I have to wear these shoes more!

Marni dress, Y-3 coat, Leggings, Giuseppe Zanotti t-bar wooden platforms

For some reason I've always felt like these shoes were 'fall' shoes. I love them so much. I got them at a Neiman's outlet during the summer last year (they had been there for months!) and I wore them for about a month straight. At the time I was having a wierd fashion moment and wore them with argyle socks and mini skirts, every day. LOL.

Here's a picture I took of the Giuseppe Zanotti's on my windowsill the one day it snowed this year.

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  1. M.M. wrote:

    I love looking at ALL of your outfits, not just the shoes. It’s so refreshing to see someone so young to be so fearless and making creative combinations with her wardrobe rather than settling in with a typical genre of dressing. You obviously have influences, but I like how you interpret your wardrobe in our own way, and you know what looks good on you or not, not what looks good on Erin Wasson or Agyness Deyn will look good on everyone. I think that’s a really important step that most girls leave out. You are a real inspiration to all of your fans, keep the posts coming!!!

    9.16.08 · Reply
  2. miss_shoes wrote:

    your wall …your wall !!! i’m in love !!^^

    9.16.08 · Reply
  3. nsxoxo wrote:

    Just caught up with my google reader and happy to see the backlog of your blogposts – which I love reading! So everyone’s probably already expressed their wows over your awesome shoe shelves but since I’ve just caught up, here’s my delayed turn. Love that the gorgeous shoes now have a great place to live in…and I love how those niches are perfect for tall boots!

    9.16.08 · Reply
  4. Those shoes are magical. So is that gorgeous dress. I love getting your outfit shots everyday. Your blog is one of my favourites.

    9.16.08 · Reply
  5. Brigadeiro wrote:

    I absolutely LOVE this outfit! Absolutely gorgeous, yet effortless & funky all in one!
    I’ve also been furiously trying to find those beaded DVN sandals in the background since I saw them on the runway. Alas, I’ve had no luck :( Am in absolute love with them!

    9.16.08 · Reply
  6. Caro wrote:

    those shoes are rocking! ;)

    9.16.08 · Reply
  7. kat wrote:

    This may sound utterly weird, but you are so pretty ♥

    9.16.08 · Reply
  8. stella-mayfair wrote:

    great platforms, jane! :-))

    9.16.08 · Reply
  9. Ellie wrote:

    I love those shoes! They remind me of Getas (the traditional Japanese shoes that Geishas etc. wear!)

    9.16.08 · Reply
  10. Daiane wrote:

    really nice platforms, jane! i trully get it why you used to wear them every single day ;)

    9.16.08 · Reply
  11. tanya wrote:

    right now in sydney there are so many rip offs of those shoes around, but not one of them match the true brilliance of the original. i especially love the heel…

    9.16.08 · Reply
  12. Julitta wrote:

    you look fantastic! An those shoes look great on you!

    9.16.08 · Reply
  13. songy wrote:

    you can seriously kick ass with them couldn’t you. They rock.

    9.16.08 · Reply
  14. my gosh! those shoes are massive!! How do you walk in them? Love them though…your shoe collection has got to be the biggest I’ve seen, in a very long time, if ever!
    Love getting the updates on your latest outfits. :) x

    9.16.08 · Reply
  15. Amanda wrote:

    Can I ask how old you are? And how do you afford all youre shoes and clothes?:) Love youre outfit and blog!

    9.16.08 · Reply
  16. Dana wrote:

    I love your style, period.

    9.16.08 · Reply
  17. nicole wrote:

    LOVE this look! I want to play in your closet, I’m so jealous :)

    9.16.08 · Reply
  18. Nubby wrote:

    I love your new shelving! It’s like you have a mini boutique in your room!

    9.16.08 · Reply
  19. Wax wrote:

    You look gorgeous. I am so jealous! Hahaha. Anyway, I love your shoes! :D

    9.16.08 · Reply
  20. vaiva wrote:

    please please please please could we please see a some sort of closet tour picture splash? please!! i’d love to see all of those amazing shoes and jewelry and clothes more and in a some sort of a catalogue way… yes, i want to stalk you. and yes, it’s harmless.

    9.16.08 · Reply
  21. a la mode wrote:

    you have the best shoes! How on earth do you afford all these beauties?

    9.16.08 · Reply
  22. bronwyn wrote:

    Those shoes are pure heaven!

    9.16.08 · Reply
  23. chauss wrote:

    j, love the new shoe shelves!

    9.16.08 · Reply
  24. Nina wrote:

    i love your dress! and lucky you get to display all your shoes on shelves instead of cramming them in the closet like i do.

