Whats inspiring me now: Bianca Jagger, Frida Kahlo, the 2006 anime Paprika, exposed shoulders, floppy hats, Serge Gainsbourg (and so much more)

P.S. is anyone still having problems viewing Sea of Shoes?

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  1. terren wrote:

    i’m going to be frida for halloween !!

    10.22.08 · Reply
  2. B wrote:

    For some reason, I have to navigate to the site via Google — I cannot get to it through my bookmarks. Weird?

    10.22.08 · Reply
  3. Wax wrote:

    Everything seemed magnified when you re-designed the theme of sea of shoes. The fonts, pics, etc. got 3x bigger! :D Sometimes I can only see half of the pictures because they seem to be way too big to fit the screen..

    10.22.08 · Reply
  4. jenny wrote:

    I can see it fine, im on a safari browser for macs

    10.22.08 · Reply
  5. ou…headpieces

    10.22.08 · Reply
  6. Dominique wrote:

    Frida Kahlo looks amazing here! And I can see it fine.

    10.22.08 · Reply
  7. Johanna wrote:

    looks fine here. Just stumbled upon your blog today & your vintage finds are amazing!

    10.22.08 · Reply
  8. futurelint wrote:

    I’m SO being Frida for Halloween! (even though I am not excited about spraying my red hair black)

    10.22.08 · Reply
  9. Alexandra wrote:

    always amazing boards. bravo!

    10.22.08 · Reply
  10. Jao wrote:

    I love that you included images from “Paprika”…

    10.22.08 · Reply
  11. Becca wrote:

    i love this inspiration board – so lovely!

    10.22.08 · Reply
  12. love it

    10.22.08 · Reply
  13. ryder wrote:

    bianca jagger is so hot and such a style inspiration.

    10.23.08 · Reply
  14. pepita wrote:

    Frida is so beautiful! When are you going to post that ebay guide?

    10.24.08 · Reply
  15. Anaïs wrote:

    This winter there is a Gainsbourg exhibition in Paris, if you are lucky enough to go there . . . It is at the “Cité de la Musique” i think, take a look if you can ^^

    10.24.08 · Reply
  16. Catherine wrote:

    Ah I’m such an anime nerd, so I’m very glad you included Parika in your inspiration board. The soundtrack is so beautiful, too! If you don’t have it, you should find it! (I could also send you some songs.. it’s amazing).
    Looking good as always~ And I haven’t had any problems viewing SoS.

    10.25.08 · Reply
  17. Lynn wrote:

    yup, Paprika made my day =)

    10.30.08 · Reply
  18. I loved your comments on the Rene Caovilla, “Fairy Princess Shoes.” You’re right, they certainly are whimsical, and they’re most definitely attention grabbers. Just goes to show that some of the funnest shoes really are the least practical…an idea that should be taken to heart by any shoe collector.

    11.4.08 · Reply
  19. Miss Red wrote:

    i love the picture of the girl shoving her head into the roses. must smell good :). the picture in the top right corner looks like it’s gemma ward. i love her so much. i wish i had a floppy hat so much but i can’t seem to find and inexpensive-but-not-cheap-looking ones.

    6.1.09 · Reply
  20. Anna wrote:

    freaky like and all!!!!…..I think it’s very ????? cool

    2.19.10 · Reply
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