SHOUTOUTS//thanks guys!!

Sea of Shoes got a feature in this month's D Magazine-a local magazine for the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex. Shot by Trevor Paulhus.

Click here to see the picture!

And I was interviewed by the very stylish and cool Christine Dychiao of Manila Fashion Observer for the On the Radar section of the Phillipine Star-thanks Chrstine!

Last Wednesday I was lucky enough to get to meet with Alison V. Smith at V.O.D. and she took some pictures of me-check out her website


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  1. Becca wrote:

    congrats! you totally deserve all the recognition you get.

    10.28.08 · Reply
  2. william wrote:

    I simply adore the article from D! The photography is very impressive for a local magazine.

    10.28.08 · Reply
  3. eliza wrote:

    looks great! congrats!!

    10.28.08 · Reply
  4. Caroline wrote:

    i’m proud to say i was one of the first seaofshoes readers.

    10.28.08 · Reply
  5. tanya wrote:

    ah the ungaro’s finally make an appearance…
    i have a pair of just above the knee length knickers and they are absolutely divine. although since theyre so delicae i never get the chance to wear them, for fear of runing them.
    is there any chance we can get bigger/clearer photos that accompanied the article?

    10.28.08 · Reply
  6. congratulations!
    such great articles. i really admire your style, its unique and effortless, and that’s something that’s so rare to see, esp. for someone your age. it blows my mind that you’re under 20!!

    10.28.08 · Reply
  7. yay! :)

    10.28.08 · Reply
  8. tanya wrote:

    argh sorry for the spelling mistakes above.
    i think i was getting overexcited about the ungaro’s…

    10.28.08 · Reply

    10.28.08 · Reply
  10. Frances wrote:

    Hi Jane, I just started reading your blog, and I must say you got me hooked. I hope you don’t mind that i put some of your photos on an entry i wrote about you on my blog. Thanks!

    10.29.08 · Reply
  11. Brigadeiro wrote:

    Ooh! Great articles, congrats! Loved reading the interview and the piece on D Magazine. It’s so hard to comprehend that I’m only 1 of 10,000 readers you get a day! Wow! Needless to say, I’m a huge fan :)

    10.29.08 · Reply
  12. alexa wrote:

    i love your site! you totally deserve the recognition :)

    10.29.08 · Reply
  13. Oh wow, that feature in the local magazine is especially awesome, but all are great! You must be so pleased.. Congrats!

    10.29.08 · Reply
  14. Congratulation, your passion deserve recognition. I write about shoe and designers. Have you ever take a look at my blog? You might like it.

    10.29.08 · Reply
  15. Asubiame wrote:

    You totally deserve it!!!And I´m sure it´ll became bigger and bigger!!!

    10.29.08 · Reply
  16. Songy wrote:

    congrats.. I guess my post isn’t as important.. :) but I did have a post about you recently and some people didn’t know about you until now..I thought you’d be super famous by now.. anyway.. well done!

    10.29.08 · Reply
  17. ray wrote:

    how great is that – recognized for your blog of shoe loving!! im so glad others appreciate it as well – what a long future of fabulous fashion you have ahead of you!!!

    10.29.08 · Reply
  18. caroline wrote:

    how awesome!!!

    10.29.08 · Reply
  19. Erin wrote:

    congrats on the lovely spreads.
    i enjoy your blog.

    10.29.08 · Reply
  20. Emily wrote:

    Dallas has some (not a lot, but some) fashion…and people like you are putting it in the spotlight. keep doing what you’re doing. Love it.

    10.29.08 · Reply
  21. Czarina wrote:

    I love your interview with Christine! I just read it! :)

    10.29.08 · Reply
  22. Lindsay wrote:

    You look adorable in that photo! Congrats!

    10.29.08 · Reply
  23. Jamie wrote:

    Great press!

    10.29.08 · Reply
  24. ISTilettos wrote:

    Yiiipie! What a great shot! I can almost touch the love you are showing to the shoes in the picture! :D

    10.29.08 · Reply
  25. Allie wrote:

    Congratulations! How lucky you are.

    10.29.08 · Reply
  26. Mimi wrote:

    I can’t believe you are only 16!! You have such a mature sensibility not to mention an immense knowledge of fashion (took me 27 years living in NY to acquire…yikes). Very deserving of all the press! Congrats.

    10.29.08 · Reply
  27. chauss wrote:

    great news!

    10.29.08 · Reply
  28. Melissa wrote:

    Great publicity. I enjoyed the article and I always enjoy your blog.

    10.29.08 · Reply
  29. Lalaine wrote:

    You are the most stylish young lady I have ever seen. I hope my daughters turn out like you and wish I was as chic as you are when I was your age. LOL.

    10.29.08 · Reply
  30. Catherine wrote:

    Hello Jane
    I’ve checked your blog for a while and I just love it. And of course your shoes.
    Congratulations amazing photos.

    10.29.08 · Reply
  31. CD wrote:

    Thanks for the shout out Jane! And thanks again for being such a sweet interviewee! =)

    10.30.08 · Reply
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    11.1.08 · Reply
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    11.1.08 · Reply
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