Wearing a new thrift find-Dynasty Glam

While I was at school today my mom went thrifting and picked up this amazing little jacket for me-it has pleats and bows and a super nipped in waist. I wore it to Driver's Ed (A.K.A. where I've been spending every night after school the past two weeks…it makes keeping up with Sea of Shoes a little more difficult)

Worn with a thrifted bag, Nudie jeans, Prada spat heels, and a J. Crew headband

I'm totally into it, I've been craving a little more 80's in my wardrobe. It strikes me as exactly the kind of jacket Fallon or Alexis would wear on Dynasty, with a smart pencil skirt or jodphurs and riding boots. Have I ever mentioned how much I love Dynasty? I don't have a TV so I have to order the DVD sets to watch on a computer. I like watching Dynasty on the computer because it's easy to pause a scene and analyze the crazy get-ups designed by Nolan Miller.

(if you are really bored: here is a video about the costume design on Dynasty with commentary by Nolan Miller, sort of interesting)

I wish my life was more Dynasty-all of the girls on Dynasty wore sequins and feathers mostly every day, even when they were just chilling at the country club or hiring assasins or faking pregnancies. Most of the dresses didn't even look that good but something about their gaudy flamboyance made them absolutely compelling. I'm thinking its time the 'bad' stuff from the eighties had it's moment again.

I've been planning in the near to have an 80's week where I wear my favorite 80's thrifted/eBayed things every day. My closet is stuffed with glamourous 80's relics, they need to be getting some play!

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  1. Mel wrote:

    Love the jacket! It’s absolutely gorgeous and adorable! I wish I could find something like that; plus the fit is great on you! Indeed the 80s was an inspirational era. I can’t wait for your 80s week thing; it sounds exciting!

    10.7.08 · Reply
  2. WendyB wrote:

    Great find.

    10.7.08 · Reply
  3. that jacket is incredible!!!!!
    and THAT bag!!! i covet thy bag!!!!

    10.8.08 · Reply
  4. Christy wrote:

    That jacket is just wonderful! The fabric is beautiful and I love the pleats!

    10.8.08 · Reply
  5. Harm-ony wrote:

    Finally A BAG!!!!:))))

    10.8.08 · Reply

    10.8.08 · Reply
  7. Erin wrote:

    That’s a fantastic jacket, what a find!

    10.8.08 · Reply
  8. tracy wrote:

    You have an amazing talent for making things work. When I saw the jacket close up, it kinda looked frumpy and too much with the bows and the rose pattern. But it looks like the complete opposite on you.

    10.8.08 · Reply
  9. Lydia wrote:

    i love your hair :D

    10.8.08 · Reply
  10. Leticia wrote:

    I’m a fan, awesome jacket.

    10.8.08 · Reply
  11. tanya wrote:

    im rather interested in that mustard top you’re wearing underneath.
    ps. are you a good driver?
    im on my L’s and im alright only i havent been driving since my last disasterous lesson with my dad. i was only up to 8 hours of driving lessons with my instructor when he decided to teach me how to do a 3 point turn. the driving “lesson” with dad only lasted 20 minutes, by the end of the first 10 minutes i was in tears and my dad was shouting things like “YOU’RE A TERRIBLE DRIVER!” and “OH HELP ME GOD!”
    needless to say, ive now lost all confidence and detest driving immensely.

    10.8.08 · Reply
  12. Dana wrote:

    Amazing bag! 80s week sounds like a fun idea

    10.8.08 · Reply
  13. Nathalie wrote:

    that jacket is fabulous! love the details..

    10.8.08 · Reply
  14. christine wrote:

    I like the bag, really much!

    10.8.08 · Reply
  15. I love that jacket on you!

    10.8.08 · Reply
  16. Lauren wrote:

    i love the jacket and the shoes in the first picture. your idea about an ’80s week sounds awesome! you should definitely do it. it would be wonderful to see what outfits you’d come up with.

