PICTURES FROM LAST SUNDAY//went dress shopping with my sister

 On Sunday I went with my family to the Galleria to get a dress for my little sister-I wore a dress that I think is from Urban Outfitters, with a vintage beaded/sequined cardigan, rabbit fur felt hat, antique necklace and my Ann Demeulemeester boots.

My mom wears a J. Crew shirt, a mens polka dotted tie, a skirt from Anthropologie, and Miu Miu patent boots. As for my "dad" (he's not really my dad, obviousely, because my father is Karl Lagerfeld) I'm not sure what he wore.

Unfortunately I do not have pictures of Carol-she got the cutest Betsey Johnson dress and hopefully I can snap some pictures of her in it when she wears it!

The vintage shopping guide will be ready soon! :) Thanks for being patient!

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  1. Whimsykid wrote:

    This is one of my favourite outfits of yours– the combination of the light floaty dress and the Ann Demeulemeesters is genius! You also pull off the hat really well, I can totally picture it flopping on someone else.
    And the vintage shopping guide sounds exciting :)

    10.21.08 · Reply
  2. SD wrote:

    i think the hat is so cute
    and i love the dress

    10.21.08 · Reply
  3. Corie wrote:

    i love how your whole family is so stylish!

    10.21.08 · Reply
  4. chantelle wrote:

    that’s an awesome cardigan!

    10.21.08 · Reply
  5. Rachel wrote:

    I totally have your mom’s skirt! I love it and wear it all the time.

    10.21.08 · Reply
  6. terren wrote:

    sounds like a perfect day! your family is the cutest :)

    10.22.08 · Reply
  7. Brigadeiro wrote:

    I absolutely love this outfit! Especially the different textures & light colours juxtaposed with the ‘tough’ AD boots, just gorgeous (even love the textures of the cushions in the background)! Your mom looks so cute too!

    10.22.08 · Reply
  8. rebeca wrote:

    i really loved the beaded shiny cardigan! and the hat too, since i’m not one to use hats very often (actually, never).
    your mom wears really cool clothes too, must be in the genes..

    10.22.08 · Reply
  9. Tour d'ivoire wrote:

    This is a great outfit, the colours match perfectly. You’re actually starting to make me love your Demeulemeester boots that I hated at first ! Well done ! It is so nice to see pictures of such a stylish and nice family.

    10.22.08 · Reply
  10. Rusulica wrote:

    your dress is beautiful! i have a similar cardigan, its silver and sparkly but without beads, and i love the way you put it together with the dress. which is, as i sad, really beautiful! :)

    10.22.08 · Reply
  11. Wax wrote:

    your mom is adorable! :)

    10.22.08 · Reply
  12. Nathalie wrote:

    i love your outift, the dress, the boots, the colours..

    10.22.08 · Reply
  13. Love your mom´s skirt!

    10.22.08 · Reply
  14. you look lovely!
    and yes! what a stylish family!

    10.22.08 · Reply
  15. nicole wrote:

    can you PLEASE ask your mom to start her own blog!!!!! papapapapaplease!

    10.22.08 · Reply
  16. Suzany wrote:

    Love your cardigan! It’s so beautiful and your mom rocks! She also seems to be such a sweet person! :)

    10.22.08 · Reply
  17. Kristina wrote:

    Your parents are the cutest things EVER!!!

    10.22.08 · Reply
  18. mattie wrote:

    you mom is the greatest. you should talk her into starting her own blog. she’s awesome. i love her outfit. the tire the skirt. too cool
    tell your mom i’m a huge fan of her style!!!!

    10.22.08 · Reply
  19. mattie wrote:

    oh, btw, i can’t wait for the vintage post

    10.22.08 · Reply
  20. Catalina wrote:

    You look fabulous, I absolutely love your mother’s outfit, and your dad is adorable. What a photogenic family!

    10.22.08 · Reply
  21. Cody wrote:

    i love your hat and your parents look adorable together!

    10.22.08 · Reply
  22. anon wrote:

    You owe us a how-to-ebay post too ;)

    10.22.08 · Reply
  23. When you buy clothes, do you think about building a collection for yourself, that will last for many years? It seems like you do, which is cool.
    You choose high quality items, that are interesting timeless and eclectic.
    That is what I try to do.
    It is also really neat, that you and your mom have such a great relationship, and share each others love for style. (I am not forgetting your sister, they are important too, I love mine bunches, I know you do too, it shows. :)

    10.22.08 · Reply
  24. Dana wrote:

    Such feminine clothes, and such a great impact the black AD boots make on the whole outfit! Great!

