A lot of outfits

There really is no way to explain how I ended up wearing all of these outfits in less than twenty four hours, including two that I did not photograph. The truth is I just change clothes a lot.


Y-3 pancho/cape/top, vintage 501's, a borrowed Omega Seamaster watch, my Ann Demeulemeester lace up boots :)

Last night I tried on this Y-3 pancho my mom had gotten that day at Fourty Five Ten-she says she'll share, which I'm excited about because this is totally my style: I have a plethora of heather grey sweatshirts. Not to mention I'm addicted to Y-3…in fact I've been meaning to do a post on the amazing styling of the runway show this season. Looking forward to seeing the Spring 09 show soon too!

The way the sleeve is unhemmed and double layered is a fantastic detail.

And this morning-

J. Crew pleated cotton shirt, Joie satin pants, lace-up Ann Demeulemeester boots

and then, shopping and a last minute get together for mexican food

Dries van Noten cardigan, American Apparel tank top, Shipley and Halmos skirt, Alaia gladiator heels, Tom Binns cuffs

What was I shopping for, you might ask? A sister for my Tom Binns 'Faux Real' floral cuff. I'm so happy to have two! One alone looks fabulous but two really makes a statement-the picture does not do these cuffs justice at all, the way they catch the light is dazzling. I couldn't believe the mark down on these!

The cuff that does not have the purple flower on it is the new one-I was going to get one with a more similar coloring to the one I already have but my dad suggested choosing the blue tinged one for contrast…he was right!

I loved my mom's outfit when she went out tonight.

She wears an Old Navy shirt, a Ralph Lauren belt, Hysteric Glamour jeans, and Dries van Noten sandals. Jeans cuffed to show off those amazing shoes, of course.

More (coherent) posts to come,

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  1. brilliant, brilliant. I love it all.

    9.6.08 · Reply
  2. Caroline wrote:

    where do you buy your Y-3 items? gorgeous, by the way!

    9.6.08 · Reply
  3. chauss wrote:

    j, this was a fabulous post. i love the tb cuffs! abd the boots ……….ahhhhhhhhh.

    9.6.08 · Reply
  4. Amelia wrote:

    I don’t comment often, but I love this post, so I had to. I love the tuxedo-look of the white shirt, especially with the boots. I also like the third outfit. Great skirt–I love Shipley and Halmos (especially the Spring 09 collection). Those cuffs are gorgeous. I don’t even want to know how much they cost.

    9.6.08 · Reply
  5. Becca wrote:

    Great outfits! I love the tuxedo blouse and black pants with the infamous boots in particular. Also – those cuffs!!!!! A-maz-ing.

    9.7.08 · Reply
  6. WendyB wrote:

    Those boots are the best.

    9.7.08 · Reply
  7. Jane wrote:

    Thanks so much you guys! :D
    Caroline-I used to be able to buy Y-3 from the Adidas store at North Park mall here in Dallas but they stopped stocking it there. Now I buy Y-3 from eBay and a boutique in Dallas called Fourty Five Ten. I’m dying to see the Y-3 store in New York sometime though!
    It’s ridiculously wearable!

    9.7.08 · Reply
  8. i adoreeee those tom binns cuffs!!

    9.7.08 · Reply
  9. brigadeiro wrote:

    Love all your outfits Jane! Especially the white tux shirt & boots outfit, almost equestrian. And LOVE both your Tom Binns cuffs, have been obsessing about them since you first posted on them! May I ask where you bought your 2nd one from? (not 100% sure why I’m asking, seeing I live across the globe…but, you never know!). TIA!

    9.7.08 · Reply
  10. brigadeiro wrote:

    PS. Your mom looks amazing too! Dries Van Noten is one of my fave designers, and those shoes are seriously HOT!

    9.7.08 · Reply
  11. Amee wrote:

    All 3 of your outfits are perfection Jane! I cannot believe your mum made an Old Navy shirt look so good and expensive! Those Tom Binns cuffs are to die for :)

    9.7.08 · Reply
  12. those Ann Demeulemeester boots really suit you! and i really like your mum’s outfit too.