    10.8.08 · Reply
  17. Andrea wrote:

    To Tanya: Do *not* allow your dad to kill your confidence in driving. I really think that one’s parents are usually the worst possible driving instructors; there is too much other stuff tied up in it (you are driving their possibly not easily replaced car, driving equals independence/loss of some of their control, etc. A tiny bit understandable, but still… No one should be screamed at behind the wheel). Stick with someone who is unbiased and won’t get personal, and you’ll be absolutely great, truly.
    This is a fab outfit, as usual, Jane–and I keep meaning to comment on your posture. I know it sounds silly, but you have a naturally great carriage and it just makes every outfit look impeccable.

    10.8.08 · Reply
  18. LIv wrote:

    Surprisingly, it was the bag that caught my eye. It’s massively fantastic! And that jacket, the floral detail on it is so sophisticated, and the bows add just the right amount of youth :) xx Kudos to your mum for such a great find

    10.8.08 · Reply
  19. alana wrote:

    awesome jacket! I might try this silhouette for work. :)

    10.8.08 · Reply
  20. bellisima wrote:

    beautiful! Great fit on you

    10.8.08 · Reply
  21. masha wrote:

    i love it! dynasty brings back so many memories, i was totally obsessed by that show as a kid. still am. i got this amazing dynastyish dress at ebay a couple of months ago. it’s so alexis. i have to throw an 80’s glamour party soon so i can wear it!

    10.8.08 · Reply
  22. AmandaMchele wrote:

    Tanya, Andrea is right. My dad bought me a car on my 16th birthday but it was stick shift and I couldnt drive it. So after we fought over it for about 20 minutes, he got so frustrated he took my house key and garage door clicker and said I couldn’t come home until I learned to drive the car myself….

    10.8.08 · Reply
  23. asoom wrote:

    That jacket is AMAZING!

    10.8.08 · Reply
  24. Sasi wrote:

    Oh my..! That jacket is truly adorable, and I love your bag, too!

    10.8.08 · Reply
  25. P. wrote:

    Yes 80s week! DO IT.

    10.8.08 · Reply
  26. AudreyH wrote:

    I’m a vintage newbie, but you inspired me to write this post: http://www.toastedrav.com/post/4256.
    But I’m curious. How much should we expect good vintage to cost? How much did that jacket cost?

    10.8.08 · Reply
  27. gorgeous jacket! it’s so sophisticated…

    10.8.08 · Reply
  28. Jessica wrote:

    that jacket is pretty much amazing…

    10.8.08 · Reply
  29. cheng wrote:

    oh please do take them out to play! i’m a 80s/90s gal at heart :P that jacket is out of this world. love the bag too.

    10.8.08 · Reply
  30. You have great style! The outfit is so playful and chic at the same time! love, love, love it!

    10.8.08 · Reply
  31. Michele wrote:

    Super cute put-together!

    10.8.08 · Reply
  32. jmacguff wrote:

    jane –
    did you say you dont have a TV?
    oh well, with a closet full of great clothes and shoes to tinker with, who needs a tv? :p

    10.8.08 · Reply
  33. hey babe! you’re ADORABLE! driver’s ed, ah i remember those days…i hope you’re having fun doing it though! it’s a once in a lifetime kind of thing :)

    10.8.08 · Reply
  34. Cam wrote:

    Hey! i go on ur blog everyday, i really like it, it gives me ideas for everyday, but i was also wondering, you say you get some of ur stuff on ebay, but where do u search for that? like what are the words u type? im very curious about this, because i dont fin anything interesting on ebay. a little help from a “pro” would be very welcome! keep on updating this blog, i really like it.
    (sorry for the mistakes, english is almost my second language!)

    10.8.08 · Reply
  35. Geri wrote:

    That jacket is adorable, especially with the headband. You are so pretty!

    10.8.08 · Reply
  36. KD wrote:

    That jacket is amazing, and 80’s week is a fabulous idea!

    10.8.08 · Reply
  37. KD wrote:

    P.S. What brand are your pants in the entry “So Demode”? And what do you think of the Chanel lightbulb shoe? (Personally I love them.)

