RE: RODARTE//fashion at the park

The show last night was AMAZING!!

They played the soundtrack from the show in NY (totally sick) and I did see Laura and Kate Mulleavy. I walked past Laura Mulleavy on her way into the afterparty at Barneys. I managed to take a creepy picture of them too!!

Pictures from the show:


Photos from the afterparty, some of my favorite Barneys people lookin fabulous (my pictures are awful though, I apologize)


^ stunning!!!

^I met the girl on the far right like, two or three months ago when I was out shopping and I asked her about her amazing silver/lavender hair and lo and behold, she was there last night, wearing the Margiela sandalboots…shoe twins!

^Julie Gilhart in Rodarte + sparkly Loub pumps…I sat behind her at the show, she had this amazing leather cuff on too.

My mom wore a beautiful dress made by Manila designer Czarina Villa-she was so kind as to send me some of her designs and they are absolutley incredible. Expect a more in-depth post on those pieces soon! Worn with wax finish Levi's jeans and Balenciaga booties.

I wish I had dressed up more for last night and gone really over the top. I just wore the lace dress I bought in Tulsa with a vintage belt and Prada lace-up booties.

Sigh…all of the commenters who said I should have skipped school to go to the trunk show. Right at this moment I'd give anything to molest the Rodarte clothes up close and personal. Instead I'm stuck at home working on an epic English paper.

Seeing Rodarte was incredible-wouldn't have missed it for the world!

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  1. mayk wrote:

    perfect outfit.

    10.16.08 · Reply
  2. I bet the show and afterparty was so fun! I must have missed those cream/gold skinny trousers the first time around.
    Your pics are great! and both of y’all looked perfectly dressed. Thanks! I’ll be in Dallas soon, can’t wait to go shopping!

    10.16.08 · Reply

    10.16.08 · Reply
  4. Amelia wrote:

    That looks so cool. I love the first picture. Envy.

    10.16.08 · Reply
  5. Brigadeiro wrote:

    Oh! You did wear the beige Prada peep-toe booties!!! Yay! (I’m sure it wasn’t due to my suggestion, hehe). Your outfit looks unreal, just gorgeous!
    Thanks for sharing such amazing photos, you and your mom looked gorgeous, as did the other fashionistas you took photos with. WOWee! There are such amazingly stylish girls/ladies/women in Dallas! Wonder what those Asian girls are wearing…stunning!
    A M A Z I N G!

    10.16.08 · Reply
  6. jessy wrote:

    manila designer. yay :)
    that’s awesome:) check out puey quinones too :)
    love your shoes!

    10.16.08 · Reply
  7. Mer wrote:

    I actually really like your outfit, and I think it’s perfect. It’s very fashion-y and very unique and cool and I really like it. So don’t you be dissing it, girlfriend! It’s fab.
    God, I sound like a homosexual man.

    10.16.08 · Reply
  8. natalie wrote:

    writing english papers is sometimes not so bad. The Mulleavy sisters started from two very academic standpoints–art history and yes, literature–not initially devoted to the fashion world or the fashionista circuit at all.
    In fact, it would be silly to say that their clothes have no literary or art historical references. This is something that has always attracted me to their clothing line and overall image–that brainy, intellectual element. Perhaps the thought that I could read books and then design a couture line makes me reel.
    That being said, your photos of the show are spectacular and breathtaking. I have recently been shown your blog–it is very impressive and actually quite addictive–so many pretty things. I will continue to do so in the future. keep up the good work and good luck on your english paper.
    –a reader

    10.16.08 · Reply
  9. So stoked you went! I loved this collection, they are doing amazing things and it’s so great you were able to see it in person.
    Really like the new look of the blog as well!

    10.17.08 · Reply
  10. Marian wrote:

    yay for that Manila-made dress! it looks so pretty :) Manila has lots of young and talented designers now, it’s insane.
    would you know what that girl on the right who seemingly looks Chinese is wearing? her top in particular is amazing

    10.17.08 · Reply
  11. Angel wrote:

    *squeal* that lace dress looks amazing!!! i love it!

    10.17.08 · Reply
  12. omgomgomg!!!

    10.17.08 · Reply
  13. SHOEBOX wrote:

    The shoes from the show, AMAZING!

    10.17.08 · Reply
  14. advo88 wrote:

    You look really, really great though. I love the lace dress, so feminine combined with the tougher lace-up booties.

    10.17.08 · Reply
  15. Valentina wrote:

    just… wow! you were stunning!
    [i hope you’ll have time and lust to prepare that Ebay guide with your mother’s advice!]

    10.17.08 · Reply
  16. julia wrote:

    I think you looked amazingly elegant and pretty and delicate… that outfit must be my all-times favourite of yours!

    10.17.08 · Reply
  17. escritora wrote:

    Jane, you look adorable and chic, i love your shoes (oh, all your shoes ;))
    And your mum looks phenomenally, as always :) i adore her style, so please, post more of her pics ;)

    10.17.08 · Reply
  18. jenny wrote:

    hi jane, been reading ur blog for quite some time now. and iluv ur shoes! you have been featured by a famous filipina blogger! im a fil too. check it out– http://www.mabuhaygirl.multiply.com

    10.17.08 · Reply
  19. Erin wrote:

    lucky you to get to go to the show…thanks for sharing with us.