    9.16.08 · Reply
  25. i love your blog, it’s one of my favorites!. please please please keep up the fabulous job! and very cute outfit. those shoes are great

    9.16.08 · Reply
  26. Marianne wrote:

    I LOVE this outfit! The shoes are amazing… and it snows where you are! *jealous* :)

    9.16.08 · Reply
  27. Sophie wrote:

    Great shoes! how are they for walking in?

    9.16.08 · Reply
  28. ihaveadog wrote:

    I love the outfit and shoes, and the look! Brilliant again! I also think you have no need for the Prada lace-up booties over your left shoulder there, and can send them to me at once! :)

    9.16.08 · Reply
  29. Sofie wrote:

    I love those shoes and your blog is so great! Your taste is so diverse and I am inspired by your fearlessness.

    9.16.08 · Reply
  30. Mike wrote:

    fierce and chunky
    love them

    9.16.08 · Reply
  31. Fall wrote:

    I know this blog is all about shoes and style, which is amazing. However – do you have any beauty tips? Your skin always looks flawless.

    9.16.08 · Reply
  32. chin wrote:

    young sophisticate! hands down to all the outfits your wear!

    9.16.08 · Reply
  33. MollyCake wrote:

    Do you live in a well merchandised store?
    I love the romantic shot of the dimly lit shoes against a backdrop of freshly fallen snow. It reminds me of when I photographed my Millionaires on a bed of grass in the blazing sun. Silly fun!

    9.16.08 · Reply
  34. Jo wrote:

    i remember these shoes from a previous snowy day post! theyre absolutely gorgeous, i go weak for all wooden heels… love the wall of shoes behind you, very very nice backdrop for photos.

    9.16.08 · Reply
  35. connie wrote:

    hell, if you don’t wear them more, send them my way! haha! i love everything about them– the height, the width of the wedge– EVERYTHING!

    9.17.08 · Reply
  36. katie wrote:

    Yes, you should wear those shoes more, they deserve it.

    9.17.08 · Reply
  37. yi wrote:

    oo! skinny ankles!
    i need a pair of those shoes! maybe not giuseppe zanotti’s cos i can’t afford them.. gap will have to do =(

    9.17.08 · Reply
  38. Ané wrote:

    those shoes are amazing and I’m in absolute love with all of your other shoes too. In this picture I especially adore the Prada lace up boots and the beaded Dries sandals, and those blue shoes beneath the Pradas of which I cannot remember the designer.
    Ah bliss!

    9.17.08 · Reply
  39. Noemi wrote:

    I love these shoes. they look kind of like Chloe shoes! I love your blog it is lovely and so are you.

    9.17.08 · Reply
  40. you look fabulous!

    9.17.08 · Reply
  41. Perri wrote:

    I just wanted to say that I LOVE you’re blog and your fashion sense. I actually used to live in Dallas, and miss it so much! Now I live in New York, and its so different. I love love love all of your shoes! If you have time check out my blog (fashionisforever.blogspot.com) but its not nearly as fabulous as yours!

    9.17.08 · Reply
  42. Becca wrote:

    those are fabulous shoes. I can see why you wore them around for a month! I would have too! gorgeous.

    9.17.08 · Reply
  43. Jillian wrote:

    you look really tall in this photo and i think because the shoes are so big that they make ur legs look SUPER THING and i’m sure the leggings help too but you really look amazing!
    I LOVE IT!

    9.17.08 · Reply
  44. Belowen wrote:

    Amazing shoes (of course & as always) but I have to say, I really love your hair in this shot! Looking gorgeous! <33

    9.17.08 · Reply
  45. Pamcasso wrote:

    Love this too! If you ever possibly tire of that marni dress, I would welcome it with open arms:) It was my favorite from that collection.

    9.18.08 · Reply
  46. Sow wrote:

    Hello, I am a French girl of 15 years, I saw an article on you in Glamour, the same type of goes shopping that Vogue, I love that you makes I am made to use a translator… I would love communicating with you

    11.9.08 · Reply
  47. OMG!
    i was looking through Garance’s links – saw yours…
    browsed for 30mins.. saw this post ;)
    this is a friend of my Moms – she owns a boutique in Odessa, Ukraine :) and we often meet at PFW…
    and she is super cool!!!

    6.23.09 · Reply
  48. Toka wrote:

    Gorgeous stuff. Now I feel bad I don’t treat my shoes that well :(
    Please check out my blog. http://tokalisdaily.blogspot.com/

    6.22.11 · Reply
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