Mctega jewelry and addictive plastic animals

I came across Mctega jewelry through Coolhunting the other day and was immediately drawn to their ‘chunk’ and ‘triptych’ necklaces. They have the same bare-bones luxury that I love about Tina Chow’s jewelry.The  raw, organic look aesthetic of these pieces stems from Mctega founders Sarah McLellan and Kristina Ortega’s backgrounds in pre-med and organic chemistry. And, did I mention they were former interns at Rodarte?

Another cool thing about Mctega? Their necklaces range from $92-$325. Pretty afforable for such a statement making piece.

I’m a minimal jewelry person-I prefer to invest in statement pieces that have sentimental value. That’s why I flipped when I saw the Mctega ‘Gilded Menagerie’ necklace.

I know it’s cheesy to say but this necklace is so me!

I collect other things besides shoes: amongst them are plastic toy animals. I can’t place what it is that I find so compelling about these little guys but I can’t seem to stop picking them up. I’ve accumulated quite a collection of them. This is only about half of my plastic toy friends. You don’t think I’m wierd for collecting them, do you?

My octopus is my most special plastic toy, obviousely.

It’s a cool idea, but I love the little plastic toy friends that I already have too much to drill holes in them and string them up on a necklace: you just get so attached to them, you know? Maybe I’ll have to get my hands on the ‘Gilded Menagerie’ necklace-everyone should have a piece of jewelry that’s like a little piece of them, right? That sounds lame but it’s true: buy a piece of jewelry like this and you’ll find yourself wearing it a lot. Perhaps something at Mctega sums you up perfectly?

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  1. tanya wrote:

    an obsession with little plastic animals? jane youre the best!

    9.15.08 · Reply
  2. I like your hermit crab.

    9.15.08 · Reply
  3. brigadeiro wrote:

    Ooh! I’m eyeing/loving the Triptych necklace!

    9.15.08 · Reply
  4. b. wrote:

    i’m not trying to be rude [i actually really enjoy your blog] however i was wondering, do you work?
    if so, please forgive, and if not, which is what i assume, i just have to say that i find it really irritating when you use a term such as ‘affordable’, especially when you’re walking around in designer clothes and very expensive designer shoes. your blog is lovely and i adore all of your clothes, especially the shoes, but it’s moreso all a daydream to me. couldn’t be further away from the real world that i know, when you get a job in high school, buy your own clothes, your own car, pay your own insurance, work while in college, etc. i couldn’t even imagine throwing hundreds of dollars away on a pair of shoes every week. it’s a very extravagant lifestyle that i’m sure most blog readers could and will never relate to. just try to be careful when tossing words like ‘afforable’ around when indeed those things aren’t affordable at all.

    9.15.08 · Reply
  5. brigadeiro wrote:

    Ok, I tried biting my tongue and not say anything regarding the post above, but can’t help it, and will try to pick my words carefully.
    As an avid SeaOfShoes blog reader I disagree that we readers do not relate to Jane, as I do, to a certain extent (although I was never that stylish and designer-savvy at the age of 16). I think saying you couldn’t imagine ‘throwing hundreds of dollars away on a pair of shoes” does come across as rude (even if unintentionally) to those who choose to spend their money on a nice pair of shoes if they/we wish to. Remember we are reading JANE’s blog, and to her, the Mctega jewellery line IS affordable. I too agree that $99-$325 IS relatively affordable for such a gorgeous and unique range.

    9.15.08 · Reply
  6. i love the geode necklaces…they are so cave-like.
    and wow, the above comment… jealousy never makes a girl pretty.
    you’re inspiring… for i’m sure when i was your age, even if i had the money, i wouldn’t have such refined taste.

    9.15.08 · Reply
  7. AmandaMchele wrote:

    To the commenter above, that this is not reality, I did not have things like that when I worked my way through college, paying my own tuition and car insurance and all the other hardships you bemons, but since graduating and securing a real job, I do have the disposable income and pleasure of buying these peices and it makes me rather proud to know I wanted it and worked for it There is absolutely no shame in making money and indulging yourself, and I find it offensive that you would suggest otherwise.
    Also, there is nothing weird about collecting little plastic toys, I have a penchant for Happy Meal toy’s, this weekend I got Glinda the good witch from Wizard of Oz! Shes AMAZING.

    9.15.08 · Reply
  8. punky wrote:

    I love your Meerkats.