    10.8.08 · Reply
  38. Andrea wrote:

    AmandaMichele–yikes! Locked out till you could drive it. Rough teaching tool, that! My father taught me to drive a stick when I was 14 or 15 so that I could move a car, etc., if any of my friends was drunk (he wasn’t stupid about these things) and we were in an emergency, etc. (not that he was condoning me driving without a license). He was great at teaching me the basics, and fully explained the mechanics of it, then parked me facing up a steep hill right in front of a Maserati and told me not to roll back and hit the Mas or I was going to have to quit school and turn my part-time job to full. I have never popped a cluch more than I did that day : )

    10.8.08 · Reply
  39. Katie wrote:

    One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Proof is in the pudding!
    Anyone who gave that away though… shame on them.

    10.8.08 · Reply
  40. Brigadeiro wrote:

    Wowee Jane! That’s one gorgeous outfit, and you pull it off so effortlessly! Love the size of that bag too! (I love big bags), I finally uploaded some photos of my Harem pants (I remember you said they weren’t for you) as I mentioned in my last comment: http://brigadeirochoc.blogspot.com

    10.8.08 · Reply
  41. chauss wrote:

    that jacket is perfect!!!

    10.8.08 · Reply
  42. Christina wrote:

    I wish I had the courage to wear things like that. I buy them and try them on and then talk myself out of it….sigh.

    10.8.08 · Reply
  43. Sabina wrote:

    You certainly make that jacket work – it looks great on you but everything does! I’m still in awe with that red skirt you found, amazing. I just did a post on you on my blog – so jealous of your shoe collection.

    10.9.08 · Reply
  44. That is an amazing find! Lucky girl!!

    10.9.08 · Reply
  45. danielle wrote:

    oh, girl. you and your blog are simply fabulous… definitely part of my daily internet routine. i’m newly nudie jeans-obsessed, myself…we’ve only got one store that carries the styles for ladies here in portland, oregon and i’m too much of a skeptic to buy online. would you share the style of the pair you’ve got on in these pictures? i suspect hai kai. nudie jeans por vida!!

    10.9.08 · Reply
  46. Zad wrote:

    Oh girl!! I can picture you in Dynasty I swear!! hehehe

    10.9.08 · Reply
  47. Caithness wrote:

    oh my god. I LOVE YOUR JACKET. your blog is amazing, your style makes me feel better that i’m the only one in lecture not wearing uggs and sweatpants. ahh love you!

    10.9.08 · Reply
  48. escritora wrote:

    you look wonderful as always. the jacket is breathtaking :) and the shoes – killer :)
    I put a link to your blog (if you don’t mind ;))

    10.10.08 · Reply
  49. Lissett wrote:

    This has got to be my favorite outfit ever! I never post, but I felt the need to to tell you so. Love your blog and your originality. Can’t wait for those Ebay tips!

    10.12.08 · Reply
  50. Ingrid wrote:

    wow. I like how you look but I think your hair here really is the icing on the cake! love it.

    10.17.08 · Reply
  51. Mandy wrote:

    That Dynasty / Nolan Miller video is 80s-tastic. I’m going to have to Netflix that show right after I watch Dallas. And I look forward to your eBay tips. Also vintage shopping tips would be welcome. What kind of shops do you look for? Do you frequent the classic Goodwill or Salvation Army?

    10.21.08 · Reply
  52. Florian wrote:

    Hi girl ! I’m french and i really don’t know if i good speak english.
    well .. i just want to say you my congragulations for your website.
    it’s a real source about your fashion talent ..
    i love it so much ..

    11.13.08 · Reply
  53. Rosa wrote:

    hello! I’m french so I don’t speak english! but you’re very beautiful!! and your clothes are really very beautiful also!!
    So excuse me for the mistakes of language !!
    I love your blog !!

    11.19.08 · Reply
  54. SC wrote:

    this jacket is breathtaking and the detailing is impeccable! keep up the good work! from SC

    3.2.09 · Reply
  55. Mehron wrote:

    Hey, Jane! I’m a new reader in Seattle, and I’ve been going through the archives just to see how you pull your stuff together, YOU ALWAYS LOOK SO GOOD AND I CAN’T STOP ADMIRING YOUR STYLE, YIKES.
    Finding your site during finals week was just bad timing, haha; just letting you know, you have a new regular reader!
    Love, Mehron
    P.S. LOVE Dynasty.

    3.20.09 · Reply
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