New Shapes for boots

I've been getting pretty excited about the new crop of structural boots that showed up on several runways this fall. A lot of these futuristic boots relied on heavy stacking to create a scrunchy sillouhette-but then there were also the zip flap boots at Rick Owens and the slick and straight boots at Phillip Lim and Givenchy Haute Couture. The thing that grabs me about these boots are that they are agressively unfeminine-and some might say 'unflattering'. A lot of people looked at the boots at Balenciaga Pre Fall and cried 'cankles' (maybe an explanation of this term is in line for foreign readers-its when the diameter of the ankle is almost equal to that of the calf-though a friend used to tell me it was an abbrieviation of 'cow ankles') but having my ankles swathed in buttery bunches of leather sounds irresistably new and exciting. Wearing a boot that doesn't flow with the natural lines of the body sounds totally modern to me. They look tough and they look futuristic-I am really really inspired by how the Balenciaga Pre Fall boots were styled with an ankle skimming, draping floral dress. It's an excellent juxtaposition to the alien-invader look of this boot.

I hope to see this trend carry into the spring 09 collections (albeit there are far fewer boots on spring runways…)
Until then I'm dreaming of those Balenciagas and Rick Owens-I know Inaya and a few others are as crazy as I am about the lace-up 'Mega Urbo' boots on Luisaviaroma!

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  1. WendyB wrote:

    These are all very cool and crazy. I don’t think I’ll do them, but I’d love to see them on other people.

    8.17.08 · Reply
  2. william wrote:

    Aside from Rick Owens and Balenciaga, I didn’t like the way these were incorporated in collections. I’m definitely looking foward to seeing someone wear these to fashion week, but I’m skeptical that I will ever like the style.

    8.18.08 · Reply
  3. Lisa wrote:

    rockin. seriously.
    I love Philip Lim Fall 08. slim + slick. Those grey boots are a MUST.
    I am sure we will see some AWESOME boots from you for fall…
    can’t wait.

    8.18.08 · Reply
  4. Those scrunchy ones looks right up your alley!

    8.18.08 · Reply
  5. Argh. *look* not *looks* :)

    8.18.08 · Reply
  6. Maria wrote:

    Seriously, you have to get those Rick Owens boots.

    8.18.08 · Reply
  7. carlotta wrote:

    ah!! my favourite type of boot.. on first glance one firstly thinks yuck and then on second glance one realises how blind they have been and a mad frenzied love affair begins

    8.18.08 · Reply
  8. emilie wrote:

    Acne has some pretty fantastic boots out for fall. I especially like these: http://www.acnestudios.com/collection?pId=130&lId=1102

    8.18.08 · Reply
  9. the rick owens are BONKERSSSSS (good bonkers).

    8.18.08 · Reply
  10. Mike wrote:

    i wrote an article on this for tfs!
    thats cool!

    8.18.08 · Reply
  11. Your inspiration boards are beyond beautiful…
    Oh! You should check out my brand new SHOE REVIEW, if you have a minute. It’s of something unexpected. :) http://www.doedeere.com/blog

    8.18.08 · Reply
  12. Aurore wrote:

    Wow! I love those boots, especially the one from Véronique Branquihno

    8.18.08 · Reply
  13. merkovsky wrote:

    the rick owens boots are sizzlin. i saw them on luisaviaroma and was in love.
    and only balenciaga can pull off boots that look like condoms. they look amazing.
    i hope you get a pair of any one of these boots, i’d love to see how you style them

    8.18.08 · Reply
  14. Jessica wrote:


    8.18.08 · Reply
  15. oh wow!!! i want some boots!!!

    8.18.08 · Reply
  16. miss parker mosey wrote:

    cankles is an abbreviation of calves-ankles, ie, there is no difference between the calf and ankle.

    8.18.08 · Reply
  17. Mina wrote:
    8.18.08 · Reply
  18. Wendy wrote:

    I love the cool innovative shape!

    8.18.08 · Reply
  19. Nying wrote:

    I’m dying for a pair of thigh-high boots… really desperately need them… being 60 inches is quite the challenge.

    8.19.08 · Reply
  20. Noisy wrote:

    I don’t know if I love these boots, or if I hate them. But I’m sure you’ll work it well :)

    8.19.08 · Reply
  21. Catherine wrote:

    My friend just got some slouchy Chanel peep-toe boots, and they’re so beautiful. Slouchy boots are really in this season~

    8.19.08 · Reply
  22. hgfhndf wrote:
    8.19.08 · Reply
  23. xoxo wrote:
    8.19.08 · Reply
  24. chauss wrote:

    cant wait to see some of theses IRL!

    8.19.08 · Reply
  25. Enfievre wrote:

    Can’t wait to pull out my old Imitation of Christ boots for this. They will work perfectly! Thanks for the reminder.

    8.21.08 · Reply
  26. Samantha wrote:

    Love the helpful tips! :)

    12.12.11 · Reply
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