    9.15.08 · Reply
  9. SammyDoll wrote:

    Thanks so much for posting these necklaces! They are certainly affordable for the uniqueness and i think i may have to purchase the “Chunk” necklace.. would be a nice change from my other long pendants that i wear constantly!
    Btw, i’m 19 and i can definitely relate to you.. however, i want to point out that fashion is about fantasy. It’s obvious, Jane, that you understand this.. and a shame some others do not.
    Keep on doing it :O)

    9.15.08 · Reply
  10. Amee wrote:

    Oh dear, the Chunk and Triptych necklaces are calling my name! Thanks for posting these, they are wonderful. The plastic animals are adorable, not weird :) I have an extensive collection of Disney figurines and stuffed animals.

    9.15.08 · Reply
  11. Ammu wrote:

    Chunk is gorgeous…thank you for posting these – I love Tina Chow’s jewellery too – organic and stunning. Your imagination & taste is magnificent :)

    9.15.08 · Reply
  12. I love that Chunk necklace and it’s a great price for something so special. Love your blog, I have never come across such a talented and stylish young person!

    9.15.08 · Reply
  13. chauss wrote:

    jane, that jewelry is a great find. cant wait till you take pix with the animal necklave irl. i would like an opinion form you on the chian they are attahed to…

    9.15.08 · Reply
  14. Jane wrote:

    Thanks for the comments guys! Glad to see other people enjoy wierd toys too, haha
    If I do get the necklace Chauss, I’ll be sure to tell you how it works out. It does look a tad flimsy, doesnt it? Cute, none the less.
    some great points regarding commenter ‘b.’.
    “i want to point out that fashion is about fantasy” -I AGREE!
    “I think saying you couldn’t imagine ‘throwing hundreds of dollars away on a pair of shoes” does come across as rude (even if unintentionally) to those who choose to spend their money on a nice pair of shoes if they/we wish to. “-I AGREE x10.
    Especially when nice shoes and clothes or ANYTHING makes you happy-cars, art, home decor, plastic animals, sheesh, everybody has their THING! mine just happens to be fashion!

    9.15.08 · Reply
  15. Sasha wrote:

    I am totally obsessing over these necklaces… I’m seriously considering getting one (or two), despite my measly part-time icecream shop income.
    And even though I make $40 a week, I think those prices are very reasonable, considering the amount of thought and care that has gone into handcrafting every single piece.
    mctega will be getting extra business because of you, Jane…

    9.17.08 · Reply
  16. Ané wrote:

    I don’t suppose you should bother too much about being…er…”reprimanded” by b. because indeed, like you said, everybody has their thing. Fashion just so happens to be mine also, but unfortunately I can’t afford most of the clothes you can. I’m jealous but I’m confident in my own abilities and know that one day I will be able to afford what I want to.
    But seeing as how you are able to afford all that fabulousness, go ahead, because my world, I can assure you, would be a duller place if I was not able to look at pictures of you in all your fashion glory.
    b., you should remember that what is affordable to one person might not be to the other, and so Jane has every right to call whatever she wants affordable, seeing as affordable would be to her what she is able to afford.

    9.17.08 · Reply
  17. Ané wrote:

    oh and wow I said my bit there but completely forgot about the post. This is indeed some fabulous jewellry! I am in absolute love with it. It seems as if it would lighten up even the dullest outfit
    and wowee those plastic animals are cute! You got me inspired to go searching through my little brother’s toyboxes now!

    9.17.08 · Reply
  18. b. wrote:

    Wow, it’s amazing how when someone actually ‘disagrees’ with ANYTHING a dear blogger says, they get attacked. My comment has apparently gained a lot of attention since the last time I visited here. The fact that fellow Sea of Shoes readers felt the need to gang up on me to somehow ‘protect’ Jane in defense is really ridiculous. I said myself that I absolutely love Jane’s blog and that it’s like stepping into a daydream for me, like flipping through a fashion mag full of pieces you know you can’t afford. And that is perfectly fine. It’s good to dream. That’s why I keep coming back here, and reading all those fashion mags. I too am fashion-obsessed, and just because I don’t throw all of my money away on clothes and shoes doesn’t mean I don’t love fashion. I just have more important things to worry about.
    To Jane, I’m sorry you agree with the others’ comments in that I was being rude and/or offensive. I specifically pointed out that I was indeed not trying to be. I think you are lovely and extremely lucky to be able to have all the things you want.
    To the other readers, please stop with the defensive remarks. You have your opinions — let me have mine. That’s only fair, yes? Also, it’s completely unfair for you to lash out at me for thinking that certain things are unaffordable just because I support myself and a four-year-old boy, while working and going to college. It’s like I’m the bad guy for not having money to spend on whatever I want without consequence. And I actually buy myself clothes all the time. It’s just that I seek out cheaper versions. Bargain shopping is like a gift of mine. :)
    To the reader that mentioned how there is no shame in making money and indulging yourself — I couldn’t agree more. In fact, that is my point. If you make your own money, you have the freedom and the right to spend it on whatever you want. It’s yours. You earned it. Do what you want with it.
    I just have more respect for the bloggers that earn their own money to spend on the things they want instead of having mommy or daddy’s credit card to use at their own disposal.
    To Jane — You agreed that fashion is fantasy, yet it seems you get almost anything you want. Do you think that you are living a fantasy, then?

