The Boot Dilemma

Sigh. The dilemma of the must-have shoe…

This has been something that has troubled me all summer…though I was mostly unimpressed by the crop of footwear this season, the few standout shoes have been on my mind a lot. Ann Demeulemeester, Givenchy, Dries van Noten…but which one is the must have?

By early June I had decided (and my mom had as well) that the triple-lace-up low heel boots at Ann Demeulemeester were the only must.

Or at least, we had thought so until we saw them in person. We wanted to love these shoes, we really did. They have this awesome shit-kicker, Sid Vicious, crusty punk feel to them. But the boot was a lot wider and the toe a lot rounder than it had looked on the runway. I don't have dainty tiny feet to begin with and neither does my mom. (I'm a size 39, she's a size 40/41) We were bummed out that our favorite boots hadn't been all we had hoped for but we moved on.

My new love interest was a certain open toe bandage strapped Givenchy boot.


I love the wooden wedge and chunky straps on this boot and would love to own these shoes, I think they're fabulous. I was pretty much settled on these Givenchy's as my 'must-haves' until yesterday when mom brought home these. The exes. Only this time they looked a hell of a lot better.


The awkwardly placed wooden heel on the Ann Demuelemeester boots took these boots to a whole new level of avant-punk and minimized the club-foot effect of the toe. It was love at first sight-they look great on my mom and hopefully she'll let me snap a few pictures of her in them. I had to try them on too, of course.

(Notice something different about my backdrop? Our office has been renovated this week! I want to spend all of my time here now)
I wear the Ann Demeulemeester boots with Levi's jeans, a wool sweater by Tulsa designer Terasa Fadem, a shirt I know nothing about, and a scarf I got in Marrakesh)

These boots quickly made me re-think my must-have boot this fall…scratch the Givenchy's, I'm into these lace up punk scarecrow boots now. I think I'm going to get my pair this weekend. I am so happy!

The Ann Demeulemeester boots weren't the only pair of fabulous shoes my mom brought home yesterday. Check out these Dries van Notens: I'm crazy jealous! I stole them to try on last night.

Monkey see, monkey do: copying from the Dries van Noten runways.

Thanks for letting me mooch, Mom. Isn't that vintage coat so now? I got it on eBay two years ago! I can't wait to wear it this fall.

Updates on the boot situation to come, love always,

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  1. I LOVE IT!! I just makes me so excited to see your Fall posts!!

    8.30.08 · Reply
  2. Key wrote:

    those shoes are crazy!!!
    i loove your shoes :D
    great outfit!

    8.30.08 · Reply
  3. camille wrote:

    LOVE those demuelemeester boots. the placement of the heel is so strange but still so cool. the dries are lovely as well. you & your mom must have the most kick-ass shoe collection ever.

    8.30.08 · Reply
  4. Caroline wrote:

    alright, well i’m going to go hunt around ebay for some lace up boots now. pretty much the layer in those first photos are brilliant.

    8.30.08 · Reply
  5. chauss wrote:


    8.30.08 · Reply

    8.30.08 · Reply
  7. your styling is eclectic & always amaizing. The demeuleemester boot look is amazing, the browns, blacks, yellows, and the 2nd picture of the cape. the scarf is incredible.
    also the dries shoes look is excellent.
    and the new office is the perfect backdrop!

    8.30.08 · Reply
  8. brigadeiro wrote:

    I absolutely LOVE the outfit with your mom’s boots, I thought your sweater was the coat I have by Spijkers en Spijkers: http://www.firstview.com/files/2946/2007/14505/photo_mid_def_1957298.jpg, I must do a post on them. Am also in LOVE with those Dries Van Noten multicoloured shoes, are they yours or your mom’s? GORGEOUS!!!

    8.30.08 · Reply
  9. CJM wrote:

    I adore your blog and am so inspired by your and your mother’s style. I was wondering if you had any tips to offer for shopping on Ebay. Do you search by designer, or search for something you have in mind, e.g. “Elephant Belt”; what’s your technique? Also, I live in NYC and was wondering if you have any favorite shops here. Keep up the good work!

    8.30.08 · Reply
  10. william shatner wrote:

    i think you should definitely still get the givenchys, they’re very sexy and very you! i always enjoy reading your blog and actually find myself looking forward to new posts in much the same way i wait in anticipation to see what the new issue of vogue will bring. keep up the good work!

    8.30.08 · Reply
  11. kristin wrote:

    the pushed back heel on those boots is AMAZING! who would have guessed such a small change could produce such dramtic results. hope you get to borrow them a lot!

    8.30.08 · Reply
  12. Rissa wrote:

    Love those boots, you must be the luckyest girl alive!
    You have amazeing style and taste. And btw, you house is amamzeing, I’d want to spend all my time in it to.
    I was wondering if you want to do a link exhange?

    8.30.08 · Reply
  13. Someone wrote:

    I’ve actually seen the Ann D boots from the runway in Printemps in Paris with no modification to the design…I think the ones you have is the altered version…

    8.30.08 · Reply
  14. brigadeiro wrote:

    PS. I agree with ‘william shatner’ above, those Givenchy boots are AMAZING, and I also think you should still get them ;)

    8.30.08 · Reply
  15. Lauren wrote:

    I love those boots and I think you should still get the Givenchy boots as well…that is if you don’t mind wearing socks with them? idk ou live in tx so maybe you can go without but the winter gets cold!

    8.30.08 · Reply
  16. chris wrote:

    Saw the Dries pair in a magazine just yesterday and was swooning. You look great in them.

