit is really beautiful, I love the Margiela shoes with the dress…and your hair !

    7.18.08 · Reply
  19. esther wrote:

    everyone looks so happy, I love it

    7.18.08 · Reply
  20. Oh, that dress– ♥ ♥ ♥ It’s beautiful! You look adorable with braids. And your family seems really lovely.

    7.18.08 · Reply
  21. angela wrote:

    beautiful top! you and your mom look alike- so cute!

    7.18.08 · Reply
  22. miumew wrote:

    Ummm Jane
    I neeeeed to know what that cream bag is. I’ve been hunting one down for my collection for a long long time!1

    7.18.08 · Reply
  23. william wrote:

    I hope you never stop wearing those boots; they’re plain enough to transition flawlessly through seasons but still look fascinating on their own.

    7.18.08 · Reply
  24. Katherine wrote:

    Your mother is fabulous and looks so effortlessly elegant!

    7.18.08 · Reply
  25. Hannah wrote:

    Your boots are amazing.. I can’t wait to see the results of the dress up!

    7.18.08 · Reply
  26. Alex wrote:

    At first glance I thought the dress your were wearing was 2 different pieces then i realized it was one piece! I was (am) in shock, it’s like the coolest dress i’ve ever seen! and i love your mom’s dress too. your family is wayy cool.

    7.18.08 · Reply
  27. Kayla wrote:

    i love your outfit!

    7.18.08 · Reply
  28. nenuca wrote:

    you’re all so gorgeous, I love to shop with my aunt and cousin (they are like a second mom and sister to me) also! I love the dries dress

    7.18.08 · Reply
  29. Pearl wrote:

    You, your mom, and your sister are all gorgeous and so stylish! The patterns on your dress are beautiful!

    7.18.08 · Reply
  30. Katlin wrote:

    Oh. My. Word. If you, or your mom or sis, ever decide to give your clothes away, throw them to me! :)

    7.19.08 · Reply
  31. R wrote:

    Such awesome piks! You have such a stylish fam, pretty cool =)

    7.19.08 · Reply
  32. You are so fortunate. It seems like you have a very lovely family.
    I still want to know why your mom got rid of her boutique. You guys have an eye for beauty.
    And now my nosy self wants to see inside your closet, and the rest of your decor. I just think it is fun to see.
    I love what you have shown us so far. : )

    7.19.08 · Reply
  33. Annabel wrote:

    i love your Dries dress, the sleeves are gorgeous

    7.21.08 · Reply
  34. j wrote:

    i cannot believe that you used the expression “mongoloid face” I know you’re young, but be conscientious about what you’re saying. or do you only have fashion on your mind? perhaps you are just a blank canvas in every way?

    12.11.08 · Reply
  35. Christina wrote:

    yeah… the word “mongoloid” kinda shocked me too. not all your readers are from texas..
    but i don’t want this (my first) comment to be completely negative – i am so addicted to your blog right now! been going through from the start. going to be disappointed when i reach current entries!

    8.28.09 · Reply
  36. Chloe wrote:

    Your shoes are AMAZING :) where did you get them from?

    5.13.11 · Reply
  37. ed wrote:

    hi you are a hottie

    4.9.12 · Reply
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