    10.22.08 · Reply
  25. Alex wrote:

    Your parents! They are so chic.

    10.22.08 · Reply
  26. Amelia wrote:

    I love the sweater. Your mom’s outfit is pretty cool, too–I like the colors. I wish my mom was more stylish.

    10.22.08 · Reply
  27. Becca wrote:

    I love that dress and also that adorable floppy hat!

    10.22.08 · Reply
  28. Nubby wrote:

    I love your mom’s outfit and your dad is so classically stylish! Good genes you have!

    10.22.08 · Reply
  29. kirstie wrote:

    love that vintage cardigan! ahhhh. your parents are so effortlessly stylish too.

    10.22.08 · Reply
  30. Alan wrote:

    Your “dad” needs a makeover!

    10.23.08 · Reply
  31. Enfievre wrote:

    the color combination of your mothers outfit is just perfect, going to have to try that out sometime!!

    10.23.08 · Reply
  32. kristin wrote:

    I just love your outfit here… something about the boots and dress together just make me really happy!

    10.23.08 · Reply
  33. sarah wrote:

    YOUR DAD IS NOT YOUR DAD????????????????????????

    10.23.08 · Reply
  34. Jess wrote:

    as most have already gotten around to saying your outfit is grand. Love the color combo for sure.

    10.23.08 · Reply
  35. belen wrote:

    I dont understood something….cause your dad is not your dad…your dad is not karl lagerferl…I search in google and he is not your dad…why you said that?
    I love your looks…and i LOVE your shoes…

    10.23.08 · Reply
  36. Francesca wrote:

    Oh my gosh, your mother is so stylish! And I love your dress from Urban Outfitters, it’s so delicate.

    10.23.08 · Reply
  37. The Tart wrote:

    Those boots are the cool-est!! Your parents are charming! Found your bloggy via Allison’s blog.
    The Tart
    ; *
    PS. Vintage YSL is my fave!

    10.25.08 · Reply
  38. annie wrote:

    Hi! I’m one of your many swedish readers. I just wanted to say that I love your style! It’s so special and cool.
    There’s just one thing that I would like to ask you, if it’s okay?
    Who are you? I have some trouble figuring that out. Both you and your mom dress in so expensive clothes. Are you famous?

    10.27.08 · Reply
  39. lorraine wrote:

    i have this dress also, and i love it. it looks great with those boots too…also I don’t think many people can pull of a hat like that and have it look “right” on them, but yours looks stunning. and as many above have said, your family is adorably stylish!

    10.28.08 · Reply
  40. katrina wrote:

    this is one of my favourite outfits of yours. its perfect!

    10.29.08 · Reply
  41. elly wrote:

    i think you should be happy to have a lovely stylish dad like that :)

    11.2.08 · Reply
  42. Vickie wrote:

    Don’t forget to take your shoes to Deno’s Shoe Repair of Highland Park (62 Highland Park Village). They have done a great job on a few vintage pairs I picked up on E-bay!!

    11.2.08 · Reply
  43. Calla wrote:

    Nice dress…. your shoes make perfect match to it.

    11.11.08 · Reply
  44. This outfit is so perfect !^-^

    11.15.08 · Reply
  45. AHHHHH!
    I love your outfit here. I have that dress, it is from Urban Outfitters. It’s one of my favourite things but I am too tall to wear it as a dress! So annoying.

    11.19.08 · Reply
  46. Sarsie wrote:

    Wow Your whole family looks great! I hope your Dad didn’t see what you wrote tho. I dont know him of course, but he looks like a really lovely Dad. He looks kinda proud that you are taking a pic of him too.

    1.7.09 · Reply
  47. Page Zelasko wrote:

    I love the outfit – it would look great with brown suede boots too! Where did you get the hat – I love it! (:

    1.23.09 · Reply
  48. kaila wrote:

    DOES ANYONE KNOW THE BRAND NAME OF THE URBAN OUTFITTERS DRESS? I want it, but I know it’s not current season, but would like to keep an eye out on ebay.

    2.4.09 · Reply
  49. binz wrote:

    that’s not your dad?

    2.27.09 · Reply
  50. fussball wrote:

    Gute Arbeit hier! Gute Inhalte.

    3.2.09 · Reply
  51. amazing!! thank you those look beautiful!!

    9.16.09 · Reply
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