So demode


Have you met my father?


*Yes, those are the Prada spat heels from Spring 2008, a collection I hated. I had mulled over my feelings about these shoes for a while with my mom because we both thought that they could perhaps they were a lot cooler than we initally gave them credit for: this pair went on $$$ale big time at Barneys (and was a size both me and my mom could reasonly fit into) and my mom and I couldn't resist getting them to play around with. This is the first time they have made their debut-they're sweet, aren't they?

Harem trousers are little too hyped up/trendy for me to wear but I can see a pair of voluminous pants that narrow at the ankle looking really good with the Prada spat shoe.

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  1. Marina wrote:

    Jane!This shoes is really works with your outfit. Also I want say that you should try smth before hate it. Some bad things come good when you try it. You have wonderful wardrobe and I think you find clothes suitable to this shoes. This outfit really Chanel chic. You look here as Chanel princess

    10.5.08 · Reply
  2. jessy wrote:

    i love those shoes!! :)

    10.5.08 · Reply
  3. Brigadeiro wrote:

    Love the shoes ( love how you ‘toughened’ them up with the billowy pants), and I just adore the outfit and shot…looks ready for a magazine editorial. I thought harem pants were too trendy for me too, but I recently bought a pair (as I loved draped anything…) and they’re just TOO comfy, have them on as we speak, and will update with some outfit shots asap :)
    PS. Is the jacket Chanel?

    10.5.08 · Reply
  4. Wax wrote:

    Killer heels!!

    10.5.08 · Reply
  5. Wax wrote:

    Killer heels!!

    10.5.08 · Reply
  6. tanya wrote:

    lol i remember when karl blogged about you being his daughter! that was the best!
    ps. i often wonder what it must be like for your dad sharing a house with 3 incredibly stylish women. you’re so lucky that he let’s you spend his money on such lovley and expensive clothes… hmph over at my house, dad hates shopping o_O

    10.5.08 · Reply
  7. Yes, the jacket is Chanel, hmm?
    My daughter only wears the best.

    10.5.08 · Reply
  8. stella-mayfair wrote:

    mwaaaah! jane! i’ve been reading fake karl religiously for a couple of months now. chic, hmmm? love the look, btw.

    10.5.08 · Reply
  9. Moi wrote:

    what an incredible jacket!! And, you mix it perfectly with those heels.Love it!

    10.5.08 · Reply
  10. kafkafee wrote:

    Eveybody can see that fashion runs in your genes. I love to raed your blog :-)

    10.5.08 · Reply
  11. Jasmina wrote:

    I love Ur outfit , cool pic :>

    10.5.08 · Reply
  12. Amanda wrote:

    I dont get it.. He is not the real Karl Lagerfeld or what? And is he youre father?

    10.5.08 · Reply
  13. Angela wrote:

    I’ve always wanted that classic Chanel jacket.
    You wear it beautifully with those heels and the pearls.

    10.5.08 · Reply
  14. Nadja wrote:

    Oh, I wish I had, please introduce me!!! ;) You look stunning btw.

    10.5.08 · Reply
  15. Ms. S wrote:

    this is the first time I have posted on your site and I must say that I watch it a lot. You are very stylish, and we will become friends yes? I am linking you into my most watched blogs. Hope you do the same.
    Ciao, and keep being stylish.

    10.5.08 · Reply
  16. kristin wrote:

    the shoes are great and that’s a hilarious post from “Karl” :)

    10.5.08 · Reply
  17. i love this! and i covet thy chair.

    10.5.08 · Reply
  18. Holly wrote:

    wow, you look amazing!

    10.5.08 · Reply
  19. paige wrote:

    those are adorable actually. and i think they look lovely here. very Karl.

    10.5.08 · Reply
  20. jessica wrote:

    you look amazing!

    10.5.08 · Reply
  21. jun wrote:

    you don’t photoshop your photos do you? and what camera do you use? :)

    10.6.08 · Reply
  22. Erin wrote:

    love this look…something that an “old” lady like myself would venture to wear…lol.
    and, i enjoy your blog and your fashion sense :)

    10.6.08 · Reply
  23. ray wrote:


    10.6.08 · Reply
  24. Rahsheeda wrote:

    I am j’adoring all over this outfit! Are the clothes you have expensive or do you go to a lot of sample sales? Sorry to be personal. You don’t have to tell if you dont want to. PS.

    10.6.08 · Reply
  25. Le Fashion wrote:

    so classic!
    and tressssss chic :)

    10.6.08 · Reply
  26. angela wrote:

    ahahahaa so cute! I love your blog!!

    10.6.08 · Reply
  27. Lauren wrote:

    you look so classy. this outfit is GORGEOUS!

    10.7.08 · Reply
  28. ooh i have those shoes too!
    they are the MOST comfortable! and totally underrated – they really chic up any outfit!

    10.7.08 · Reply
  29. Becca wrote:

    oh my gosh those shoes – looking fabulous, esp. with that outfit. Amazing!

    10.7.08 · Reply
  30. AMAZING! Love the entire look!

    10.7.08 · Reply
  31. coco wrote:

    are you for real is he really ur dad?

    10.8.08 · Reply
  32. THE SHOES lovelove it!

    10.8.08 · Reply
  33. How very cool!
    xo/ fashion chalet

    10.8.08 · Reply
  34. jemimah wrote:

    Great look but i have to ask where you wear all these outfits? you always look very stylish and dressed up but seem just to be hanging around the house?
    Just curious…

    10.9.08 · Reply
  35. as ulually very stylish but this time to serious for me!

    10.9.08 · Reply
  36. Beautiful jacket! I love it!!!!!So classic yet so fresh ;)

    10.9.08 · Reply
  37. Jillian wrote:

    nice to meet your karl jr.
    haha i love the outfit! very classy w/ lagerfelds badass edge ;) nicely done!

    10.11.08 · Reply
  38. Adele wrote:

    I’m not wondering your great style anymore, Karl jr. You seem have incredible good taste and you always surprise me with your new looks :)
    ps.I’m in love with your house, it looks amazing!
    Greetings from Finland!

    10.13.08 · Reply
  39. Justine wrote:

    Hi. I’m from France and I read on Glamour an article about you so I went on your website and I just have to say Wouaw. You’re beautiful and you have the greatest style I’ve ever seen.

    11.16.08 · Reply
  40. Tiphanie wrote:

    Hello !
    Do U speak French?! I’m from Paris! So I don’t speak english very well :/.
    You know, I read an article about you in a magasine (this photo where you are so beautiful!) : Glamour, and it announced your TypePad. So, I’m visiting it, and I love all your shoes !!!!!
    Bisous ! (XOXO).

    11.21.08 · Reply
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