So fresh, so right now: Christophe Decarnin really hit his stride with the whole couture rock tramp thing this season. I wanna copy all of this, and those shoes? I need them!!

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  1. B wrote:

    I need those shoes! And these from Steve Madden S/S08 won’t cut it: http://www.stevemadden.com/item.aspx?id=44970.
    Where can those gorgeous shoes be found?!

    9.29.08 · Reply
  2. B wrote:
    9.29.08 · Reply
  3. Blairr wrote:

    With what application do you do these pictures? How do you cut parts of the images??

    9.29.08 · Reply
  4. mattie wrote:

    i have those steve madden sandals, i didn’t know it was inspired by balmain

    9.29.08 · Reply
  5. Le Fashion wrote:

    i can’t get over how great this all is!

    9.30.08 · Reply
  6. Emma wrote:

    oh my god i SO agree.. i worship Christophe Decarnin! everything he shows is perfection. thank god i already have acid wash jeans (the new karen walker) and will def be paring them with some jackets like these. god balmain is beautiful. the world would be a sad sad sad place without it. ps i heart those shoes so much it hurts. pps your site is great!! have only just discovered it! keep up the good work darl

    9.30.08 · Reply
  7. Ané wrote:

    I’m in love love love with Balmain too. Christophe Decarnin really is a genius. Those jacket are insane

    9.30.08 · Reply
  8. ray wrote:

    SO SO SO SO SO SO SO sick nasty – my jaw slammed the keyboard
    but i have to say i was not surprised.
    judging by the fall line i knew we all would not be disappointed at all in the future!
    i just LOVED that little green dress!!!

    9.30.08 · Reply
  9. Gowri wrote:

    wow I love those shoes as well! They are awsome. I am going to shop for shoes tommorow and i have to go. Bye!

    9.30.08 · Reply
  10. raquel wrote:

    Roberto Cavalli was the KING of those embelleshed jeans in the early 2000s! Look it up!!

    10.1.08 · Reply
  11. Brigadeiro wrote:

    I’m drooling over these shoes, so incredibly hot!

    10.1.08 · Reply
  12. Belowen wrote:

    Wow, just wow. Those jackets are works of art!

    10.1.08 · Reply
  13. mayk wrote:

    Yum. Amazing jackets. Perfect.

    10.1.08 · Reply
  14. vanessa wrote:

    I will put your blog on my fauvourites.

    10.2.08 · Reply
  15. Beatrice wrote:

    Looove it, i really really want those stonewashed jeans, it’s hot! And the jackets, omg, they are totally fab!

    10.2.08 · Reply
  16. Alice wrote:

    kim noorda is so gorgeous and looks great in the structured-shoulder jacket :) thanks for posting her!
    x A

    4.6.09 · Reply
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    5.27.09 · Reply
  18. ophélie wrote:

    j adore beaucoup ton style. tu as le chic pour t habiller et trouver des choses qu on oserai pas porter mais sur toi c est tout simplement magnifique

    5.30.09 · Reply
  19. Miss Red wrote:

    i really love your “dream jacket”. it’s definitely my favorite of the bunch. the shoes are pretty awesome. i’m not so fond of the black embellished boot cut, but i really like his stonewashed jeans.

    6.7.09 · Reply
  20. maricela wrote:

    where can i get those shoes.

    6.11.09 · Reply
  21. Lianne wrote:

    My FAV runway show so far… if i could chose anything i wanted to buy it would be something amazing from Balmain!!!!

    6.26.09 · Reply
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  24. Telly wrote:

    This jacket is so fashion I just want one. Where to get one?

    5.27.11 · Reply
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