    9.7.08 · Reply
  13. Lisa wrote:

    ahh you look BEYOND chic.
    that Y-3 top is SO amazing. the cut. the fabric. the hang. to me it’s perfect.

    9.7.08 · Reply
  14. LOVE your mom’s outfit. And I prefer this new cuff–it’s very beautiful!

    9.7.08 · Reply
  15. Inês wrote:

    3 perfect looks!
    The cuffs are really pretty

    9.7.08 · Reply
  16. I love everything you wore, Jane! I wish I could be brave enough to wear them though! But do know that because of your site, I’ve become more adventurous with my dressing. So thanks!

    9.7.08 · Reply
  17. Libby wrote:

    I think you should change outfits this often every day so I have even more of your beautiful photos to gawp at! I absolutely love that shirt, now to track down a British equivalent…

    9.7.08 · Reply
  18. Nubby wrote:

    I love how you and your mom share clothes and shoes. So cute!

    9.7.08 · Reply
  19. andrea wrote:

    how can you afford all of those clothes? seriously your style is TDF but I’m just wondering because your wardrobe is sure worth alot of money!

    9.7.08 · Reply
  20. bebendum wrote:

    AMAZing shoes is the word….God they are so nice

    9.7.08 · Reply
  21. Pen wrote:

    The boots and the skirt is just awesome! Love all your outfits! And btw; I’ve linked(:

    9.7.08 · Reply
  22. those boots just go with about anything!
    the y3 top is pretty cool. i like the double layer effect.
    and i absolutely love the jcrew tuxedo shirt.
    and your mom is amazing. i hope to be as casually elegant as her some day.

    9.7.08 · Reply
  23. pungster wrote:

    No fair! Both of you would still look beautiful even if you wore potato sacks.

    9.7.08 · Reply
  24. vida wrote:

    You and your mom work your shoes AND clothes like no other.

    9.7.08 · Reply
  25. Jen wrote:

    loving the outfit you wore to go shopping. and i’m so so jealous of those fantastic boots!

    9.7.08 · Reply
  26. Ané wrote:

    This jealousy of all your amazing clothes is going to make me be really rude someday. But for now, I’ll contain and be nice. You are fantastic! You’re clothes are fantastic! I wish I could afford all that! Until I’m able to it’s sit here and grind teeth, haha.
    No seriously, you are fantastic!
    (Oh gosh, I’ve used the word fantastic too many times in this post, I guess I should broaden my vocabulary)
    mmm, I have a request, maybe you can take a pic of ALL your shoes? I’d like to see’em all! Or at least tell us how many pairs you actually have…
    and oh, random question…do you speak in a Southern drawl, because somehow I can’t imagine you do?
    Keep it up!

    9.7.08 · Reply
  27. The watch looks very good. It’s a mens watch but it still looks good. There is more info on Omega Seamaster watches at http://www.omega-seamaster.co.uk

    9.7.08 · Reply
  28. Saree wrote:

    i am in love with your cuff outfit and cuffs! OH MY JANE, OH MY!!

    9.7.08 · Reply
  29. Shen-Shen wrote:

    I absolutely adore that cape/poncho from the first outfit.

    9.7.08 · Reply
  30. Jane wrote:

    Thanks for the comments, everybody.
    Ane-I honestly didn’t know how many shoes I had for the longest time, but this week I got asked that in an interview and I had to go count-45 pairs of shoes…still not as bad as some people!
    My friends say I have a bit of a southern accent, for the record haha
    Thanks again!

    9.7.08 · Reply
  31. anne wrote:

    can I ask a size question? THE demeulemeester lace-up heeled boots, which I am thinking of ordering online–how do you think the sizing runs? big, small, true? I’m usually an american size 8 with a moderately narrow foot. thanks for any insights! I adore your blog.