    9.18.08 · Reply
  19. SammyDoll wrote:

    You say you love Jane’s blog and it’s obvious you do- no real need to elaborate there; you visit often and admire her taste and styling. You can say you’re not trying to be disrespectful/rude/offensive all you want, however, actions speak louder than words. Both you and i (and everyone else) can see you are being all of the above mentioned.
    What you need to realize is that reality is unique to every individual and YOU make your own reality. Jane’s wardrobe and style may be your fantasy, but it’s her reality. Want to see her fantasy? Look at her inspiration/style board posts.
    Everyone is on their own path in life. Personally, i would never pass judgement on you for having a child when you were around Jane’s age, so it would be in a close to perfect world that you would not judge her for living her life.
    I’m sure like many other teenagers, Jane has some kind of monthly budget/allowance that allows her to buy some of the items she desires. Her family obviously just so happens to have a larger income than most.
    Also, like Jane mentioned, this is her main HOBBY/”THING”. Other teens may be into electronics or musical instruments- she’s into clothes and shoes.
    So stop acting like a douche-nozzle.

    9.19.08 · Reply
  20. b. wrote:

    dear sammydoll,
    i’m glad you felt the need to be the ambassador to jane’s blog. i’m also glad you felt the need to speak FOR jane. i’m especially glad that you felt the need to speak of me as if you know me, when in fact you are completely wrong. i did not have a child when i was jane’s age. i’m 24. i mentioned that i have a four-year-old. do the math. that means i was 20 when i had a child, and it’s the best thing that’s ever happened to me.
    what you need to realize is that each individual does NOT make their own reality. children are born into poor families – do they make their own reality? children are sexually abused by their fathers every night – do they make their own reality? children are abandoned by their parents. children are born with cancer. tell me, do they make their own reality?
    reality is an absolute. it’s not left up to choice. life is what we make it. life is unique to each individual through the choices we make and the situations we experience throughout. reality is what we’re given. it’s the world, and all the things that happen in it that we cannot control. we just have to try to make the best of it.
    you already passed judgement on me when you attacked me for simply asking jane to choose her words a bit more carefully, such as when labelling certain things ‘affordable.’ the majority of the population cannot relate to what she believes is affordable, because the majority of the population doesn’t have the luxury of spending their parents money on anything they want. jane really has no right to label anything ‘affordable’, because she’s not spending her own money on said things. it’s affordable to her parents. if you believe she has the right to call whatever she wants ‘affordable’, then in a ‘close to perfect world’ you would also allow me to call whatever i want unaffordable.
    it’s completley pompous to call wanting high fashion clothing and shoes a ‘hobby’. blogging is a hobby. knitting. bird-watching. reading. baking. going to museums. collecting records, etc. i would call it more of an investment. how wonderful it must be to have parents to fully support such an expensive and extravagant ‘hobby’.
    if jane is such a wonderful person, why doesn’t she do something noble with ‘her’ money? she might really need those highly covetable shoes straight off the runways, but there are starving children in the world. people who need clothing. people who would be happy just to have a home.
    you said that i was being rude and offensive. i haven’t called anyone names, like you.
    by the way, if you are going to call me a name, make sure it’s an actual word. is there not a shred of intelligence here?

    9.20.08 · Reply
  21. alisha wrote:

    I have to agree with b here. It’s kind of frustrating (and not because I’m jealous, but because I’m sad so many people take so much for granted) to see a sixteen year old girl getting every ridiculously expensive designer piece of clothing she wants because her *mom* can afford it, and then calling it affordable for the whole human race. Sorry, sweetie, but until you’re making your own money at a job you got all on your own, I’d stick to less damning adjectives.

    11.14.08 · Reply
  22. hello guys i am new here dear i read your comment i learn alot of things from your comment it’s great dear thanx for this information.

    11.30.09 · Reply
  23. Achmea wrote:

    Greetings from your Ukrainian fan :)
    Just want to add more words of admire to your karma and make a small proposal: I can pick some beautiful plastic animals for you here, in Ukraine, and send them to your place. Maybe they will find a good place in your collection.
    Just let me know ;)

    7.1.10 · Reply
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