I did an interview for Teen Ugly at Chictopia-and I'm very excited to start writing for them too!

And thank so much to the cool people at The Supermelon for choosing me (along with Caroline and Laurel ) as one of their winners for the "Style Your Denim" contest with Lucky Magazine!

Also: you can now email me at Jane@SeaofShoes.com but my old email is just fine too, they forward to the same inbox!

Thanks for reading as always :)




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  1. Brigadeiro wrote:

    Congratulations! That outfit was 2D4!

    11.13.08 · Reply
  2. I am glad the article was written. I love that you are so thoughtful about your choices, and how they relate to your world.
    It is hard not to be envious of your shoe collection, but I am happy you appreciate and wear all of them, and don’t care about trend.

    11.13.08 · Reply
  3. James Black wrote:

    While I am a biological male, I have to say that I absolutely love your blog, fashions and passion. Totally refreshing. You have a really bright future.

    11.14.08 · Reply
  4. Caroline wrote:

    we got it like that<3334234
    just jokes :)

    11.14.08 · Reply
  5. Marjorie wrote:

    hi! I’m a french girl, i’ve see your blog in GLAMOUR, and i really like it, you’re so creative, I imagine you like a funny girl. I suppose you don’t understand all I say, because I don’t speak english at all, so bye

    11.30.08 · Reply
  6. Marjorie wrote:

    I really appreciate your choices, and in the same time, Im’ surpeise because of your age, it’s awesome. I live in france, and I’ve see you on GLAMOUR, your “word” is so fun, i hope you can realize your dreams. bye, sorry for mistakes, I don’t speak english everytime.

    11.30.08 · Reply
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    4.27.12 · Reply