    9.7.08 · Reply
  32. Key wrote:

    lovely lovely lovey… as always!
    lots of love from Mexico :D

    9.7.08 · Reply
  33. Key wrote:

    lovely lovely lovey… as always!
    lots of love from Mexico :D

    9.7.08 · Reply
  34. Jane wrote:

    Hi Anne-my mom and I found that the Ann D boots run very true to size. I am normally a 9 and I took a 9, she’s a 10 and she took a 10. Good luck with the boots! :)

    9.7.08 · Reply
  35. ilikestyle wrote:

    love all the outfits. hope you post more of your mom’s style.

    9.7.08 · Reply
  36. Marilynn wrote:

    Well I must say I do adore your outfits. And those boots in the first couple….FIERCE!
    Keep it up [:

    9.7.08 · Reply
  37. cindy wrote:

    i am in love with that pancho, omg.

    9.7.08 · Reply
  38. 1234 wrote:

    you and your mom look beautiful!

    9.7.08 · Reply
  39. eliza wrote:

    the first time you posted about the boots i wasn’t sure, but the more i look at that heel, the more it wins me over. i kind of love them now and am madly jealous of you in the best possible way. the cuffs are gorgeous as well, and congrats on the refinery article!

    9.7.08 · Reply
  40. kristin wrote:

    the double cuffs are great! and I love the outfit with the new boots and satin pants

    9.7.08 · Reply
  41. Mrs. C wrote:

    you’re right, two cuffs are better than one! i better scope out matching cuffs too, they look amazing =D

    9.7.08 · Reply
  42. Shannon wrote:

    hey love, the pics are so great!
    just wondering how much those cuffs cost!
    just an approximate cost would be great
    i love them!

    9.7.08 · Reply
  43. dori wrote:

    hey i work at a y-3 store in nyc and the cape is actually pants. its called the “spant”, half shorts half pants. its the most confusing piece we sell, i tryed it on like a poncho too when i first saw it cuz thats what i thought it was. take a look at the runway pictures, u’ll see it in there

    9.7.08 · Reply
  44. Brigadeiro wrote:

    Dori, I was thinking the same thing, as I have my eye on these ‘spants’ but in wool… Wondering if I’ll get enough wear out of it to justify the cost…LOVE it!

    9.7.08 · Reply
  45. Le Fashion wrote:

    LOVE that watch!
    The Tom Binns are divine. I handled them often during my internship at Harper’s Bazaar.
    Yellow looks awesome on your mom :)

    9.8.08 · Reply
  46. brigadeiro wrote:

    PPS. Where did you buy the 2nd cuff from Jane? TIA!

    9.8.08 · Reply
  47. Smife wrote:

    i. love. your. shoes! the boots are beautiful and the DVNs are divine!!
    and the outfits are as usual wonderful. =)

    9.8.08 · Reply
  48. Jo wrote:

    i love love love all your marni heels from the previous posts! you and your mom are so cute together. i know this is random, but you also have amazing hair, i was wondering what kind of products do you use for your hair?

    9.8.08 · Reply
  49. Sus wrote:

    Loooove that second outfit, so effortless and gorgeous! I’m lusting after those boots :P

    9.8.08 · Reply
  50. Julitta wrote:

    Your outfits are amazing I love your whole shoe-collektion!Your blog is one my favorits!

    9.8.08 · Reply
  51. tig wrote:

    Love the cuffs! And two definitely makes a statement. The boots are amazing.

    9.8.08 · Reply
  52. what is the name of your mom’s Hysteric Glamour jeans?
    love them!

    9.8.08 · Reply
  53. Alex wrote:

    Those cuffs really are gorgeous!
    And I love all your outfits of course =D

    9.8.08 · Reply
  54. I hope your mom reads these comments! If not, tell her she is gorgeous! I love how simple her outfit is but it’s still beyond perfect.
    Your top is outrageous and fits your style so well!

    9.8.08 · Reply
  55. anne wrote:

    thank you for answering my ann d boots sizing question so fast!!!!!

    9.8.08 · Reply
  56. Nina wrote:

    Hi Jane! I dunno if you remember me but I used to have the blog Chez Beaute. My new site is Femme Rationale. If you don’t mind, I’ve already linked you on my new site since you were linked before on my old one. Please stop by and say hi when you have a chance. :)
    Anyway, I am sooooooo jealous of your shoe collection. Your family has such amazing style.