    8.30.08 · Reply
  17. the slouchy givenchies get my vote without any regrets! did you ever swee th sweat slouch chanel booties? i am so sad i missed out. they are a little reminiscent of the givenchy ones in your post. first time i saw them was on ebay (3 days ago..) and well, not in my size. *cry*
    love the new office btw!

    8.30.08 · Reply
  18. bluejay wrote:

    Those lace-up boots are brilliant….. I LOVE what you wear with them too: your outfit *might* look frumpy and age-inappropriate with a different shoe but those boots PERFECTLY balance the rest of the look with their crazy laces and heel…
    I’m in love.

    8.30.08 · Reply
  19. quijano wrote:

    hey jane, as usual, you’re looking gorgeous. those new shoes are to die for! :)

    8.30.08 · Reply
  20. Katie wrote:

    those Ann Demeulemeester boots look like they’d be a bitch to get on. sucks they weren’t what you’d hoped though.

    8.31.08 · Reply
  21. Mrs. C wrote:

    i love love love the dries van noten heels! i saw them on another site in greens and oranges, totally different look. but those colors are just so much better. kudos to your mom for getting the better pair! =D

    8.31.08 · Reply
  22. v wrote:

    that coat is amazing – love it! & your office is so so cool!

    8.31.08 · Reply
  23. Elouise wrote:

    Unique style
    Love it !
    Link exchange?
    ♥ Your Blog

    8.31.08 · Reply
  24. Clara wrote:

    I love the Dries heels!!!!!!!

    8.31.08 · Reply
  25. Nina wrote:

    I recently detected your blog after I noticed you on lookbook.nu.
    I really like your style, you got that special sense of style. And your moom looks hot, too! ;)
    By the way, the outfit with the boots please me!

    8.31.08 · Reply
  26. Divine :)

    8.31.08 · Reply
  27. Ammu wrote:

    I love those boots!!!

    8.31.08 · Reply
  28. Becca wrote:

    those dries van notens are unreal! I love them, and they look great with your outfit. I’m agreeing that that vintage coat will be perfect for fall too.
    The Ann boots look pretty fabulous in their own right but the Givenchy are so so so lovely and sexy! I still think they top my list of faves.

    8.31.08 · Reply
  29. Anna wrote:

    i’m inlove with your Dries van Notens shoes!

    8.31.08 · Reply
  30. mimiq8 wrote:

    fabulous shoes!!

    8.31.08 · Reply
  31. Amber N. wrote:

    I love those boots a lot but the chunky heel just kills it for me. I prefer the low heel.

    8.31.08 · Reply
  32. Wow, those boots are completely gorgeous! Oh and the shoes. Gosh i wish my mom bought things like this, your mom has amazing style.
    Wonderful, inspiring post

    8.31.08 · Reply
  33. m wrote:

    the dries van notens are amazing!

    8.31.08 · Reply
  34. julia wrote:

    at first I saw those boots and thought, no way, those are hideous. and then you put them on, and they look so great on you! i just love that outfit and i love how you can turn something not-so-pretty-looking into looking fabulous. i love those levi’s jeans. what exact ones are they?

    8.31.08 · Reply
  35. merkovsky wrote:

    i love your styling in the first outfit and the givenchy’s are amazing but you pull the ann d’s off very well. how much are the givenchy boots?

    9.1.08 · Reply
  36. Tricia wrote:

    Very nice pair of Dries… I tried it on at the store, it was really comfortable even though its high but after walking a couple of steps I decided that the height will kill me if I ever trip in those since I’m a klutz…
    Looking at both your mum and your shoe collections makes me wanna get more pretty shoes!!! Its so tempting!!! :)

    9.1.08 · Reply
  37. frances wrote:

    really fab!! =)
    just curious – what do you do with your old shoes? =)

    9.1.08 · Reply
  38. i JUST recommended those dries strappy multi-colored sandals to my friend! they’re soo good.

    9.1.08 · Reply
  39. Isabel wrote:

    i love your blog! want to link?
    p.s. i saw you at urban outfitters a few weeks ago in austin – looking fabulous – duh

    9.1.08 · Reply
  40. WendyB wrote:

    Those boots are stunning.

    9.1.08 · Reply
  41. kate wrote:

    you look like a russian orphan in the photo with your mom’s boot, i love it

    9.1.08 · Reply
  42. Tara wrote:

    Why aren’t you super famous? You’re style is fabulous and much more forward than today’s so-called starlets and fashionistas. Kudos girl!!!
    And as a boots-only wearer throughout the winter…those Ann Demeulemeester’s are friggin’ fantastic. Wish I had a pair for snowy Buffalo!!

    9.1.08 · Reply
    And the Dries are beautiful, too…

    9.2.08 · Reply
  44. Aja wrote:

    That sweater is amazing!

    9.5.08 · Reply
  45. Ooooh, your dress made me gasp- so beautiful.

    9.7.08 · Reply
  46. Alicia wrote:

    I love the coat and dress. Really fabulous! How tall are you? I’d love to pull of something like that. The proportions of the coat and the dress are really well matched.

    9.13.08 · Reply
  47. susan Tucker wrote:

    found your blog
    it’s late and the season is over but i am searching for those boots w the heel
    found some on ebay but not sure as ann d boots sizing so strange
    afraid to get them and they wont fit
    i am a us size 8; tried the flat boot on in sz 7; could go 7 1/2 also
    but did the heeled version run more true; then i could go to 38 or 39
    hope you can advise as they are not returnable;

    1.4.09 · Reply
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