    10.17.08 · Reply
  20. so cool! that dress looks lovely on you.
    also in the 1st pair of girl, i like what the girl on the right is wearing, that cocoon shaped thing with the the long leather gloves…

    10.17.08 · Reply
  21. stacy wrote:

    Hi, i’m currently putting up a clothing line and also from manila. :) the website i put in my info here has a few information about the brand i’m building up. i’d be honored to have you wear my stuff! :) i just had a show last night!!
    here are some photos:

    10.17.08 · Reply
  22. Jessica wrote:

    i’m from manila and its lovely to hear that your mom was wearing something by czarina, im part of the team organizing Philippine Fashion Week and it was so cool to hear about her since she’ll be showing her collection next week!
    love your blog! its seriously entertaining!

    10.17.08 · Reply
  23. lina wrote:

    your outfit’s stunning, the belt and boots really make it work. the bag seems a tad schoolgirlish though – no offence meant.
    i love the way you throw outfits together, great sense of style!

    10.17.08 · Reply
  24. kirstie wrote:

    manila designer (y)
    sure you could’ve gone over the top, but that looks awesome too. perfect combination of dress+shoe

    10.17.08 · Reply
  25. Q wrote:

    Wow! I see a lot of Manila readers! I’m from Manila too! I just love everything about your blog Jane! You, your mom, and your sister all look great! :)

    10.17.08 · Reply
  26. M wrote:

    you look lovely!
    you’re so lucky to see Rodarte in person!!!

    10.17.08 · Reply
  27. Ok first and foremost you looked stunning, that dress omg!
    The shoes in the show… If I could get my hands on them I would be a very happy woman!
    That Barney’s sale assitant wearing the Fendi heels, another omg… love those shoes… i’m kicking myself that I never bought them!

    10.17.08 · Reply
  28. tanya wrote:

    your mom is rockin those skinnies and those booties like such a badass!

    10.17.08 · Reply
  29. Becca wrote:

    Such stunning photos – I am so envious but happy that you got the fantastic experience of Rodarte up close and personal! Your outfit was the perfect choice!

    10.17.08 · Reply
  30. Eli wrote:

    So the models didnt wear the leggings though?

    10.18.08 · Reply
  31. Chloe wrote:

    i’m like sooo jealous right now lol.
    bet you had an amazing time right?
    and that chandelier at the beginning is awesome..
    wish i could have seen all of them beautiful clothes but ahh well *sniffles* your pics make up for it!!
    :] xxxxx

    10.18.08 · Reply
  32. Amy May wrote:

    You look gorgeous and so does everyone else! I love the colour of that girls lavender hair and those first two ladies look amazing.
    I’m so jealous!

    10.18.08 · Reply
  33. Annie wrote:

    So I’m watching the Rachel Zoe project at the moment and as soon as I saw that Orange and Purple long dress, I was like… DIE!!!!

    10.18.08 · Reply
  34. GossipGirl wrote:

    Your blog has a following in Manila! :)

    10.18.08 · Reply
  35. kristin wrote:

    you look lovely and the photos are amazing!

    10.18.08 · Reply
  36. Luxe. wrote:

    Wow looks like you had an amazing night!

    10.19.08 · Reply
  37. Czarina wrote:

    Looking fabulous as always. :-) Hugs!

    10.19.08 · Reply
  38. Jay wrote:

    I interned at FATP and actually got to dress the Barney’s/Rodarte show. The show almost didn’t happen because any rain backstage would have ruined the hand-dyed tulle. I literally had to dive to keep one of the 2 girls in the finale dresses from going outside. And the shoes were super heavy and took a full minute to get on.

    10.19.08 · Reply
  39. Katie wrote:

    That dress is perfect, I think. I would love one just like it! I would also love to attend a fashion show, looks amazing!

    10.20.08 · Reply
  40. valerie wrote:

    the lace dress looks great on you, perfect outfit!!!

    10.21.08 · Reply
  41. Margot wrote:

    OOOOOMG i’m so jealous of you :D

    10.21.08 · Reply
  42. Vinciane wrote:

    Beautiful dress !
    I really like your shoes !

    10.27.08 · Reply
  43. Anaïs wrote:

    Hello, I’m French and I find the address of your blog in the magazine “Glamor”, who talking of your style.
    . I love your style … and your blog!
    And I one question:
    Your father is really Karl Lagerfeld?
    I speak not very good english so forgive me if you doesn’t understand .I’m thirteen!!

    11.24.08 · Reply
  44. sara wrote:

    i am inlove with your clothes girly…so jealous in a good way though haha,
    I wish i was as rich as you, lol want my own pair of lace of booties. sigh. Maybe in the future perhaps haha :)

    12.23.08 · Reply
  45. sara wrote:

    i am inlove with your clothes girly…so jealous in a good way though haha,
    I wish i was as rich as you, lol want my own pair of lace of booties. sigh. Maybe in the future perhaps haha :)

    12.23.08 · Reply
  46. Lucas wrote:

    Holy fucking cuntnugget.
    That colourful dress nearly made me cream. It is so… eclectically beautiful.

    3.16.09 · Reply
  47. Miss Red wrote:

    I am so jealous of you! Rodarte is one of my favorites. Laura and Kate are so talented. The sleeves on some of those outfits are so cool. Your lace dress is so pretty, especially with the shoes and belt. they stand out against the white and look great.

    6.1.09 · Reply
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    7.28.09 · Reply
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    4.27.12 · Reply
  50. I love shoes/sandals,and I like yours,I really love all of your outfit.You’re really amazing.

    5.10.12 · Reply