    9.8.08 · Reply
  57. Stefania wrote:

    just came across your blog
    lo-lo-loves it
    the dries van noten heels, i covet! lil bit jealous

    9.8.08 · Reply
  58. Amelie wrote:

    For me, you are decades ahead the rest of the world when it comes to fashion. And that’s real inspiration.

    9.8.08 · Reply
  59. i really like this plain and simple 2nd outfit.

    9.8.08 · Reply
  60. Jess wrote:

    I love the Y-3 poncho! It looks so comfy.

    9.8.08 · Reply
  61. Jane wrote:

    Hey guys!
    Thanks again for reading-
    Dori and Brigadeiro-yes, the ‘spant’ is a tricky piece to wear. on me, it definitely looks like a diaper…I know it’d look great on someone else though. I love it as a pancho though! The wool version sounds v. cool!
    and Brigeiro(sp?) I got my Tom Binns cuffs at a Neiman Marcus outlet in Grapevine, close to where I live!
    Layersofmeaning-I wish I could tell you the exact fit of the Hysteric Glamours but my mom got them three years ago in Tokyo, at a boutique in Laforet. You can buy Hysteric Glamour at American Rag though. The ones we purchased in Tokyo and the ones we purchased in LA at American Rag are really different in terms of the quality of the denim. I much prefer the pair from Japan!
    haha youre sweet Jo-I kind of suck at doing my hair, but the one wonder product I use is Oscar Blandi’s Powder Shampoo. I use it in between washes and not only does it save you washing your hair every day, it adds a lot of body and smells nice!

    9.8.08 · Reply
  62. Mike wrote:

    the heel on those boots are so awkward…

    9.8.08 · Reply
  63. tess wrote:

    did you see yourself on fake karl’s blog? i’m sure you did, but it was so fun to see you mentioned there!

    9.8.08 · Reply
  64. Brigadeiro wrote:

    Jane, thanks for answering my Q :) I was hoping it was a store that had online shopping, but alas, NM doesn’t have it online. Will have to keep an eye out ;) PS. I also have the Dries Van Noten black sandals with the chunky heel, hope to post some pics in my blog sometime soon (can’t find my tripod!). Cheers! CC

    9.9.08 · Reply
  65. Chic Looks wrote:

    these outfits are supercool especially the boots and your mum looks great also I was wondering if you’d like to exchange links cos i’m updating my links section and realised I havent got lots of great blogs on there, just let me know :)

    9.9.08 · Reply
  66. Johanne wrote:

    I love that pansho<3

    9.9.08 · Reply
  67. WendyB wrote:

    Since you and your mom have great taste and an appreciation for the finer things in life, I think you guys you should go in together on my benefit auction. Get a piece of jewelry named after you!

    9.9.08 · Reply
  68. jane judd wrote:

    LOVELOVELOVE your blog. You and your mom have terrific style. I also am in love with your home… would you consider posting photos of your lovely place? Your (sartorial and design) style intrigues us over here at my design store!

    9.9.08 · Reply
  69. jane judd wrote:

    LOVELOVELOVE your blog. You and your mom have terrific style. I also am in love with your home… would you consider posting photos of your lovely place? Your (sartorial and design) style intrigues us over here at my design store!

    9.9.08 · Reply
  70. those tom binns cuffs are mega-genius, jane. fer serials.

    9.10.08 · Reply
  71. both of your shoes are amazing!!! you guys are such a stylish mother-daughter duo

    9.13.08 · Reply
  72. Ivana wrote:

    Omg! Both you and your mom are absolutely stunning!

    9.15.08 · Reply
  73. Tanzanite wrote:

    I love them all – very stylish and chique in their own way. Personal favorite has to be number 2 though – gorgeous!

    1.12.09 · Reply
  74. Kat wrote:

    Have you considered maybe either removing the linkback section at the bottom of your posts, or fixing these photos? – there’s a lot of essentially dead links because the photos are no longer in the posts.

    1.25.12 · Reply
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